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No Reserve Driver: 1985 Ford Mustang LX

When it comes to rare Ford Mustangs, most folks would tell you that it’s the high-performance models that should draw the most attention. However, there are always a few oddballs out there that are worth a look if you crave rarity but can live without the horsepower. This 1987 Ford Mustang LX is a four-cylinder example optioned with factory T-tops and the four-speed manual transmission. The seller says it may have just 25,900 miles on the clock, but can’t confirm that number for sure – the condition on display here sure makes it seem like a possibility, though. Find the Mustang listed here on eBay with no reserve and bids to $3,700.

At first I thought this was a GT, as those LX wheels tend to travel freely between the four- and eight-cylinder cars. It’s nice to see a clean four-cylinder pop up in the mix, even if it’s not particularly desirable by the muscle car crowd. The T-tops automatically make this lower-spec LX more appealing, and the seller speculates it’s quite rare, too – and I would tend to agree. The bodywork looks tidy and there’s plenty of reason to believe it could be a 25K mile example, but it’s not been detailed so it looks just tired enough that 125,000 miles seems conceivable as well. The seller leaves the listing in this limbo, neither confirming nor denying the indicated mileage.

The interior is in very nice shape, but again, not what I’d consider a 25,000 mile example. There’s plenty of wear on the driver’s seat, and dash looks somewhat dingy – but that could be the camera lighting, too. The carpets and door panels, on the other hand, look quite nice, and while silver over black is likely the most desirable combination, silver with red is probably most enthusiasts’ second choice. The seller notes he acquired the Mustang from the brother-in-law of the deceased owner, and the accompanying paperwork shows it was sold new just down the road from its current location at Graham Ford in Columbus.

The rust on the exposed metal brackets and other hardware is typical for any car living in the Northeast or along the rust belt, but it could also be indicative of a car that’s seen more time on the road than the odometer lets on. Now, 25K mile cars that aren’t kept up like garage queens but simply go unused can look this tired cosmetically, and it’s a shame the seller didn’t spring for a professional detailing – I’m sure it would look significantly better and more than make up the price of a good detailing session. The four-eyed design has a loyal following, and I bet a Fox body of this generation with T-tops and a four-cylinder mill is a rare bird indeed. Do you think it has 25,000 or 125,000 miles?


  1. William

    What a nice car! Hope it keeps the original Pinto engine. Is that a carb or injected? (looks like a carb) A great car for summer Sunday drives that any responsible adult could appreciate. Not every car has to be a Blitzkrieg warrior. I am guessing it is a well kept 125K, but what do I know? I am old and senile.

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  2. daniel wright

    That drivers seat is filthy. I think this is closer to 125,000 miles but I would not be ashamed to drive it.

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  3. Steve R

    I’m surprised bidding has reach its current level of $3,700. The seller did a nice job of detailing it and the 10 hole GT/V8 LX rims are a great addition. However, it has rust on nearly every panel, cracked dash pad and multiple small dents.

    The suggestion it only has 25,xxx miles is laughable, the seller doesn’t even believe it, but throws it out there to see if a gullible buyer bites.

    It might make a good driver. Hopefully bidders realize the base 4 cylinder LX’s, especially those that aren’t pristine have no collector value.

    Steve R

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    • William

      Having no collector value is a bonus in my book, makes it affordable for some people who will love and cherish it, who otherwise might have been left out of the hobby.

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      • Steve R

        Just as long as the bidders keep that in mind, if not they will pay too much for this car. It should be valued as a driver that’s best days are behind it, nothing more. Based on its current high bid, they think it’s something more than that.

        Steve R

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  4. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    My thoughts on this four-eye Fox are: what if it was in nice shape? What might it be worth then? This one is tired, but would a four cylinder Fox Body in good condition start to be noticed as the more desirable GT’s rise in value? That said, there simply aren’t many of the low-rent models around any more.

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    • William

      I am afraid someday Fox bodies like this will be Frankensteined like slant six Dodges and Plymouths have been, and that would be sad.

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  5. Bill D

    Car has some rust issues and that interior is pretty deteriorated. Those carpeted mats don’t match the color of the vehicle carpet, I wonder what kind of wear they’re hiding? Bottom line, I think that’s 125,000 miles not 25,000. Also power locks with hand-cranked windows is an oddball option combination, especially on a car with only 2 doors.

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  6. robh693

    Had one. Thing was slow as molasses in winter. My buddy would laugh at me as he pulled away in his Shelby Charger but damn, did I love that Mustang.

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  7. Gremlin X

    These were secretary cars back then. Back when that wasn’t un-PC to say. You’d see the big hair first and then that little tail pipe second and know you weren’t dealing with a 5.0, which was pretty feared at the stoplight back then.

    Don’t see the appeal of a 1980s secretary car that’s rough but I guess different strokes for different folks. It would certainly be a conversation piece for those who remember.

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    It’s very likely 125K miles. We are original Northern California owners of a 91 Mustang GT hatchback 5.0 It has 140K miles and was garaged until ~2012. Last 8 years stored outside in driveway with a car cover. Being outside caused it to rust on the engine compartment components. It had zero engine rust when garages. The interior is actually 99% like new – no dash cracks or warpage, carpet looks new, driver seat looks new ( that’s to wife ( primary driver )being only 95 lbs. The paint (except for hood and accident-damage repaint) is still 99% intact with clear coat.

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  9. SHeck

    Should be a 5-Speed not a 4.

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  10. MarveH

    I always thought it was criminal negligence of Ford to leave the 2.3, with it’s 88 HP, unchanged from Pinto to Foxbody. The 2.3 is very robust and I can’t image that with a different cylinder head Ford could not have put out at least 120 HP in that mill even with emissions. 2300cc is a pretty big four, my 83 Saab 2.0 8V puts out 115.
    The after market could get big power out of these, I’m looking at you Racer Walsh, so I don’t think 120HP wold have been too much to ask from the factory.
    If the 1980’s ever come back I’m going to send Ford a letter.

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    • JoeNYWF64

      MarveH, the 4 cylinder in the ’82 camaro (& ’68 nova) were not great ideas either! Too little engine for too much car! Same with the strait 6 in the gigantic ’72 full size chevy! Ha ha.

      Gremlin X, i can see “secretary” car being not PC(tho how many secretary jobs ARE there today?).
      But what’s this bit calling actresses–> actors? Dumb!! Why not be proud of one’s gender?
      & why not keep “stewardess” & call the male flight attendant(who i really don’t want to see at ALL!! lol), “steward”?

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  11. K. R. V.

    Of all the cars here on BF, this is a perfect candidate for a nice tweaked 5.0! With a nice close ratio 5 speed 👍👍👍

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