No Reserve Driver: 1986 Toyota Supra

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Every motoring enthusiast has a list of cars they would park in their garage under the right circumstances. For me, a 1986 Toyota Supra would sit high on the list. These cars weren’t the most potent beasts on the planet, but they offered respectable performance, excellent comfort, and sharp and aggressive styling. This one is a gem that needs a new home. It has no immediate needs, and the seller’s decision to list it with No Reserve has generated significant interest.

Toyota launched the Supra in 1978 as an extension of the Celica range, with longer front panels to accommodate a six-cylinder powerplant under the hood. The Second Generation Supra landed on showroom floors for the 1982 model year with sharper styling that met with universal approval from buyers and motoring journalists. Production technically ended in 1985, but unavoidable delays with its replacement saw a few 1986 models hit the market. This Supra is one of those cars, with its first owner ordering it in Super White. It presents beautifully, with no evidence of significant paint or panel issues. Toyota added fender flares to accentuate the car’s aggressive appearance, and the seller successfully filled the wheel arches with a classy set of aftermarket wheels to heighten the good looks. Purists may disapprove, but they include the original alloys for those preferring a stock appearance. Rust isn’t an issue, and the trim is in good order. The glass is crystal clear, and the louvers are a very 1980s touch that I quite like.

The Supra cements its sporting credentials with body-hugging bucket seats and a gauge cluster with a tachometer. This aspect of the car provides the most pleasant surprise because there is no wear or deterioration commonly seen on vehicles of this type from the 1980s. The outer seat edges are remarkably clean, the dash hasn’t succumbed to UV exposure, and there are no signs of broken or crumbling plastic. The center armrest is stretched, but that is one of the few items deserving criticism. The seller fitted a Momo wheel but will include the original if the buyer wishes. The seller believes there might be a leak in the air conditioning. They had it recharged a few months ago, but it only blows cool. The buyer might investigate this further, or they could ignore the problem, open the sunroof, and enjoy what Mother Nature provides for free. The only other non-functioning item is the stereo. Otherwise, the new owner receives power windows, power locks, power mirrors, and a tilt wheel,

Lifting the hood reveals what separates the Supra from the rest of the Celica range. While its siblings feature four-cylinder powerplants, the 1986 Supra received the 2.8-liter 5M-GE six, producing 161hp and 169 ft/lbs of torque. The remaining drivetrain components include the desirable five-speed manual transmission, power steering, and four-wheel power disc brakes. The ¼-mile ET of 16.1 seconds doesn’t sound impressive by modern standards, but history confirms there is more to be had if owners are willing to splash some cash. During the International Group A era, Toyota fielded factory Supras in the Japanese and European Touring Car Championships. It didn’t merely taste success in the under 3.0-liter class, but the Supra scored outright victories against more potent vehicles like the V8 Rover Vitesse. This classic is in excellent mechanical health. Those alloy wheels and the tires are new, and the seller recently replaced the steering rack. It appears potential buyers can consider it a turnkey proposition.

The 1986 Toyota Supra probably isn’t what many would consider a genuine sports car, but these are accomplished Grand Tourers that reward drivers willing to put in some effort behind the wheel. The seller has listed this beauty here on eBay in Pompano Beach, Florida. Twenty-four bids have pushed the price to $5,800, and with No Reserve to hinder proceedings, a new home awaits in a few days. I would love to park the Supra in my driveway, but do you share those feelings?

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  1. TONY PITSCHMember

    Ok, I have owned 3 of these in the past. excellent cars. not sure why someone would change out the original wheels. they were perfect from the factory. otherwise nice car here….

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    • DGMinGA

      I liked the design of the original allows, too,but one reason to change out the wheels is the lack of choices in 14″ tires. BF Goodrich and Cooper still make some, but they are not great tires (flimsy sidewalls, ride like marshmallows). The BBS-style basketweave wheels were popular on euro and asian cars back in the 80s, so it is at least a period correct choice.

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  2. Aussie Dave Aussie DaveMember

    It needs it’s original wheels, those aftermarket wheels make it look awful.

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  3. Stab

    Agree 👍 Toyota made some nice alloys over the yrs.

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  4. Stan

    Agree 👍 Toyota made some nice alloys over the yrs.

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  5. DRV

    Under 10k it would make good cheap transportation let alone being one of the coolest cars on the road .

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    • DGMinGA

      I will be surprised if it stays under $10K. Wish I had my second child out of college and an extra garage space.

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      • Steve65

        Sold for $11,101. Seems like a reasonable price to me. Interesting and desirable car, for daily driver money. I’d have a warehouse full of cars like this if I won the lottery.

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  6. MilitaryGuy

    I knew an individual with a Supra , that had a wide body installed. It was according to him a company that made these and then became a factory upgrade. It had a hood with a scoop too. But I never one like it ever again.

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    • MilitaryGuy


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  7. Moparman MoparmanMember

    Really cool car, these were so in demand upon their debut. I just noticed the neat “Spy vs Spy” decal on the rear spoiler; I wonder how many readers know where it’s from?! LOL!! GLWTA! :-).

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    • Eric in NC

      Al, ‘E New, man. 😊

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  8. patrick

    Why would you talk about the wheels, the original ones are included. All in all a very well maintained car, rich heritage and nice to drive.

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    • MilitaryGuy

      Because people can’t read text anymore. They can only read pictures. And the original steering wheel or rims are not in any of the pictures

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  9. Greg G

    It’s just hard for me to bid on any car that doesn’t show the mileage. I don’t care how good it looks l want to see how far it has traveled. I’ve seen great looking cars with 200. 300k miles. I think you might want to know what you’re bidding on.

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    • DGMinGA

      The Ebay listing states “136,400” beside “Mileage”…

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  10. Blake, does my opinion really matter ???

    This car? OH….HELL….YES! Side and back window louvers??? OH….HELL….YES! Love it! Can even forgive the white paint

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