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No Reserve: 1991 GMC Syclone

Syclone 1

This may be one of the best potential bargains on eBay so far in 2016: a 1991 GMC Syclone here on eBay with no reserve! It has just over 100,000 miles but has never been modified, making it a desirable specimen even with taking into account some cosmetic flaws that can easily be remedied by the next owner. Special thanks to Barn Finds reader Jim S. for the find. 

syclone 3

These turbocharged factory hot rods churned out some impressive numbers back in the day, but they’re still formidable performers today. Even better is that you can haul a load of mulch or the weekly dump run while still keeping up with the neighbor’s Corvette. The only deviation from its original mechanical configuration is a new transmission from Monster Transmission in Florida.

syclone 2

The interior remains in OK shape, with good seats and dash surfaces. The seller says it will need a new headliner and the windshield replaced, but these are small potato replacements. I can’t tell why from the pictures, but the seller says it will also need new door panels. Basically, this is a cosmetic 10-footer, but given the rarity, I would have personally set a higher asking price, beauty marks notwithstanding.

syclone 4

The seller adds that it needs an alignment and possible steering box replacement; the turbo still spools up nicely, however, and the truck has received new brakes, shocks and tires. The paint could also use some work, rounding out the list of cosmetic needs. GM didn’t make a whole lot of these, and the bidders seem to recognize the potential deal to be had – it’s jumped several times in the hour or so I’ve been watching it. Will one of you jump in and try to snag this Syclone on the cheap?


  1. Avatar photo AMC STEVE

    Ohh man I want, I almost traded my Grand Nationl in on one of these in 91 but I just got married and expecting kids so it was impractical being a two seater. I almost pulled the trigger after I test drove one with that all wheel drive and that 4.3 that thing just launched and didn’t quit after you punched it in the face!

    BadAss little truck man and not bad looking either. I say ten grand at least

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    • Avatar photo Alan (Michigan )

      You could have gotten the Typhoon?

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      • Avatar photo Rob

        Typhoon didn’t come until 1992…

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  2. Avatar photo John
  3. Avatar photo Doyler

    I remember Clarkson reviewing this on old top gear.

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  4. Avatar photo MH

    Great little trucks. Will go for over 10K I’m sure. Very few of them around.

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  5. Avatar photo boxdin

    Careful on those dump runs, these had much less payload than your average S10. Jay Leno’s DD is one of these from what I read.

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  6. Avatar photo OhU8one2

    This is an awesome opportunity for the right person. The truck had only a 500 lb payload. But still,it does have a bed. If the steering box does need replaced,see if a same era Monte Carlo SS box would work. I installed one on a 64 Goat I had and it really helped big time. These truck’s are just sleepy right now value wise. Give them a few more years and I think they are going to sky rocket in price.

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  7. Avatar photo Ronniecarlo

    I remember the Typhoon and Cyclone’s.. If mind is right it out did a new ZR1. 100%.

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  8. Avatar photo James

    In the first photo, is that a Cosworth Vega I see at the lower right hand corner??

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    • Avatar photo Mike H

      No, it’s a garden variety Camaro. Late 70’s vintage.

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  9. Avatar photo dj

    I worked at the GM dealer when these came out. A truck driver delivering one did donuts in the parking lot in one as fast as it would go. Never would slide. They were awesome during that time. Hopefully the buyer will leave it like it is. I always liked them.

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  10. Avatar photo MountainMan

    I wonder if there are a good number of these tucked away in garages across the country. Back in the day I remember seeing a decent number of them out on the streets and now I can’t think of the last time I saw one driving down the road. This will bring good money….I sure would like to have it and I know there are other folks who feel the same way

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  11. Avatar photo Mike

    Nice truck, I had a chance to buy one some years back wish I had sometimes!!!!

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