No Reserve: 1993 Ford Mustang Cobra

It seems to get harder to find desirable cars put up for sale in no reserve auctions. To me, putting a clean Fox Body Cobra into a no reserve listing means you know bidders will be hungry for a survivor like this and it will hammer home for a fair price. Looking quite sharp in teal over gray leather, this 59,700 mile example is currently bid to $20,000 here on eBay with a day left in the auction.

Now, I’m not trying to shame anyone who uses reserve auctions – I use them, for sure – but it’s a different ball game when you own the last Cobra model from the iconic Fox Body platform. Short of it being a fire or theft victim, it’s not hard to find someone who wants to own one. I, personally, have been thinking more about adding a Fox Body car to my stash, as I feel like the platform has been cheap for too long – and next-generation collectors will soon take notice.

The gray leather interior looks way better than I’d expect for 60,000 miles, which speaks to the level of care the sole two-owners have exercised in their ownership of the Cobra. While others may prefer the bolder Mustang colors of red or black, I’ve always felt the mid-90s was the one era where you could get away with owning a teal or purple car – it’s just what was popular at the time, and the paint condition on this Mustang looks excellent.

Modifications have been kept to a minimum, limited to a set of headers and Flowmasters out back. A new radiator has been added, but the seller doesn’t mention any other major alterations from stock. It’s not hard to see why bidding is already so strong for this Cobra, and likely signals we’ve already missed the boat if we haven’t put one of these into our garage before prices take off and stay there. Hence, why I’m searching for a cheap Thunderbird Turbo Coupe….


  1. Bakyrdhero

    Never seen one this color before. Is that original? I’ve seen a royal blue one, but now teal. Looks sharp. Refreshing actually.

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    • Bob B

      Yep, this was one of the avaliable colors. A friend of mine had one. Best looking color in my book.

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    • Phoenix9320

      There were only three colors available for the 1993 Cobra. Black, Red, and Teal. The Teal can trick your eyes, depending on the light, sometimes looking blue, sometimes emerald, and sometimes Teal.

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  2. Mike

    Brings back good memories. My first brand new car was a red 1993 Mustang, and I drove it for 8 years and 133,000 miles. When I traded it in on my second brand new car in 2001, I’m sure the car salesman ended up with it himself. He seemed more interested in my Mustang than selling me the new car I bought from that dealership. The Fox body was the end to good Ford performance on a relatively low budget in my opinion. Have not owned a Ford product since. The car offered here looks really well preserved and in this day and age of 2 million dollar Hemi Cudas 20 grand seems OK.

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    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      That happened to me when I traded my ’99 loaded to the gills Z/28 for an Audi. They gave me a decent trade for it, so I was curious and drove by 2 weeks later.

      It was sitting where employees would normally park with new license plates.

      Sadly, I Googled the VIN last year and found that someone has installed a silly gigantic LCD panel into the dash and added a Playstation 4. They also removed the ultra rare white seas and replaced them with black. I was sick about it.

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  3. Randy

    Looking for cheap super coupe or turbo coupe I found several on facebook marketplace…no joke cheap 105k for 1500…there was also a ASC Mc Claren (capri) convertible for under 3 grand

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  4. Tirefriar

    The era of inexpensive cleanFox bodies is coming to an end. IMO, this is a great time to jump on an S197 platform as their resale has taken quite a beating from 6th gen Mustangs.

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    • Superdessucke

      Hopefully the economy keeps roaring but history tells us it will slow down. Still, this is the best economy in my lifetime and it is really fun to watch collectors car selling for double and sometimes even triple what they would have sold for 4 years ago.

      I know they don’t like us getting political on here but they’re really doing a fine job with that. Let’s give credit where credit is due. I didn’t even dream this would happen three years ago.

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  5. Arthell64 Member

    93 mustang cobra is my favorite mustang.

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  6. Frank Sumatra

    Great looking car! i just spent a week in California driving a 2019 Mustang convertible. Very enjoyable (Even with an automatic) . I haven’t driven one since 1973. It seems they have made some improvements!

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  7. Nick hockman Member

    This is the color I would want.

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    • Z1rider

      The Dallas chapter of the Shelby club used to put on their own regional events back in the early 90’s and a friend of mine was very active. I put in a call to Ford’s local public relations office and surprisingly was able to borrow one of these (same color too) for the festivities. The club event had an autocross on Friday, drag race on Saturday, and finally a car show and banquet on Sunday. I bumped the base timing from 10 to 15 degrees and took a shot on the 1/4 mile, at the Texas Motorplex. Ran a 14.016 as a best time. Slightly frustrated a couldn’t break into the 13’s but after going home and checking the test times of various magazines was pretty pleased with my time. I’ll never know how much the 5 degree base timing bump made in my 1/4 mile time.

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      • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

        How do you bump the timing on a car like this – with some sort of CPU programmer?

      • Z1rider

        They were still running a distributor in 93 so I could just go old school for the change in timing.

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  8. DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever


    Another really nice car which will make a new owner very happy.

    Wish I was able to bid to win it.

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  9. irocrobb

    I really like this car,and the colour. I had a 1992 LX 302 hatch model with a manual trans in 1995. Nice sounding and good performance.

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  10. ICEMAN from Winnipeg

    The nice thing about the Fox Body Mustang is that a normal person over six foot tall does not have to a contortionist to get in and out of the car. And the centre consol does not intrude so far to the left that there is no room for ones right leg.

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  11. Steve R

    Sold, $21,200. Someone got a nice car at what will soon, if it isn’t already considered to be a fair price.

    Steve R

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    • Superdessucke

      This was 10 grand tops few years ago. It is very well-kept but it used to be that early ’90s Fox bodies and GM F bodies had to be a special example (Cobra, 1LE) And have super low mileage, as in under 20k, to bring in this kind of money.

      That’s because everybody and their brother bought these and salted them away thinking they bought the next ’69 GTO Judge or Plymouth Superbird. So the market has never been short on mint condition mega low mile examples. To see a driver go for this kind of money is pretty amazing.

      Time will tell whether this is a good investment. I’m a little bit old now and thus jaded by living through economies that have gone up and down. But who knows? Maybe we’re in a permanent up cycle!

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      • Steve R

        I never look at these as an investment, but something to drive and enjoy. When I’m looking for a car I’m a value shopper. Im not particular when it comes to year, make or model, I’m only interested in finding the best car for the money within a range of cars I’m interested in. I don’t like that 60’s muscle cars have become so expensive, but they have, so I have to live with that. It was inevitable cars like this Cobra and Fox body Mustangs would rise in value, they were the factory built “muscle car” to have in the late-80’s and early-90’s. That was 30 years ago, many of the people that wanted one or owned them then want them again. It’s similar to what has driven the popularity of earlier muscle cars. This is not new, it’s repeated every generation and will likely continue into the future.

        Steve R

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      • Superdessucke

        ’60s muscle cars got expensive in the mid-1980s and never looked back, saving a few hiccups here and there during economic down times

        Cars from the ’80s and ’90s never really enjoyed that kind of success, except a few models. Who knows? Maybe this is the time. Personally I doubt it, but I have no crystal ball.

  12. Phoenix9320

    This is a twin to the one sitting in my garage, except for the mileage (18k) and the long tube headers, Borla exhaust, and 373 gears. We kept every original part in case we want to go back to stock. It still wears the original tires, too.

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  13. Bob McK Member

    Do people really like the look of these?

    • Frank Sumatra


  14. Mike_B_SVT

    Damn. Looks just like the one I bought brand new, leather, sunroof and all. It was stolen and stripped in 2002, just in time for me to replace it with an ’03 Cobra Convertible. Blessing in disguise? Maybe. But it broke my heart just the same. It was my daily driver and had just turned over 100k miles. Never a single problem with the car (except the spring for that damn ash tray door, LOL!). Bone stock, except for a K&N air filter. Hatch back was awesome for trips to Costco or Home Depot. Or moving (did that a few times with it too).

    Took this picture right after it rolled over 100k miles. Was stolen about a week later. Still miss that car.

    Excuse me, I got something in my eye. BRB.

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    • DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever

      Shocking, how many cars are stolen each and every year.

      Too often, it is a vehicle that someone will really miss. Some cars are just transportation. Others, we bond with, and very much enjoy driving. Sorry for your loss!

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  15. Miguel

    I would buy this car just to look at it in front of my house.

    That color looks great on that body style.

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