No Reserve: 1994 Dodge Viper RT/10

This 1994 Dodge Viper is listed for sale at no reserve, but the seller does include a price in the description of $34,900. Regardless of what it sells for, these early Vipers are relative supercar bargains if you can handle the crudeness of the chassis, as the performance is staggering for what you spend. Not to mention they don’t exactly require Ferrari-levels of upkeep, making them a bit easier to live with day-to-day. Find this 26,166 mile example here on eBay with bids currently at $20,255.

The seller notes this is the best color combination Viper out there, featuring a black exterior and hardtop over gray leather. That’s debatable – personally, I love them in yellow over a gray interior – but it is a looker no matter how you slice it. These earliest Vipers represent an interesting stopgap in terms of automotive styling, as they blend some early 90s cues like the slicer wheels with the pending migration to sharper edges and angles that are all the rage today. I was just amazed as how much they made the nose look like an actual snake.

The interior is in nice shape, and the gray leather is a handsome combo. I drove one of these in GTS coupe-spec a few years ago and couldn’t get over how uncomfortable the driving position was. The pedal box basically shoves your feet over to the left of where they normally would be while your body stays in the same place it would in any other car. Visibility is near non-existent and you live in fear of scorching your leg on the door sill that covers the side-exit exhaust. Yes, it’s fun, but also a handful. Not a great car for a novice, in my opinion.

The seller doesn’t offer too many details on the mechanical health of the Viper, but one would hope the low mileage would keep any major issues to a minimum. The listing says the Viper features an “automatic” transmission, which is clearly a typo and not exactly confidence-inspiring, as I don’t believe a slushbox was even an option in ’94. Regardless, the Viper – like its fellow 90s supercar the NSX – has been cheap for a long time, and likely won’t be for much longer as GenXers start snatching them up to drive to the next Radwood show.


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  1. Bakyrdhero

    I’m a Gen X’r and I remember when these came out. It was 4 years Before I actually rolled up next one at a stoplight for the first time and time stood still for me. I had just gotten my license and my Chevy Corsica felt so wimpy next to the yellow Viper convertible, what a sight to see! Time still slows down when I see one, but with my mid life priorities, I don’t see me parking one of these in the garage anytime soon. While I agree with the seller that this is the best color combo it does seem like nearly every new car on the road is some combo of black, grey, or silver. I think if I were to drive a beast like this down the road a little color would be more appropriate. GLWTS

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    • Dougie Member

      A Chevy Corsica feels wimpy next to a Yugo! jk lol

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  2. ccrvtt

    The first time I saw a Viper in the flesh it took my breath away, sort of like seeing a Bugatti Type 41 at the Henry Ford Museum.

    Vipers and Corvettes – supercar bargains. They’re a tribute to American egalitarianism, accessible to all. And while there is a “Corvette tax” on parts and service in the end they’re still Chevies and Dodges.

    I saw a Diablo in one of our customers’ shops the other day. Needed a water pump – $8,500 just for the part, which was currently unavailable. We priced front rotors for an AMG 63 – $1,156, each.

    If you can afford to buy one of those cars I’m pretty sure you can afford to get them serviced, but it sure ain’t me.

    Bakyrdhero, your time will come. You will get a Viper or Corvette or Shelby or Hellcat someday. Believe me, it will be worth the wait.

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    • Grandpa Lou

      Maybe he will. Economics are pretty harsh these days for some generations.

      • Bakyrdhero

        I’ll put something
        special i. The garage after the kids finish college. My tastes are simple though and I like oddball cars, so probably not a Viper.

  3. 86_Vette_Convertible

    I have seen a couple of Vipers, they are crude and raw IMO but could back up the threats. Couldn’t figure out why this one looked funny, finally noticed the top. Is that aftermarket or what? I don’t remember seeing one like that before. Kind of looks like they put a Gurney bump like was done to the GT40 into that top.

  4. greg v

    starting to really warm up to these! too bad the prices are also warming up!

    Was sitting at a craft beer patio during the summer and one just like this but dark green with a camel interior pulled up and parked; gotta say it looked amazing.

    good luck to the seller and buyer both.

  5. Danger Dan

    My NSX was incredible. You could drive all day and still feel fresh. When it came time to buy a viper I went for a 10 minute test drive and asked to go back. I always make an offer, but whispered to my partner who was chatty, “don’t bother we are outta here.” Never looked back, we hit a bump and I thought I would fly out of the car!

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  6. Michael Leyshon Member

    Chrysler has had their share of struggles, more so than most of the “Big 3” . This was an over the grandstand home run ! I worked in multiple capacities at Dodge dealership in the ’90s. The new truck line came out, the minivan was selling like crazy, the K-car was gone and the Viper graced the showroom floor. A really special time. The Viper was scary to drive. Owned by the dealer or a customer, I could never push one…CYA ! Have so many stories to share that i’ll leave to the imagination of the readers here. Very close to my heart !

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  7. Darryl

    I have owned 3 different generations of Vipers, over 80,000 miles accumulated. Amazing cars and absolutely dominant on a road course.
    In 80k miles I replaced a thermostat, that is all! Race all day and drive it home! If you get a chance to own one, do it you won’t regret it. Until ya buy tires😀

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  8. Bakyrdhero

    Do you still own a Viper Darryl? if not I’m curious what you have moved on to.

  9. Darryl

    No I do not! Teenager in every sport known to man, which doesn’t allow for drive time and of course a college fund!

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  10. Jay E.

    I too test drove a Viper and an NSX back in the day. Took home the NSX. The Viper had interior bits falling off even when brand new and had a ridiculous dealer markup too .

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  11. Gaspumpchas

    Stood next to a Viper that was idling once and the ground was vibrating. As one of the guys said, you really want to know what you are doing to drive one of these. Chrysler stuck their necks out building some wild cars like this- something the other 2 car builders didn’t have the stones to do. Good or junk- they took the chance!

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  12. Arthell64 Member

    I have many times thought of buying a viper than when I hear one i decide against it. Sounds like a UPS truck.

  13. RBatsch

    Love the look and would love try such a visceral experience BUT why do these have to sound like a truck??? I know it’s a truck V10 but listen to an Audi R8/Gallardo…now those sound like sports cars!

    • Darryl

      Not a truck V10, totally separates motor. They do sound like a UPS truck! One benefit is they will absolutely destroy the cars you mentioned, while sounding like a UPS truck!

  14. Frank Sumatra

    1994 ZR-1 Corvette please. 405 Horsepower. Outstanding creature comforts and you don’t burn yourself getting out of it.

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  15. Del

    These are great cars.

    Never thought Mopar would rise to these heights again but they did.

    I should have bought one after the crash in 2008. They were being given away then

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  16. James

    I was 16 in 1992 when #34 rumbled out of the big orange covered trailer into the parking lot of Gesswein Motors in Milbank, SD. I remember the owner driving it around town and showing it at the local car show. Awesome car memory!!

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