Amazing 3,741 Mile 1993 Ford Mustang Cobra

It’s rare to see a true collector car with time-capsule mileage go up for grabs with no reserve on eBay, but this gorgeous 1993 Ford Mustang Cobra is clearly bucking that trend. With under 4,000 original miles and still evidently in pristine condition, this may be as good as it gets for a Fox body Cobra. The red over gray leather combination is one of the better colors pairings offered, and the paintwork and body panels all appear to be in near-perfect condition. The seller is the original owner, despite the Carfax reporting two owners following a relocation from North Carolina to South Carolina. Bidding is enthusiastic at the moment, currently pegged at $56,600 here on eBay.

The Fox body Cobra is an increasingly hard car for me to predict the current market appetite for. On the one hand, any limited production, high-performance Mustang is going to be in demand, no matter the era. The Fox body Cobra wasn’t the most over-the-top of the limited production Mustangs, but it was still a competent package overall. However, in recent months, there’s seemingly been a glut of these Cobras on the market; we’ve featured several of them. Some of them have sold for very reasonable money, likely as a result of showing average miles, a modification or two, and having the unfortunate luck of being listed the same time another Cobra was.

What the bidding on this car goes to show you is that collectors will always pay top dollar for the best-of-breed. I’ve learned this the hard way and have had to start ignoring some of the more popular price guides, as the values are seemingly only based on the best of the best – not driver-quality cars. This one is certainly in a league of its own, with a pristine leather interior and spotless carpets. When you see mileage like this and protective coverings on the floor, it’s pretty clear the longtime original owner never intended for this Cobra to be heavily used. Given the assortment of cars in the garage, I doubt he ever felt like the Cobra was the only car available to drive.

The engine bay is pristine, just like the rest of the car. The seller notes that a bevy of documentation is included with the sale, including the window sticker, warranty card, protecto plate, bill of sale, several pieces of correspondence with the SVT division at Ford, build sheet, sales literature, hang tags, seat belt buckle extensions for child seat, and more. The tires remain original, and the original wiper blades are still in the trunk! The antenna and floor mats were never installed, either, and aside from the original radio occasionally cutting out (an issue that has not been successfully diagnosed), there are seemingly no stories with this car. Would you spend this kind of money on a pristine Fox body Cobra?

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  1. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    This clearly illustrates that the prime examples of these Cobras now bring the Big Bucks.

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  2. Arthell64 Member

    One of the nicest 93 cobra’s I have seen. This is still under money when compared to the K code early mustang.

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  3. Superdessucke

    Can you imagine being That Guy who decided he wanted to wait until the 1994 Cobra came out? LOL!!

  4. Steve

    I hate when people dont know how to get in and out of these cars properly. I know its cheap wallmart leather, but the driver bottom is pretty beat up for only 3700 miles Gorgeous car none the less.

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    • LRP

      Wow Steve,
      Perhaps you could post a video on “Youtube”
      How to get in & out of cars properly ??

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      • Steve

        I do offer free lessons.

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  5. Curt Lemay

    Never liked the extra body moldings of the GTs/Cobras. Always thought an LX looked cleaner. Also liked the cloth interiors better, easier on a hot summer day. I remember taking a Fox body out on a test drive. I believe it was the first year of the 4BBL HO. The salesman urged me to put my foot into it in second gear. Needless to say, I was impressed, but I didn’t buy it. Our teenage son would have killed himself in that thing. Ended up buying K Car. Our son says he has yet to forgive me for that.

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    • Dale S

      Boy, the pendulum really swung from one extreme to the other on that choice. In 2002 I had a friend that bought a navy blue 1988 K car that was owned by one of the departments of the armed services…not sure which one. It was basically a bland box on wheels. The only positive thing was it had only 25,000 miles on it.

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  6. MikeG

    Nice car, but at only 3700 miles, I’d think that many seals on this engine have got to have shrunken up.

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  7. Angel_Cadillac_Diva Angel Cadillac Diva Member

    One fugly car

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    • Jason

      You know what they say about opinions.

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  8. Sam Shive

    The driver’s seat and that steering wheel got a lot more than 3700 miles.

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    • Don Eladio

      Oh boy, here come the experts to chime in…

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    • Hound59

      Maybe the owner weighed 400lbs…..

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  9. Mark

    Based on this price my Gen 1 Viper must be worth a small fortune. These prices are crazy.

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  10. GTO MAN 455

    lrp, lol lol lol . sorry steve but that was a good one

  11. John Oliveri

    I’m old,by the 90s I was driving a Lincoln MKVII and then onto the MK VIII, loved those motors,I thought Ford had it all in those years, but I don’t see almost 60 large for a 90s anything,

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  12. Troy s

    A garage queen.
    Still has the original tires on it? This car is nearing thirty years old now, nice ride and all but its just fer looking at, washing and waxing, more looking.

    • Steve

      Sadly, this car will never be driven again. Just pushed from one museum to another

  13. Haynes

    Get an 87 Grand National w some miles on it, rebuild the 6 and have money left over to pay for the speeding tickets. Or put-put that little red thing to the donut shop for the we-dont-drive-it car meeting. Better yet, park it in Jay Leno’s garage

  14. ErnieSC

    I can explain it to you with an excellent example.
    My Wife and I are both in our 70′. We Both have Arthritis. She was “Ahead of the Curve” around here in the late 70’s and 80’s as an Amateur Female Body Builder. Alas, Time and Health Issues can – and in Her Case – Take their Toll. BUT, We Both still love cars and have several Classic Collectibles.
    We Sold one yesterday as it had become extremely difficult for her to get out of the Tiny Sports Car. And NO, She is NOT a big Woman. 130 pounds. Which for a Female in her 70’s is pretty darn good.
    Soooo, do you think we should give up our love of cars completely? Or limit ourselves to those YOU Think We can get in “Correctly” according to YOUR Standards?
    Karma can be Brutal, Steve!
    But I hope You live to 100, have no health issues, and forever love and enjoy a Lot of Cars!
    (We’re going to GAA 22 -24 and plan to buy another Classic! Maybe We’ll get to meet!)



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  15. Haynes

    Buy an 87 Grand National w miles on it, rebuild the 6, dial-up the boost, and have money left over to pay for speeding tickets and something nice for your husband. Could just buy it and park it in Jay Leno’s garage.

  16. Stew Pid

    Wow….what a beautiful mustange

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