No Reserve and 18K Miles: 1992 Chevrolet Corvette

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The C4 generation Chevrolet Corvette is a solid bargain in today’s emerging collector car landscape. The one issue is there’s no scarcity of supply, and when there’s an abundance of anything, values take a hit. The good news is you can buy a very nice specimen for reasonable money as this no-reserve listing for a ’92 convertible with only 18,450 original miles goes to show us. The Corvette features a desirable color scheme of red-on-red with a white convertible top, and as its mileage would suggest, it’s in mint condition. Find the Corvette here on eBay where bidding is just over $17,000.

To me, the later C4 was the prettiest Corvette made. I know, I know – there were lots of Corvette generations before this one, but I’m sticking to my guns. The rear-end treatment is as good as it gets, although the luggage rack on this convertible is slightly tacky. But then again, convertibles have historically had luggage racks, going all the way back to the ’72 Corvette Stingray droptop. In a way, it’s in keeping with tradition. Regardless of your preference on luggage racks, the rest of this Corvette is about as good as it gets, with no visible body flaws and factory bright wheels with zero signs of tarnishing or other blemishes.

Oh, and let’s talk about this interior. If you’re going to buy a Corvette convertible from any era, lipstick red leather and matching carpeting is the way to go. This car gets more stunning the more you look at it, and while I realize red-on-red isn’t for everyone, it just works for this car. My only real gripe is the white convertible roof: I wish Corvette offered the top in matching red coloring, and while it would be completely over the top, it would likely be an instant collector’s item given how few owners would have ordered it that way. If this were my C4 convertible, I would track down the hard-to-find OEM hardtop. And while many C4s have automatic transmissions – I can’t fault this one for having two pedals – I bet bidding would be higher if it had the elusive manual gearbox.

And for any sale price under $25,000, I would have to call this an absolute bargain. It looks like a new car inside and out and with recent servicing completed and new tires, I’ll bet it drives like one, too. You can’t find many bargains in today’s collector car marketplace but the C4 Corvette remains a beacon of hope for anyone who feels like the prices are out of control for vehicles that were, at one time, decidedly “average.” Finding a hardtop C4 with three pedals and wearing an elusive color is about as close to a home run as you can get right now in the affordable sports car sweepstakes, so don’t hesitate to buy one if the right spec comes up for sale when you’ve got a few dollars burning a hole in your pocket.

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  1. CVPantherMember

    Definitely seems like an absolute bargain at the current price.
    If I am reading the auction correctly that price includes delivery, am I reading that right?
    To me it seems like a great find for someone looking for a low-mileage C4, but I am pretty clueless about Corvettes compared to many of the BF readers.

    Frank, as one of our Corvette gurus, whats your take on this one?

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    • Frank Sumatra

      @CVP- My take is “Wow”. Nice car, nice price, and delivery? Hard to beat that deal. I rented the twin to this on vacation in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1992. It was my first experience with a C4.The new owner has a real keeper here. Thanks for asking.

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  2. Jim A

    Sold for $17,099. Somebody got a bargain

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  3. Greg B Greg BMember

    That was a great bargain and it included free shipping! Wish I would have seen this sooner!

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    • Anthony M.

      Me, too, quite seriously. I’d have unloaded my other two humble playthings to make room, too. Absolutely incredible deal.

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  4. Motorcityman

    Best buyer deal I’ve seen in a LONG time!!!

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  5. Skibaron

    Sticker said it had the hard top option. Either way, so.eone got a great deal

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  6. Claudio

    I think it would look really good with a red top !
    I have an 89 , white with white top and red interior, i considered doing the top thing but i am going to upgrade to a c6 , its sooo much better …

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  7. Mitch

    Nice car to bad it’s the ugliest body style Corvette ever made!

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    • Walt Reed

      Mitch, Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Personally, to me, it is the best looking Corvette ever built!

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    • Motorcityman

      U think this is uglier than the VERY long hood of a 82?
      Or the 84 Vette?

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  8. TheOldRanger

    Nice looking car, but I prefer the 50s and 60s Vettes. Sure seems to be a glut of these later models “all of a sudden”.

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  9. Henry DavisMember

    run of the mill C4s don’t yet have much collector value. Because I guess there are so many of them out there, and low mileage ones are pretty easy to find. But if you aren’t looking at it as an investment and just want to drive it C4s are a great deal. You can get a good looking and driving C4 for $8000-$10,000 all day long. Although they are cheap, parts are not. I just bought a complete interior for a 65 Mustang (carpet, seat upholstery, head liner & door panels) for about the same money as a C4 driver’s side door panel.

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  10. PRA4SNW

    Yep, if I am going to get a C4, this is the year and look I would go for. Except I would prefer a manual.

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    • Frank Sumatra

      If I may make a suggestion- If you are buying a C4 and you have the available funds, take your time and search for a 1995 or 1996. GM worked hard on getting the last two model years right and corrected many of the quality issues including the dreaded Opti-spark moisture ingress problem.

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  11. CarbobMember

    A true “cream puff”. I like the chrome bumpers C3 style as my “prettiest “ Corvette, but they are rapidly getting out of the affordable range for me. I wish I’d kept my 1972. I’ve vacillated about picking up a C4 but I’m somewhat of a procrastinator. If I were serious; I’d have to thin the current herd and I can’t bring myself to do it. But I’m sure that these Corvettes will soon be really rising in value just like what happened with the earlier generations. Then I’ll be kicking myself. Someone got a very nice Corvette at a very reasonable price. Enjoy.

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  12. Stan

    The solid GM automatic autoloader transmission. Gorgeous red paint and a luggage 🧳 rack. Point 👉 it to the hwy and head for the coast ⛱️

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  13. drew

    Hey guys this has been relisted. Someone get this beauty.

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