No Reserve Driver: 1977 Chevrolet Corvette

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Corvettes from the second half of the 1970s spent years in the wilderness, but this 1977 model proves that enthusiasts have begun warmly embracing them. It has attracted an impressive forty-six bids since the seller listed it here on eBay in Miami, Florida. The action may be fierce, but it has pushed the price to a mere $5,600 in a No Reserve auction. If you’ve always fancied what could be an affordable C3, this car could provide the chance for you to make that dream a reality.

As with many years of C3 Corvette production, Chevrolet offered Corvette buyers a choice of twelve paint shades in 1977. This car is 1-of-4,065 ordered in Dark Blue, and although that doesn’t make it the most popular by a long way, it still represents a take-up rate of more than 8%. It presents well for its age, with no significant panel or paint flaws. The seller describes it as solid, suggesting there are no frame or birdcage issues. The trim and plastic look excellent, as do the distinctive aluminum wheels. The original owner ordered the classic with tinted glass that shows no evidence of flaws. They make a bold claim about this car’s mileage, and if it is an original and unrestored vehicle, its overall condition makes the claim plausible.

Corvette buyers could no longer order their new toy with vinyl upholstery in 1977. They could choose leather or cloth, with no cost for either material. This ‘Vette features Dark Blue leather that is free from wear or significant issues. The carpet is slightly faded, but the condition is acceptable for a survivor. There is no crumbling plastic, with the prone console looking particularly good. This classic rolled off the lot with air conditioning, but the compressor and other components have disappeared from the engine bay. It would be worth the cost to reinstate the system, especially if the successful bidder lives in a warm location. The factory radio made way for a Pioneer radio/cassette player, but I can’t spot any further additions. Along with A/C, this Corvette features a tilt/telescopic wheel and power windows.

Powering the Corvette is the L48 version of Chevrolet’s venerable 350ci. With 180hp at the driver’s disposal, this auto-equipped classic could cover the ¼-mile in 17.2 seconds. It is worth noting that the company focused heavily on comfort, with power assistance for the steering and brakes standard in 1977. Younger readers may not appreciate the impact emission regulations had as the 1970s progressed because a similar Corvette from 1970 used 300hp to storm the ¼-mile in 15 seconds. However, Chevrolet worked hard behind the scenes to recapture some of the ‘Vette’s former glory. In 1975, drivers ordering the entry-level small-block only received 165hp. The increase to 180hp by 1977 doesn’t represent a huge gain, but anything is welcome in a car marketed as a performance model. We receive no information on how this classic runs or drives, but the overall impression is positive. The seller claims it has a genuine 40,000 miles on its odometer but doesn’t mention supporting evidence.

A new generation of enthusiasts has begun dipping its toe into the waters of classic car ownership, and many wish to do so without breaking the bank. That is why vehicles like this 1977 Corvette attract interest, although a retro element is at play, hoping to recapture a less complicated era. That’s why I wouldn’t be surprised if the bidding on this one tops $10,000, but the intense action means that a figure of $15,000 is possible. If an affordable and tidy C3 Corvette that offers instant gratification has been on your radar, it could be worth monitoring this auction.

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  1. Barstow

    Meh…another Corvette…

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  2. Davey Boy

    Check this guy’s other ads on ebay. Pretty cool 68 vette project. Needs more work but definitely would rather have

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  3. Rik

    Is it just me, or is there something odd about those valve covers?

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    • Raymond Smith

      Later model engine.

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    • jrhmobile

      They’re just aftermarket covers. With center-bolts. Meaning at least these heads are a lot newer than this ‘Vette. So maybe this rig has a crate engine with more beans than 180 hp.

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      • Rik

        That’s what I was thinking…LS heads, perhaps?

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      • Tony Primo

        This engine is equipped with Vortec cylinder heads (good) or is a later model Vortec engine (better). If it is a Vortec engine the lifter valley is drilled for roller lifters or it has a hydraulic roller camshaft and lifters already in it from the factory. Odd that the seller doesn’t mention this.

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  4. George Mattar

    77s have a ton of one year only parts. If you are not mechanical inclined, stay away. The turn signal stalk comes to mind.

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  5. drew

    This guy is a Corvette flipper who has been featured here many times. Probably why he doesn’t know specifics about the car.

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  6. drew

    Wow you removed my comment because I mentioned how this flipper has had his car’s profiled here on BF over and over again?

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    • Jesse Jesse MortensenStaff

      No, your comments were pending moderation because you’re a first-time commenter. The seller is a dealer and does find some good stuff.

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  7. Justin

    The dipstick is on the passenger side, so the block is newer as well. I agree it’s either a full Vortec replacement, or possibly a 1980 or later block with Vortec heads. While not original, it is definitely a good upgrade for an everyday driver. 90’s Vortec 5.7s are 210+hp.

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    • Frank Sumatra

      I was thinking the “dipstick” will be in the driver’s seat if they hand over $15,000 for a NOM 1977 Corvette.

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  8. Frank Sumatra

    Sorry, but pretty much every Corvette this seller displays has something incorrect, missing, or just plain wrong. They obviously manage to stay in business but I guess some folks just have to have a Corvette. Instant gratification leaves one with a lot of time to ponder their mistake.

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    • PRA4SNW

      Frank, you are right on about this EBay seller. Despite being pointed out several times, Mr. Clarke INSISTS on continuing to feature this seller’s garbage pieced together Vettes. We’ve already had at least one example where a BFer bought one from this guy and found it needed a ton of work they didn’t realize.

      There are so many Vettes out there to feature here on Barn Finds. I submit a couple of a week, yet Mr. Clarke keeps featuring these – WHY?

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  9. David Smith

    I have owned a box stock 77 L-48 automatic for over 5 years. Done several things to it during that time. Tires, mufflers, new 134a a/c, new carpet, etc. I do not drive it much. When I do it brings a smile to my face. Performance when I crack the throttle is satisfying.

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  10. PRA4SNW

    Here ya go, Mr. Clarke. Took me 30 seconds to find another ’77 that a buyer would have much better luck with.

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    • Frank Sumatra

      Yep,yep, and everything looks to be right where it should be. Imagine that.

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  11. Lee

    I sold my 77 Vette in the fall for $12,500 (NE Ohio). It was similar to this one except I swapped out the 350 for a 400. What a difference it made. The 400 was used in Chevy station wagons and trucks. If had tremendous torque.

    Anyone have any ideas on the HP rating for the 400ci motor? Some sites say it could be around 300hp. With the acceleration it has, I’m think at least 300hp.

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    • Lee

      Winning bid of $13,000 sounds about right.

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      • PRA4SNW

        That winning bid is just the tip of the iceberg. Good luck to the buyer on anything from this seller, they are going to need it.

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  12. drew

    Must be some payola going on from this guy to feature his ebay listings.

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  13. Craig Baloga Craig Baloga

    Agree with Frank and PRA….too risky a purchase from this seller, the “juice isn’t worth the squeeze”…..pass.


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