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No Reserve Fastback Project: 1967 Ford Mustang

Here’s a 1967 Ford Mustang that we only get three sentences of information on from the seller, along with just nine photos from the actual car plus an additional picture of paperwork from when it was originally purchased on the last day of November in 1966.  Can you imagine walking into your Ford dealer and driving away in a new Mustang for $2,862.25 including the tax and license?  But that was a long time ago, and today the current bidding is already up to $14,100, so if you’re looking for a fastback project this one can be found here on eBay.  The pony car is in Clearwater, Florida, should you want to head south and check it out in person first.

Ford wasted no time in getting a fastback version of the Mustang on the market, appearing late in 1965 with the name changing to the SportsRoof on some models by 1969.  Based on the limited amount of photos we get to view, the car does appear mostly complete on the outside with a few areas of rust visible here and there, but many of the panels look like they may be salvageable.  However, the rear is crunched in, and although the trunk lid has been replaced or repaired the other components back there need attention.  I have no idea why those guards were added to the back bumper, but if they were in place pre-crash they didn’t seem to offer very much protection.

One of the tidbits the seller does provide is that he’s been trying to restore this car for the past 20 years and that some work has been done within the past decade, but he never says exactly what’s been attempted.  I doubt the inside has received any time, as most everything in there appears original and in need of refreshing, with that dash reflecting all those years of blistering Florida sun beaming down on it.  The carpet is still in place so we don’t get to see the floor, and no photos of the underside are provided either, so the condition of the platform remains a mystery.

Mustang offered several engine options for ’67, with this one coming equipped with the minimalist inline 6 which the seller says won’t turn over, so the car is ripe for a more powerful swap under the hood.  I envision this 1967 Mustang Fastback would make a decent project with several good possibilities, from a restoration keeping things mostly stock or perhaps turning it into something a bit more exciting than its born-with specs.  What would you do here?


  1. North End Mike

    I’m guessing that the owner bailed when he got an estimate to repair all that cancer around the lower corners of the rear window.
    Wouldn’t mind this if it had a manual though.

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    • North End Mike

      I just took another look: are those 13 inch tires?

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      • Rw


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      • David

        In 1967 I believe the 6 cly. Mustangs came with 4 bolt lug pattern and 13″ tires

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  2. Mike76

    Yawn. Seen one Mustang, you seen ’em all! :) So, why is there so many subscribe pop ups while visiting BF lately? I know y’all need to make a living but on some posts that I click, I get inundated with one subscribe pop up after another. Sometime three or four on one post. I can’t complain for something I am not paying for but I’ve a suggestion, maybe limit the subscribe pop up to once per visit. I can imagine if it is happening frequently to others, especially newer visitors, they may find that frustrating and decide to stop browsing the site. Just a suggestion.

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  3. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Yep…..rusting from the top down in that coastal area and add what it must have gotten upstate and you need to look in person or have it looked at but hey….looks like it’s at 20 grand.

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    • Eric B

      On December 10th at 7:30 EST the bidding is at $14,700. Unless several bids were cancelled for some reason, I’m not sure why you thought that.

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  4. ALKY

    Who ever added those butt ugly cushion guards on the back bumper had to have been cross eyed at the time , as they look like they were spaced apart with no measuring involved. …..they need to be trashed !!

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    • Al camino

      They put them on after they bent the bumper!

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    • stillrunners stillrunners Member

      Those were put on when it was in New York…..my Dart came from up there and it had those big hunkers on it.

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  5. 19Tiger65

    Classic example of what is wrong with the classics car market now. $14k for a hunk of rust, and will probably climb. What is going on here?

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  6. Jamie

    Sorry, but I just don’t see the value in these kind of cars. $20k for this??? I owned a pristine ’67 for a few years. Even with a hopped up 289, it wasn’t that fast. It didn’t handle well. It had no AC. It wasn’t worth $20k and neither is this clunker.

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  7. Darren Lyons

    It’s going to have plenty of body rot in some hard to deal with places I’d go 10 k but no more good luck to the “winner”

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  8. Eric B

    I think the comments from just about every vintage Mustang featured on this site, can best be summed up with, “Bah, humbug”.

    Happy Holidays everyone. Hopefully some cars come along that make you less miserable.

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  9. Richard

    The 1967 was a good year for the Mustang. It was the first year of the updated body, but before emission controls and other NTHSA regulations began to bite.
    It looks like a decent project for someone who can tackle the body work. Good luck to the seller and buyer.

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  10. Memphis

    I agree. The market is insane for 60 ‘s pony cars . My friend had a 67 390 gt mustang Miami..1973. he also got hold of a sunbeam tiger. I drove both.my neighbors were. Selling a 65 or 66 mustang gt convertible .pony interior. I think for 1200 bucks. When I hit Arizona in 1976 classics were everywhere. Cheap. My friend crash had a 68 Shelby convert. Think he paid 2000 for it. I picked up a 56 Victoria factory air 500.00. all solid. I bought and sold over 20 cars then..all winners.

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  11. Ken

    If this was a notch back it would be parted out and crushed.

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