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No Reserve Royale: 1977 GMC Motorhome

The GMC Motorhome continues to be a fan favorite, largely for its attractive design and novel features, including the easy-to-service Oldsmobile powerplant and front wheel drive configuration. This example is yet another project that won’t see completion, which seems to the case with so many of the GMC-built motorhomes that show up for sale. This one has the distinction of being a “Royale” edition, which featured numerous high-end upgrades inside that lesser models didn’t receive. Find the GMC here on eBay with bids to $3,799 and no reserve.

The Royale trim really was an upgrade for GMC shoppers, and went well beyond some basic window dressing. Royale models received a total interior refresh, consisting of solid wood cabinetry, window treatments, dual stainless steel sinks, cedar closet, and even an optional blender. The end result was a palace on wheels, all in a relatively compact size compared to other RVs that could waft down the road with all the familiarity of a front-wheel-drive platform with the thrust of an Oldsmobile 455 at your disposal. The cushions and upholstery still appear to be in good shape.

The seller notes that the GMC does not run and currently has an exhaust leak. The list of maintenance items that have been addressed seems incredibly familiar at this point: wheels, tires, and brakes. It seems like every one of these GMCs that comes up for grabs has had that same job done before the project stalled out. The seller mentions that the sale will include a set of upgraded air bags to address a presumably leaking air suspension, so plan on that job in addition to getting the Olds V8 to fire up again reliably.

I’m starting to wonder if the GMC Motorhome is like a vintage VW Bus, or any other rig destined for the open road that has a tendency to distract buyers by the promise of a certain lifestyle without factoring the cost to achieve said lifestyle. The camping craze only escalated higher with the arrival of a certain pandemic, and we’re sure to see more vintage RVs and stalled camper conversions show up for sale in the near future. Would you take this one on and nurse it back to good health? Where would you go with it?


  1. Avatar photo Bob

    Actually seller says it does run

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  2. Avatar photo ClawSS

    The UAV from Stripes.

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    • Avatar photo Ward William

      Nice catch

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    • Avatar photo Kevin Kendall

      “That’s a fact Jack”😆

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  3. Avatar photo Johnmloghry

    Here we go again. Waiting for all the comments on the different engines available and which one was the best.
    God bless America

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    • Avatar photo Ralph

      These only really came with 2 engines, an Oldsmobile 455 from 1973-1976 and the Oldsmobile small block 403 from 1977-1978. I would take the 455 if it was me.

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  4. Avatar photo Tom

    What size engine I’m this?

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    • Avatar photo Ralph

      This would have a 403 if it was a 1977.

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      • Avatar photo Bill

        Early 77’s did have the 455.

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  5. Avatar photo LyleR

    Yes. These are collectible and do have cult like following on the net. We own our second one and i can tell you from experience that they are not for the faint of heart (or pocketbook) to own. There are a seemingly endless number of these that owners started renovations with big plans that quickly stall.

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  6. Avatar photo Dave Peterson

    No one will ever confuse me for a genius, so that said, I have always had a soft spot for these. It probably comes from driving by one back in the 1960’s when we would pass a certain professional man’s home with this, an XKE and a GTO (Pontiac). When did offering two door cars leave the collective?

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  7. Avatar photo Ed Foster

    They were made from 1973 thru 1978. Driving one in the 60’s would have difficult.

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  8. Avatar photo LyleR


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  9. Avatar photo Rock

    anyone in the area that can check it out for me ?

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  10. Avatar photo Claudio

    If anyone has 2000 hours to spare then it is the one !
    Seriously , these are money and time hoggers !
    I do agree that when they were new ; they drove bettter than any other unit on the road aside from the revcon wich gm copied

    Now , so many years later , there are simply too many things to replace to have time to really enjoy the camping aspect of these rv’s

    And a carburetor and 3 speed tranny are not the best for optimal fuel efficiency

    But i have to agree that their look is timeless butmy pick up and fifthwheel combo are just too hard to beat

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  11. Avatar photo chrlsful

    where’s the Robin or whatever it was (w/beemer motor) when U want ’em?

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  12. Avatar photo DayDreamBeliever
  13. Avatar photo Rocco

    Well ,I bought this one . put a carb on it ,fixed a leak in the air suspension .the bags leak real slow but it came with new ones .,freed up a caliper and went for a ride . still needs lots of work but its like a time capsule inside . in counter blender ,bunk beds ,central vac .
    Nice solid frame and suspension ,motor purs ,trans shifts
    I have never driven one before , it leans a little to much for my liking
    .thinking about rear sway bars to improve the leaning

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