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No Reserve Runner: 1990 Ford Mustang GT

It may seem like Fox-body Ford Mustangs are a dime a dozen, but the truth of the matter is, it’s getting increasingly hard to find a clean GT-spec in stock condition. Interestingly, over the last few months, we’ve seen a lot of LX-spec 5.0s notchbacks come to market but I can’t recall seeing that many hatchback-body GTs go up for grabs. This GT retains its original body kit and five-spoke wheels, and looks sharp in black over a cloth interior. Find it here on eBay with bids to $6,000 and no reserve.

I can remember a time when you saw the hatchback GT every where you looked. Those iconic slats over the tail lamps, the large rear hatch spoiler, the side skirts, the five-spoke wheels – you knew when you were sitting behind a GT at the traffic light. The unfortunate thing is most of these GTs at this point are severely roached out or poorly modified, or in many cases, both. The seller’s car remains stock in appearance, and I don’t even see an aftermarket exhaust on this one.

The interior is perhaps the biggest let down, not because of its condition – it looks quite good for an unrestored driver – but the gray / tan cloth just isn’t all that sexy. A Mustang GT with a black cloth or black leather interior is the more obvious choice, but you can easily swap in a replacement interior if you’re of the same mind as me. The seller notes the presence of a short shifter and “racing” clutch, along with several other upgrades.

Upgrades are numerous. They include having the 5.0L bored out and installing aluminum heads, headers, 12-quart oil pan, MSD ignition, rev limiting chip, a Trick Flow intake, and more. The battery has been re-located to the back and the seller describes the suspension and transmission as both being heavily modified. Apparently, this Mustang spent every weekend at a drag strip before being parked for four years, and now it’s back to running condition and ready to dominate the local 1/4 mile strip once again.


  1. JCA Member

    It has a salvage title so maybe it was parked in a junkyard for a while

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    • eric22t

      odds are it is an insurance total.
      the added cost of repairing the deployed airbag exceeded the value even in a light damage situation. saw it alot with older cars when i owned a body shop.
      here in the granite state you could buy back the car from the insurance company, repair it, then have it inspected by a state dot rep. and if all was good the state issued a salvage title and a shiny new vin tag decal that got installed under the door jamb vin tag

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    • Harry 1

      Salvage title is a big pass for me on any vehicle No matter the repairs approved after inspection. Means just that salvage.

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  2. BA

    I like it as I’m not a collector of stock cars, I like fast cars & when it has a salvage title it means interested parties are greatly reduced & will do a hard pass & with no reserve there is a chance someone will get a cool 5.0 car that had lots of mods done ( i would be looking to do anyhow) looks great at 20 foot for a good price. Of course the car being in Nebraska this might be a leap of faith unless you hire someone to inspect it or are local. One to watch with interest

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  3. Brian W

    Just an FYI the Mustang GT and 5.0L LX cars got those sixteen inch five spokes for the ’91 model year, not ’90. These were obviously an owner upgrade. The ’90 GTs got the 20 spoke 15 inch wheels and the 5.0L LXs got the ten hole 15 inch wheels. This upgrade on the GTs required modified inner wheel well extensions to fit properly. GLWA.

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  4. Eric Debisz

    12 quart oil pan is a typo and a half. If it did it go from lower control arm to lower control arm and all the way to bellhousing and still only be 10qts

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  5. C Force

    I work in the used car business,salvage title does not always mean the car was totaled in a wreck,cars that have had extensive hail damage get salvage titles.its when the car has had damage done to it that the insurance company will “total it out” on a full coverage policy and then give the owner the opportunity to buy it back or it gets sold at auction.its a broad term.with what this car has had done someone will get a great deal.i bet it has the trick flow cylinder heads that the trick flow intake sits on.There’s some serious cash under the hood,with parts and engine work.

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