No Reserve Survivor: 1955 Chevrolet BelAir

What more can be said about a 1955 Chevy? I got nothing. They’ve been covered here, there, and everywhere pretty much since the day they first rolled off of the assembly line 68 years ago. So, why another? I’ll tell you why, this 1955 BelAir two-door sedan is as close to a survivor as I have encountered. It’s intact, it runs, it looks pretty good though it’s not perfect, and has not been messed with, amazing! Found in Groveland, Florida, this one-owner Chevy is available, here on eBay for a current bid of $20,100 with 40 bids tendered so far.

First up is this video which features a brief discussion with the original owner and then there’s a walkaround so you see this time capsule from all angles. It has been sitting for a spell but runs fine. The two-tone finish is understandably flat and there is just a bit of rust starting in places but it’s 99% rust-free according to the seller. But, it’s all there, nothing is missing, the chrome and trim still shine and there’s no evidence of crash damage or weather degradation. There are underside images included, surface rust is evident but nothing more serious than that. The owner claims that the 54K mile reading is authentic.

The seller claims, “Driving down the road doing 60-65 MPH it’s smooth and hugs the road just as a 55 bel air should” and that’s thanks to the 123 gross HP, 235 CI, in-line, six-cylinder engine and its three-speed manual transmission. Further added is, “Car was sitting for the past 7 years So we put in a brand new gas tank, new brake master cylinder and rebuilt the carburetor and put in a new water pump, and changed all the fluids“.  I’m not going to dink this Chevy’s survivor status due to a new fuel tank.

The interior shows some signs of age, it’s most evident with the headliner. The seating upholstery is stained, but not ripped and the carpet has lost all of its color and texture – no surprise there. Even the windlass and door panels have withstood the test of time. Of note, this Chevy was ordered without a radio and its dash is still wearing its block-off plate.

How does a car, as iconic as a 1955 Chevrolet BelAir, survive all of this time without suffering from the more obvious effects of age, use, and the insatiable desire to hot-rod it – at least to some extent? I don’t know, the video interviewer states that “you don’t find them like this no more“. Well, he just did, admittedly it’s not a common find but when you consider that Chevrolet built 1.7 M full-size cars in ’55, with 801K being BelAirs, there could still be others like this fine example lurking around in America’s garages and barns – heck, maybe some are lurking around in other country’s barns and garages too. Hope springs eternal, right?


  1. bobhess bobhess Member

    Nice to see the old ones in this condition. Agree that there are probably more out there stashed in garages, barns, etc. and they will surface slowly but surely. In the ’80s we found an original ’57 Belair in Kansas and bought it from from the 88 year old lady who was the original owner. Bit of repaint and upholstery repair and it was down the road with the couple who commissioned us to find it and fix it up.

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  2. Will Fox

    (Yawn……) Yippie yiy-yo cay-yay.

  3. Jay E. Member

    Nice old car, but hard to understand the 25K bid it currently has. You can buy a lot more tri-five elsewhere for that kind of scratch.

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  4. Phipps

    I love a ’55. By far my favorite of the Tri-fives. I helped a neighbor do a post years ago and he never would sell it to me. Need to see if I can track him down….

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  5. Terrry

    This is a handsome car and I like it especially because it still has its original six-banger and manual, which I’d keep if I bought the car. The original buyer was thrifty but didn’t want a car that looked like it.

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  6. Ken

    TWO owner car.

    I hate it when car flippers call cars they bought from the original owner a one owner car.
    This guy is not a dealer. He bought it, worked on it and drove it.

    Ergo, TWO owner car.

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    • al8apex

      concur, the flippers think they are doing us a favor … they WOULD be IF they helped the original owner sell it, yeah, sell it WITH the og owner, the proceeds go TO the real owner and the flipper gets a flat selling fee

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      • Terrry

        Better yet, buy the original owner!

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    • John Taylor

      Do you think he is old enough to be the original owner, if he is then he has aged extremely well.

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      • Jim ODonnell Staff

        I wondered about that too!


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    • bone

      Personally , I hate it when the flipper includes pictures of the car with a senior citizen that may or may not be the owner. It comes off a sleazy to me, and I can hear the flipper saying how he loves the car and will always take car of it, and wants a picture of the owner with the car for old times sake, and then quickly post it up for sale with the old guy standing next to his pride and joy as proof that its a one owner car. I might be the only one who thinks that , but pics like that in a posting turn me right off.

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  7. angliagt angliagt Member

    I think he might be a dealer – just click on the “See other items”
    I agree about the “One Owner” claim.That’s just a plain lie.

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  8. Rbig18

    I am not a fan when flippers post pics of the car with the original owner. Just rubs me the wrong way. You know they had the owner pose for it so they could use the pic in the add. Just cheeseball to me.

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  9. George Birth

    The 55 Chevy 6 banger with 3 on the tree was a tough nut to crack. They were practically indestructible. I drove a 55 Chevy
    4 door with that combo and it never let me down. Worst repair I had was to replace the clutch.

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  10. Chuck Dickinson

    WindLACE, not windLASS!!

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    • Jim ODonnell Staff

      Oh brother, get over it!


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  11. wooky

    Oh to be able to own one of these, even a “post” car would be awesome. My former boss has one but doesn’t drive it much but he won’t part with any of his classic vehicles

  12. dp

    Sold for 28,600…damn shame getting too s’pensive to buy and drive as is (I was seriously thinking that) but a total bar gain for a shop resto-modding it between now and Barrett Jackson’s in January…better hustle guys, just don’t call it a survivor after you’re done with it!

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