No Reserve Time Capsule: 1969 Buick Riviera

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Most enthusiasts believe Ford created the Personal Luxury Car segment with its Thunderbird. Whether or not that is accurate is a matter for debate, but other manufacturers joined the party when they realized there was money to be made. Buick was no exception, launching its stunning Riviera in 1963. Our feature car is a Second Generation model that rolled off the line in 1969. It presents superbly and rightly earns the seller’s description as a time capsule. All good things end, with the seller listing it here on eBay in Los Angeles, California, so that it can find a new home. Bidding has raced to $18,356 in a No Reserve auction. I must say a big thank you to Barn Finder T.J. for spotting this remarkable survivor.

All that glitter is not gold, but it is with this Riviera. Its flawless panels wear Embassy Gold paint that shines richly. Complementing the paint is spotless trim, chrome, and tinted glass, free from scratches and chips. The seller is this car’s third owner, with the original retaining the Buick for thirty-eight years. Its life is fully documented, including all services and other work. It has spent most of its life in a dry climate, making its rust-free status unsurprising. It appears to need nothing, and the winning bidder will undoubtedly turn heads if they rock up to a Cars & Coffee in this gem.

Buick introduced its Second Generation Riviera in 1966, and some find it unusual that it didn’t adopt the innovative platform and drivetrain combination developed for the Oldsmobile Toronado. It undoubtedly would have provided increased interior space, but Buick stuck with convention with its front engine/rear drive setup. The decision resulted in a car with improved weight distribution and better handling. This car features the 430ci V8, introduced in 1967 to replace the venerable Nailhead. It sends 360hp to the rear wheels via a three-speed automatic transmission. Although most buyers weren’t focused on outright performance, the Riviera’s ability to cover the ¼ mile in 15.4 seconds before achieving a top speed of 134mph was impressive for a vehicle weighing 4,354 lbs. The seller indicates the car is in excellent health and has a significant collection of original documentation. It includes the Owner’s Manual, Protect-O-Plate, Information Cards, and a politically incorrect Buick ashtray. They provide this YouTube video which consists of a walkaround and allows us to hear the engine running. There’s not much wrong there, with the V8 sounding as smooth as silk and exhibiting no smoke or other nasties.

Buyers could order their 1969 Riviera with a bench seat, making the car a six-seater. However, this car’s original owner chose bucket seats and a console, adding to the luxurious feel. Considering its age, the interior presents superbly. There is no evidence of wear or deterioration on the Gold-upholstered surfaces, dash, pad, plastic, console, or carpet. The woodgrain highlights are spotless, with Buick mats protecting the carpet. Luxury appointments include air conditioning, power windows, a power driver’s seat, a power antenna, a tilt wheel, and an AM radio.

With life moving at what seems to be an ever-increasing pace, sometimes it is wise to sit back, relax, and unwind. Doing that behind the wheel of a classic car is an excellent strategy made significantly more pleasurable if the vehicle is a spotless classic like this 1969 Buick Riviera. This car needs nothing and would turn as many heads today as it would have the day it rolled off the showroom floor. I expect the bidding to pass $28,000 before the hammer falls, but I won’t rule out a higher figure. If it sells for less, it could be one of the bargains of 2023. Is that enough for you to consider making a play for this breathtaking survivor?

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  1. Moparman MoparmanMember

    SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL!! This one just needs a new owner, and to head out on the highway! GLWTA!! :-)

    Like 29
  2. Stan

    Hard to improve on perfection Moparman. I ageee with you 💯. One of the Generals finest models🏁

    Like 18
  3. MoparDoug

    Stunning. There’s just something about 60s GM cars. So many of them had absolutely beautiful lines.

    Like 16
  4. Chuck Lynch

    lt just needs a tan vinyl top. Here’s a post l did on a similar car a few years ago:

    Like 3
    • Moparman MoparmanMember

      Sorry Chuck, we’ll just have to agree to disagree on this one! :-)

      Like 23
      • B302

        Mr. Moparman,
        I agree with you. To me, a vinyl roof degrades any vehicle it is applied to. But many love them, so to each I say enjoy what you like, even vinyl roofs. I am a person who prefers good cloth seats over leather, so I know my likes are not the “norm”. Respect to all and to all have a great day.

        Like 19
    • Ed

      Beautiful. These ride so nice.

      Like 4
  5. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TNMember

    I hope that, someday, this type of vehicle– large, stylish, two-door personal luxury cars– will come back into style.

    Like 22
    • David Vineyard

      I do not care if they come back in style, I hope to be driving something like this down the highway in retirement! Sick of the way the new vehicles are styled!

      Like 7
    • Rex Kahrs Rex KahrsMember

      I hope so too, Bob. Until then, I’m cruising my ’63 and loving it!

      Like 9
    • Matt in Flint

      Bring back the Eldorado or Rivera!

      Like 6
  6. BA

    Goldfinger approved & Bond tested what a car! Keep the EV I’m shooting for something like this car!

    Like 9
  7. Greg B Greg BMember

    Excellent write up Adam. By the way, did anyone else listen to the doors close on the video? That has to be one of the best sounding door close I’ve heard in a long time. Everything about this car screams time capsule in amazing survivor condition. I’m seeing quite a few quality cars come to market lately. How about that center console with the shifter! I would like to see a video of that In operation. It even sounds perfect running at idle. My paint-less dent pro guy could get those dents out in the hood. The ugly one would be a challenge though. I’m going to be watching this one closely. Good catch and write up!

    Like 9
  8. Big Bear 🇺🇸

    Beautiful Buick the way cars used to be built at the Big 3. I am surprised it didn’t have duals. I love the gear selector on this. The whole car is so cool!! I hope the next owner will keep this looking the same way and enjoy it. 🐻🇺🇸

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  9. András Jancsó

    they are simply stunning. they could still design cars then. Which is no longer fashionable :( at least in my opinion

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  10. MDY

    My uncle had one of these when I was in high school and he let me borrow it to run around in. I got into the secondaries a time or two! That engine was a blast but these got around 10-12 mpg average. In return, I used to keep it clean. We didn’t have cheap buffers back then so it was wax on-wax off for a couple of hours.Great car and great memories.

    Like 8
  11. Joe Haska

    Beautiful car, on my bucket list for sure. Where else can you find this nice of a car, for this price. Someone is going to get a great car.

    Like 9
  12. Greg B Greg BMember

    I placed a bid and will keep an eye on it. I just bought a one owner 1977 Toyota Celica GT Hatchback over the weekend so timing is not the best.

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    • 370zpp 370zppMember

      Greg, good luck with your bid. And even if it does not pan out, sounds like you may have an interesting Celica to play with.

      Like 2
      • Greg B Greg BMember

        Appreciate it. I’m super excited to get this 1977 Toyota Celica GT Hatchback. They (original owners) FaceTime me again today and showed me a very thick stack of receipts and the actual window sticker. It’s in amazing condition and I had owned one like it when I was a teenager. Not many of these one owners out there in garage kept condition.

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  13. Jay McCarthy

    This is a beautiful Riv with all the right boxes checked off

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  14. Nelson Cypher

    Years ago I knew a younger guy who once asked, Just how cool did you have to be to drive one of these.

    RIP Jason

    Like 2
  15. Pat P.

    Hmm… a new roof with solar or this? “But honey LOOK AT THIS!”

    Like 3
    • Dave

      To many tweets to read them all but never a mention of the Grand Sport option. A buddy of mine had a 69′ with that particular option.

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  16. Robert White

    Smitten again, BF.


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  17. Old Greybeard

    Gorgeous car. How the same division that produced this design also designed the concurrent Skylark is beyond me.

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  18. John Vizzusi

    People don’t realize in 1969 the height of Vietnam, Nixon, Hippies and economic, civil unrest buying a car like this was basically thumbing your nose at Society. We had our 66 Olds Cutless barely fitting into a 1945 garage. These cars were tanks, your needed 300hp just to get them around the Block. The GM divisions all were competing for prosperity whilst a assembly line UAW worker didn’t care. A Buick Riveria symbolizes style, grace and success. In 1969 It was hard to find any of that!
    jv – smash palace

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