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No Reserve! Vintage 1972 Airstream Ambassador

The market for vintage airstream trailers has burgeoned in the last several years. Not only have RVs and trailers become a more popular way to camp, but cottage industries have also cropped up to serve renovators. The Airstream brand carries a cache that commands a premium in the market. Here on eBay is a 1972 Airstream Ambassador, with spirited bidding up to $9,600. This auction has no reserve, so the high bidder will be picking the trailer up from Sanford, Florida, but only after replacing the mildly leaky tires. The seller indicates that he is willing to help swap out tires for the buyer. Meanwhile, the wheel bearings were repacked two years ago and have been regreased. The Ambassador was 29 feet long in 1972, though the seller indicates it at 28 feet.

The interior of the Ambassador is configured either as a double or a twin. Both have bathrooms in the rear; then a center bedroom with either a double bed or two twins on either side of the aisle. The kitchen is mid-ship and the living room or dinette is by the hitch. This is a twin, with an original interior in good condition given its age. The seller indicates that the air conditioning works, as do all the outlets. The flooring is vinyl.

The bathroom is the “dry” type, with a bathtub and shower, which allows for bathing without soaking the rest of the room. “Wet” bathrooms are just as implied: everything gets wet when you bathe – the whole room is the shower. No word on how the tanks are in this trailer, or the plumbing.

The kitchen has a four-burner stove, a double sink, and a refrigerator across the aisle. The seller doesn’t mention the working condition of the appliances. There’s plenty of storage, and one hallmark of Airstream is abundant light from the many large-ish windows. Customization can make these vintage airstreams positively luxurious. Here’s one site dedicated to resources to help the buyer along, but there are hundreds of others. Prices seem to hug the $5,000 area for trailers that need just about everything, up to $60,000 or even more for swanky restored versions. Installing solar panels and a generator can allow for “boondocking” without services for a few days. As far as towing, sources say this Ambassador weighs about 6500 lbs fully loaded, but I’d research that carefully if you’re serious: you want to match your tow vehicle to your trailer. This Airstream offers a lot of potential; it might be the quintessential rolling restoration!



  1. angliagt angliagt Member

    I heard where some campgrounds/trailer parks won’t
    take one that is older than a certain date,or longer than a
    certain length.

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    • HoA Howard A Member

      Hi anglia, I could understand the length part, but retro campers are all the rage, and half the campground are vintage campers. Some new repros, but a lot of older ones too. Naturally, they can’t be a shambles, not in their back yard. It’s up to almost $13gs and with the LEAST expensive Airstream today, not much more than a teardrop, going for $40grand+, makes this a smokin’ deal. I’m sure the sellers are surprised.

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      • Michelle Rand Staff

        Bidding is not over yet….. My research showed this ought to go somewhere in the teens. Higher than that and usually more work has been done.

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    • BleedNRed

      One of my employees has a pristine condition 2001 RV. He says it’s a chore to find campgrounds because a lot of them refuse to allow any RV older than 15-20 years.

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      • TheOldRanger

        I’ve never heard about this problem, but why are campgrounds choosing to shut out the older trailers??

        There was a gentleman who lived in our area with an old Airstream and he traveled all over the US (he left about 3 years ago) and he never once had a problem finding a campground to pull his unit into. It sure was a beauty inside, but I always thought so plain on the outside.

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    • Troy

      That’s true for private RV parks but most state parks its not a issue, length depends on the park

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    • Mark Doane

      These “chrome turds” haven’t perceptibly changed in decades. You could just tell the campsite it’s a 2024 prototype.

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    • Boondock or bust

      Anglia is correct. Not so many “campgrounds” but the the more upscale “RV resorts” have put age restrictions on visitors craft to keep the old converted multi colored (read half primer, half paint chip test chart) school buses and the like from detracting from the park aesthetics. So far it tends to be the 5 star hotel nightly rate type places that are mostly doing this, who wouldn’t get my money anyway, but it is creeping in to many parks rules, so buyer beware. Before you book your next outing, check the rules.

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  2. DavidC

    There are actually “Airstream Only” campgrounds all over the country if you belong to the Airstream Club. If you own a “Airstream Built” trailer or motorhome you can join and use these campgrounds for a nominal fee.

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  3. Robeffy

    I can attest to campgrounds not wanting older trailers. I had a run in with my 1973 RV trailer ( a Master Coach ) at a KOA, in Ottawa. It was fully restored, in perfect condition, and I had to convince the clerk there were no issues. He thought the black or grey water would leak…

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    • HoA Howard A Member

      I believe it’s called the “10 year rule”, and it’s up to the campground owner, there are no specific laws agin them. It usually goes on appearance, and generally have that rule for a reason. An older camper left a mess, unattractive, and pretty much describes who owns it. Besides, with the cost of staying at campgrounds today, is also a deterrent for people with no money. The hills and forest here are free to camp, and THAT’S where the down trodden end up.

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  4. Mark Doane

    I’m glad I clicked on this listing. I discovered that presenting these old RVs without the
    Seventees upholstery and cushions is the right way to go.

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    • Todapo

      I have a 73 Sovereign with original orange shag carpet, 8 track player and groovy upholstered cushions.
      In this condition I couldn’t/wouldn’t remove & replace it.
      I bought it third hand, it came with an adapter that let’s me play cassettes through the 8 track which actually sounds worse than the 8 track.

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  5. George plate

    I had a 75, 29 ft.Same unit,same condition, it
    Was clean,new tires, towable
    And campable……after 3 months of advertizing I got my asking price of 9800.00

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