No Reserve WS6: 1979 Pontiac Trans Am 6.6

I know this is a ’79, but with a current bid of just $2,358, no reserve and less than a day to go, this Trans Am seems like a killer deal! It’s a 6.6 liter car with the WS6 performance package, a 3.23 Posi rear end and it doesn’t even look rusty. The seller hasn’t tried to start it yet, but claims the engine turns over by hand, so it might even be a fairly simple task to get it back on the road! You can find this no reserve auction here on eBay in Sacramento, California.

The seller’s photos are dark making it a little difficult to fully evaluate the car’s condition, but from what can be seen it doesn’t look too bad. They provided photos of the underside and you can see that this is some surface rust to be dealt with. Even with the surface rust and poor quality photos, it seems like this car has to be worth more than the current bid. Is there something here I’m not seeing?

Here’s the 403 (6.6 L) V8, which also has some surface rust. If the engine really does turn by hand though, it shouldn’t need much to get it running. It looks like someone already disconnected the fuel pump, so hopefully someone hasn’t already tried to start it. Given the condition, you will want to flush the fuel lines, clean out the fuel tank, refresh the carb and make sure the engine if properly oiled before attempting to start it.

The interior is going to need some work as well and missing a few bits. Hopefully everything is here for it, but parts are fairly easy to find for these. With values climbing for early second generation Firebirds on the rise, even later examples are starting to get pricey. If bidding doesn’t go up much on this one, it might prove to be a steal for the next owner! I know I’m tempted to throw a bid in on this one, it might need some work but it would be an absolute blast to cruise around in. If you can get it running without much work, it would even be fun to leave it looking rough on the outside. Sort the mechanicals, clean up the interior and it would be a sweet sleeper!


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  1. slickb

    these cars are so much fun! we have a 77 right now. great project if price stays down.

  2. flmikey

    I always wonder why people don’t try to start the engines…if they are aware enough to turn a motor over by hand, they should have the skills to disconnect the fuel pump, connect a battery, splash a few drops of gas down the carb, and maybe make a few more grand selling it as a running car…and what’s up with that shifter??? That being said, I love these cars, and hope it goes to a good home…

    • edh

      I believe most times that they did try to start the car and it’s more messed up than they want to deal with and they certainly won’t tell you how messed up it is.

      • Nova Scotian

        …yeah, then there’s the chewed up trans mission…stripped rear end…beat out bushings…on and on. So why, not just say you can free hand the engine and pray someone is dumb enough or doesn’t care because it’s a parts car? I’d say it’s priced right.

    • Third gen

      It’s a b&m or hurst factory replacement ratchet. Shifter i have one in my 79 z28 fits console nice works like a pro but the car should of had a factory shifter that if u push it over to the right it only goes one gear at a time first to third they work great but the crome b&m looks better and people always ask is that a four speed cause the boot

  3. Rock On Member

    These shifters were big in the 80’s, make your automatic look like a four speed!

    • Bo Darville

      Also, whats up with that steering wheel? It looks like a either a 3rd gen wheel or it came from a Bonneville or something…

      • Donald Perkins

        I believe Chevy cavalier steering wheel

  4. Kincer Dave Member

    Either it’s not a ws6 or it has the wrong wheels I’m pretty sure they came with the deeper snowflake wheels.

    • J Paul Member

      Yes, was thinking exactly the same thing. I think the other giveaway is rear disc brakes — the “standard” Trans Ams had drums.

  5. Steve R

    If it’s missing much of its smog equipment it will likely head out of California since it would still be subject to biannual smog inspections.

    It looks like it was stored long term out in the open, probably on dirt.

    The seller would have been wise to have ordered PHS documentation and shown the WS-6 specific parts in his ad.

    Steve R

  6. Dean

    I just put 2 bids in on this car both were too low it’s now up to 2900

  7. Dean

    I want this

  8. Dean

    3300.00 now

  9. ALLAN

    Maybe this explains why they haven’t tried to start it.
    “…key and ignition switch is missing…”

    • Blueprint

      Yes, steering wheel is wrong, heck maybe the whole column, no wonder switch and key are missing!

  10. edh

    It looks like every 1979 I remember seeing in 1987.

  11. Supermova72

    DId not realize you could get a WS6 pkg with the 403 olds motor. Thought it was with with TA 6.6 400 motor?

  12. Bo Darville

    If this t-top car is an original black on black car it’s becomes very desirable. If it had the 400 engine and the 4speed, it would be what we call a “home run” and has the potential to be a very valuable ride. However, here in the South, we need AC and this one looks like it has “2-60” AC… 2 windows down and 60 mph. Still, I love TAs…

  13. Dean


    • Dean

      Sorry 3901.00

  14. Jay


  15. Steven D Visek

    The auction says “Has the good stuff: 403 motor….” Hey buddy, the good stuff would be the “T/A 6.6″(Pontiac 400 engine) which would have also required the 4-speed. This car has is the far less desirable “6.6 Liter”(Oldsmobile 403) and slushbox. Of course then it would have been an even better deal than it was.

  16. Paul

    flood car ?

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