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No Rust And A 351: $4,900 1972 Ford Mustang


For $4,900, a rust-free Mustang with a 351 V8 up front seems like a good deal to me. This 1972 model here on eBay is resplendent in gold and is said to have been sitting in a storage shed for the last 15-20 years. If that’s the case, it must have been a dry location as this Mustang does appear surprisingly rust-free and with decent chrome trim bits. If you’re so inclined, the seller is also entertaining best offers. 


Although the ‘Stang is said to have been laid up for several years (and take a look at some of the surroundings – there’s a Beetle and a jet ski, who knows what else), the modern American Racing alloys indicate it wasn’t too long ago that this Mustang last rolled.  I suppose someone could have swapped them on and not moved the car, but that seems unlikely. This is all good news, of course, as it could mean less time spent off the road for mechanical systems to deteriorate.


One thing I like about this particular car is the seller’s mention of receipts that will accompany the vehicle. This is a rarity on barn finds that have been slumbering for years at a time. Any proof of previous history or maintenance work performed helps provide some re-assurance that this ’72 wasn’t ignored for years before it was taken off the road. In fact, it looks like it was a presentable daily driver before it entered into the storage shed that has been its home for over a decade. That rear chrome  bumper looks downright presentable, too.


I was expecting this rather plain-jane Mustang to be sporting a six-cylinder, so the 351 Cleveland is a pleasant surprise. Overall, this won’t be the fastest Mustang on the block, but it will make the right noises and look good doing so. Even better is the price, which could go lower still with a fair offer. Factor in the seller’s excellent feedback and the confirmed running/driving condition and it’s hard not to see the potential for an enjoyable project that won’t break the bank. Anyone else like what they see?


  1. Luke Fitzgerald

    Not bad – seen some sun tho’ – hideous wheels

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  2. MH

    I would much rather have the bug next to it.

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  3. Joe Muzy

    Once again show pictures of it in the shed then pull it out and wash it so people can see what it looks like clean

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  4. piper62j

    This one is ok.. the coupes are not as desirable as the fastbacks, but that 351ci v8 will make it sold in no time.. Nice car..

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  5. Jack

    I had a 73 Grande with 351c auto and it did 129 mph flat out time after time. Squeel going into 2nd. Never hit the 130, trick was to road time it. Factory settings made it slugush

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  6. troy

    When I was 16 I purchased a 72 Grand Torino with the very same motor, the dealer I was working for took it on trade with a blown motor. I took it home ripped the engine apart, turned out the guy never changed the oil, so a new set of lifters and pushrods and a cleaning, it out lasted the C6 and the rear end and a teen with a heavy foot. Great motor!

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  7. Steven C

    Those gross wheels came out in the late 90’s. Guy i worked with got some for his ford pickup in 1998.

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  8. stillrunners

    Looks just like my sisters old stang….same color….she got married and then divorced – came back with a Vega…..

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  9. Russ

    My best friend’s first car was a Mustang very much like this only the Grandé model. After he got the car (used) and we found the original owner’s paperwork we found her name was Dagney Quandee, and some of us had fun p*ssing him off by telling him he was driving the ‘Dagney Quandee Grondee’. I still laugh at that.

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