No Rust And Rebuilt Engine: 1947 Nash 600

Made for nine model years, the Nash 600 was reportedly the first unit-body car that was mass-produced in the US when it debuted in 1941. This 1947 Nash 600 looks like a great project car to drive as you restore it, or just keep maintaining it and drive it as it looks now. It can be found here on craigslist in Denver, Colorado and the seller is asking just $3,500 for it. Thanks to Ikey H. for sending in this great tip!

Unfortunately, the seller has only uploaded four photos to the listing and only one exterior photo. I know, disappointing. But, what they do show is pretty enticing especially for their asking price. That dash is worth $3,500 just to take it out and hang it on your garage wall as art, but please don’t do that. It’s hard to tell if it’s dirty or faded or if that’s some sort of unusual woodgraining pattern or what’s going on. Maybe a combination of all of those things.

The interior looks nice in the backseat area, or at least most of it does. I’m sure the windlace and other things could probably be updated, and most vehicles, including mine, could use a good cleaning. The 600 was a base model Nash and the 600 designated the distance that a person could travel in a Nash 600 on one tank of gas. The seller says that there is no rust on this car and it has new brakes!

The engine looks fantastic and it’s been rebuilt. It’s Nash’s 173 cubic-inch straight-six which would have had 82 hp and 138 ft-lb of torque. It looks clean and it sure adds to the value of this good looking car to have it driveable so the next owner can enjoy this car right away. More photos would have been nice to see but it sure seems like this is a good buy at $3,500 and it would be a great way for someone to jump into the old car hobby for not much money. Have any of you owned a Nash 600?


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  1. David Conwill

    I would drive this in a heartbeat. Throw on some seat covers for protection from the family and put a luggage rack on top and go tour the U.S.A. via back roads.

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  2. Fahrvergnugen Farhvergnugen Member

    Don’t forget to add a couple of those over-window ‘air chillers’ and a spare rubber bladder coolant bag on the grill, and maybe a sunshade over the windshield.

    Oh, and a bunch of smiles to enjoy the miles.

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  3. local_sheriff

    I’m really starting to like you Ikey – another doable and unusual bomb without a massive price tag!

    Don’t think there are many people left out there anymore who have owned a Nash…? My closest encounter with one is helping a guy haul one on my flatbed some years back. His was a late 40s 2ton ex-wrecker still wearing the hand-painted company logo and phone# from its heyday and the truck had a face very reminisent to this. Sorry, can’t add pics…

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      Yes, the factory did the same as what Studebaker did with the Larks a few years later, creating a light commercial unit with cab & frame for fleet pickups and tow trucks.

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  4. dave brennan

    Don’t know if the exact same model, but back in the early sixties, one of our neighbors on Long Island drove one of these. Olive drab with the remains of a star on the door. Army surplus. She drove it for years

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    I had the pleasure of owning a pea green ’47 600 with 21k original miles back in the 80s. It was a one owner from an estate of twin sisters, school teachers in Downey Ca. The owner had passed and her sister gave the car to their long-time friend and insurance agent. Sadly, as their friend carefully drove the Nash home, less than three miles away, as he was making a right-hand turn, a woman turning left from the opposite direction, lost control of her car and broadsided the Nash, tipping it over on it’s passenger-side. Of course being the first uni-body the accident was enough to distort the body shell and even though it could have been repaired and realigned, the value of the car never justified the expense. The insurance agent must have had intentions of restoring the car as it came with all fresh rechrome and new broadcloth interior and headliner installed. A tragedy.

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  6. Chas358 Chasman358

    Neat old car. 👍

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  7. ramblergarage

    My day owned a Nash 600 back in the day. He was coming down a winding road in a snow storm at night and hit a big snow pile in the road. Unfortunatly that show pile was a huge rock that had fallen off of the mountain. That was the end of the poor Nash.

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  8. Fred Cook

    My maternal grandmother owned a ’47 or ’48 Nash 4 dr. (Think it was a 48) It had a red plastic sun visor and fender markers. Good old car. As I recall my dad encouraged her to buy it. I love the suicide rear doors.

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  9. Bob C.

    This certainly looks like a steal. Can’t go wrong here.

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  10. Willowen Member

    The one trouble source I know of with these is the sliding-pillar front suspension, which (I’ve read) needs regular maintenance to keep from getting prone to binding up. Aside from that, these were just about the best cars Nash ever made, and at a very good price. My 4th Grade teacher had a 2-door 600 coupe, and I remember being really excited when I saw the speedometer, because it read to (I think) 120 mph! Of course I always assumed then that if the speedo said 120, that meant the car could go that fast. Took me a while to learn better.

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    • Bob C.

      Join the club. When I was a kid, I didn’t like VW Beetles because their speedometer only went to 90. Took me a while to learn better too.

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  11. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry Member

    600 miles on a tank huh. Not many cars can do that today. I remeber a tv commercial Volkswagon had back in the late 70’s I think about Rabbit diesel that could get 500 miles to a tank. Had a Texas rancher driving from one side of his ranch to other on one tank; 500 miles.
    God bless America

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  12. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    Very cool car with a fantastic dash and steering wheel. Can’t beat the price for a rust-free vintage driver. A pretty nice old car to get into the hobby on the cheap. Good luck to the new owner.

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  13. jmolsn Member

    Ive got a 1948 Nash 600 2 door and love it!! All original paint and interior. Might need a 4 door to go along with it. Also have a 54 Nash Ambassador survivor!! Great cars!!!!

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  14. Stevieg

    As a little kid, about 8-10 years old, I had a friend from cub scouts whose Dad had a restored Nash convertible. The face of that car could be this cars face.
    I am pretty sure it was a 1948 because my Dad was a 1948 & he was impressed with all cars from that year, & he sure liked this car.
    My friends Dad died suddenly & the family moved to Chicago. Never saw the car again.
    I often wondered how his Dad passed & whatever happened to my little friend…and the car.

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  15. Oldog4tz Oldog4tz Member

    My very first car. Got it in 1964, I had just turned 17, and had a job selling magazine subscriptions door to door after school. Paid $40, had to hide it 2 blocks from home – driver’s side doors tied together with clothesline (Cleveland rust) – but the girl and I had wheels

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  16. Del

    Oh so sweet.

    And a great price.

    Wish I was closer. This is a steal

  17. Pat

    Post deleted from Craig’s List….

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