No Snow Days: 1974 Monster S’cool Bus

With winter weather hitting different areas across the US kids are missing all sorts of time from school. For some, the buses are to blame, so why not give your kids a real chance to make it to school in this Cat powered S’cool Bus! Custom built and featuring a stick shift, it doesn’t get any cooler than this! For $4,500 you too can be the master of the impassible school roads! Check out this awesome bus here on craigslist out of Orleans, Michigan. Thanks to Justin for sharing this awesome one of a kind school bus!

With 48” front tires and 66” rear tires, there aren’t many things that would stand in the way of your kids getting to school.  The 3408 Caterpillar Diesel has enough tug to tote around the school kids and then some. Clearly the driver should look like “Otto Mann” the school bus driver from the Simpsons, only he should wear Van Halen shirts year round.

With some dents and dings from those long and perilous trips to school this custom S’cool bus isn’t too shabby. There does not appear to be any rust, but the paint could stand some touch up work. All of the windows are accounted for, and there is plenty of room for your local neighborhood friends to ride with you. Or perhaps you need a new band wagon, or camping rig? Well no matter the choice, this Ford would be fun either way. Are you a fan of this custom S’cool bus?

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  1. Howard A

    I’ve never seen a school bus with this configuration, a long nose Louisville. Someone just plopped a short bus on what looks like a road tractor frame. With the front stance so much wider than the back, this thing must be a handful to drive. And that 3208 boat anchor doesn’t help either. I think 1 person would like this,,the builder.

  2. Chevelle guy

    hmmmm….. 48s in the front and 66s in the rear ….
    its gonna be interesting to watch this get locked 4wd and go …. 😆

    • FiremanDan

      Bet it’s 2 wheel drive …yuk

  3. cornet_4_life

    i want this thing to pick me up from school!😂😂

  4. Kenneth Carney

    Another product of redneck engineering.
    Here in Florida, they’ll put anything on a
    4-wheel drive chassis and that includes
    this monstrosity too! Someone will buy
    It’s not me–pass!

  5. KSwheatfarmer Member

    At first glance I guessed the Ford parts may have supported some sort of agricultural equipment , sprayer, seed tender,ect.Howard could be right about it being a tractor also.One thing for sure, not a lot of dollars spent so far on all the components we see. Has the builder accomplished much so far? Maybe he can get all the wheels the same size and get it finished

  6. Saul

    How would the kiddos get into the actual school bus portion? The back emergency door? I see no other accommodation for the little ones to be transported. Also, you’d think the seller would straighten out the wheel/tire combo before taking the pictures. This looks like a graphted mess…maybe garbage/dump truck cab on shorty bus rear.

  7. Wayne

    Bama-Cruiser Deluxe!
    Not for me.

  8. BR

    Somebody can’t tell the difference between a 3208 and a 3408. It’s a POC imo.


    Open to swaps? I’ll offer my straight jacket and a bag for his head to just drive it to the scrap yard

  10. Daniel Mooneyham

    Doubt it is a 3408 but still luv it!!!

  11. Ken Member

    I don’t think you want Otto Mann behind the wheel of this thing. As he once famously said:

    “My name is Otto. I love to get BLOTTO!”


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