No Sweat Work Truck: 1997 Chevrolet K1500

This might be the cleanest 1997 Chevrolet work truck on the planet. Showing only 64K miles on the odometer, you have to see it to believe it. Located in Darlington, Maryland, you can find the K1500 for sale here on eBay with a current bid of nearly $4,500. The auction is no-reserve, so the highest bid will get it. There are over 60 photos in the ad and a CARFAX report as well, which seem to authenticate the mileage and condition. Take a look at this super-clean truck!

It’s pretty obvious from the grille and single-headlights that this isn’t the standard Chevrolet pickup from 1997. Although it’s not called out in the ad, a quick VIN search indicates this truck has the X81 Work Truck package. The WT’s featured black grilles, bench seats, minimal chrome accents, and were designed (obviously from the name) as no-frills work trucks. As with the rest of the truck, the interior is in amazing condition.

As expected, the 4.3L V6 engine is immaculate as well. You can tell it’s had a recent detail with a ton of protectant on every surface. I am not a big fan of over-doing the shininess of plastic parts, but that’s just me. Overall, you can tell this truck has been well cared for and hardly worked hard like it was designed to do.

Here you can see more of the work truck treatment. The rear bumper is no-frills black and the badges are minimal. No chrome doo-dads and the wheels are basic steel. This truck will make a great vehicle for someone who doesn’t want something too flashy and it appears to have years of life left in it. Heck, it’s 23 years old…nearly a classic! What do you think?

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  1. Don H

    I think I’d rather have this than the SS454 one .

    • Weasel

      I’m glad you said it first as I thought the same thing. I truly like the ss454 but this one looks like a worker.

      The one thing that gets me is the seller doesn’t trust a potential buyer with under a 5 feedback (which I absolutely understand) but their feedback is a whooping 6.

  2. dirtyharry

    Great find! 4 wheel drive with the 4.3 V6. Some may groan about that, but it is a great V-6. By 1996, they had Vortec heads and made good power with reasonable economy. Since they also had a balance shaft, they didn’t run rough or idle terrible either. I really like the “plain-Jane” look and it reminds me of what a truck should be.

  3. Blyndgesser

    If the V6 ever gives up, GM has lots of more powerful crate engines available…

  4. CCFisher

    No sweat? I beg to differ! With that form-fitting vinyl seat, there will be plenty of sweat.

    Also, didn’t these have a “W/T 1500” callout on the tailgate?

    • SG Member

      Yes, they had that on the tailgate. They also had W/T 1500 on the doors. The emblems on the doors are also incorrectly located. This is a repaint.
      Not a bad truck. Probably painted due to bad clear coat, but a repaint none the less.
      These also had rubber floormats from the factory, not carpet. Another incorrect detail that I could overlook.
      My brother bought one exactly like this brand new. This guy is supposedly a “car guy”.
      I asked him one day how the ol’ girl was doing (he had it over 20 years by then). He and I walked over to it and he popped the hood. He went to check the oil & when he pulled on the loop for the dipstick, all he got was the loop. The stick was gone. It rusted away lol.
      He told me it has been a couple years since he changed the oil…or even checked it lol.
      We went & bought oil & a filter & changed it that day.
      He figures it went probably 40-50 thousand miles without a change. Oddly enough, he still has it & it still runs great!
      It would have committed suicide on me if I had done that to it lol.

  5. FordGuy1972

    While I prefer Fords, this vintage Chevy has a lot of appeal. It’s very clean in and out and while it may be a Plain Jane pickup, it still looks sharp. No A/C may hold the price down a bit, though. Still, I wouldn’t mind having it.

  6. Steve Brown

    I know I may attract some flak for this, but this is a blank canvas for an overlanding build. Solid chassis, 4×4, standard cab, and what appears to be a long bed? I may have to look more closely at this for myself.

  7. Dan B.

    Sweet truck. Too bad it doesn’t have the NV4500 manual with the granny gear and OD.

  8. T.J.

    It might be very clean with low miles, but it’s obviously been in some kind of accident and had some cosmetic work done. The front bumper is crooked (look at how it sits compared to each headlight) and the “1500” badges on each door are in the wrong location. They would be placed inside the body line indentation on the doors, not above them.


    the brake pedal makes me question the mileage.
    The badges and stickers are off. Good eye on the bumper…Still potentially a really good truck.

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