No Wood Paneling: 1970 Ford Country Sedan

Don’t call it a Country Squire: this is a 1970 Ford Country Sedan, which is another classic station wagon that left the factory without the familiar wood paneling that made these long-roof models so iconic. In a way, it’s refreshing to see what these classy wagons look like without all the faux woodgrain, and now that I’ve seen it, I’m having a hard time deciding which look I prefer. Of course, this example is in super clean condition, which makes those slab sides look downright handsome. The seller has listed it here on craigslist for $8,500 and notes that it’s equipped with a healthy 390 V8 and an automatic transmission.

Thanks to Barn Finds reader Ikey H. for the find. I know there’s probably an official name for these wheels, but they look like the classic Wolfrace design, one of the more period-correct looks for a vehicle of this vintage. The paint color is very attractive, sitting somewhere between a mocha and caramel tone. The seller notes it was repainted at one point in the past, not by him, and that it still looks good today. The engine bay shows a similar color adorning the inner fenders, so perhaps this is an original paint job that got freshened up. The glass all looks clear and crack-free, and the factory roof bars are a great look. The seller notes the edges of the hood show some light damage.

The interior is in gorgeous condition, and if it’s original, it has survived incredibly well. The seller mentions that the wagon has mileage of just 24,919 miles, but then never returns to address whether those miles are believed to be genuine. The cabin would seem to support such a claim, as the seating surfaces are darn near perfect and the door panels look mint as well. The covers on the dash and steering wheel leave some questions, and while I can live with the fuzzy dash pad, the steering wheel wrap has got to go. The headliner, carpeting, and cargo bay also show almost zero signs of soiling or wear – it really is impressive if it’s original. The overall condition reminds me of a grandma/grandpa car that was bought to ferry the grandkids on the occasional visit, but otherwise not used regularly.

The engine bay is nicely detailed, and the seller claims the 390-powered wagon has been used without issue on family trips. Other than mentioning it has been regularly maintained, the listing doesn’t spell out any specific maintenance needs or recent service work performed. Perhaps this is another symptom of the belief that the low miles are genuine in that the seller doesn’t really have much to report if the Country Sedan has been used sparingly since new. What do you think – is this a restored car with an odometer that was reset at some point, or is it an honest-to-goodness survivor with under 30,000 original miles from new?

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  1. Bob_in_TN Member

    Pretty nice old Ford wagon.

    Color: I’m going partly from memory here…. after googling 1970 Ford paint chips, could this be Bright Gold Poly, which was more well known as one of the cleverly named Maverick colors: Freudian Gilt. ??? It sure is “different” compared to today’s sea of white/black/gray/silver.

    Wheels: they look period-correct and are attractive, but do look a bit odd since few wagons had anything but stock wheel covers. I’d be fine with the stock look too.

    Another example of a model which I didn’t like back in the day, but today I find interesting. Would work great to take the grandkids for ice cream.

  2. Tommerp

    I remember my wagon also had the custom “flat bottom exhaust” on the passenger side….

  3. Ryan Hilkemann

    Nice wheels!

  4. Chris H

    Not a fan of the dash cover, but it matches the used shag carpet thrown across the cargo area. Think I’d leave them both with the seller. Other than that, it’s a really nice ride.

  5. Ken Carney

    I like it too, but I’m a bit Leary of the mileage of 24K being original. Even if it
    was 124K, the preservation level of this car is very impressive. And the price? A
    little out there, but maybe our seller might take a bit less if cash is being dangled in front of him. This old wagon
    has everything you need, and nothing you
    don’t. Best part is, she’s ready to drive and enjoy now. My only question would be is could I drive ‘er home to Florida and
    beat the shipping costs!

  6. Vegaman Dan

    Those wheel rims are classically known as ‘slot mags’.

  7. Major Thom

    Probably would want to keep that fuzzy dash pad, as it likely is concealing at least several cracks in the padded dash…

  8. F Again

    Cracked dashes are no enormous problem- several firms sell ABS covers. You get a couple cans of SEM dye, get the color right, install.

    Anything but cover it with what appears a flayed Muppet.

    • Johnny

      You DO NOT want to deal with JUST DASH,S. They will rip you off. The claim they sale you a padded dash and when you get it. Its a cheap plastic cover. Then when I called them up and complained about it. They told me to mail it back and they would send me my refund back. Well about 6 years and they still haven,t. My brother had a big Ford like this with the wood trim on the side. He came in on vacation and THOUGHT the rear-end was tearing up. We checked everything and even changed the rear-end. Then dad and him took it for a test drive. It still done it. Finally dad told him to stop the car and he let the let the window down and opened the tail gate and got in and they drove off and dad reached up on top of the car and put his hand on the luggae rack and the noise stopped. All that work and hear the screws came loose on the rack. hahaha

  9. Jasper

    Fresh from Copart. Saw this there a month or so ago.

  10. Maestro1 Member

    Is the Chrome trim piece on the hood missing along with the FORD letters?
    Otherwise nice car.

    • PatrickM

      Yes, it is. And this car has been in an accident. The hood does not fit right. Check the right front pic. It has been pushed in. And the left front of hood appears to be pushed toward the front just a bit. That, plus the interior floor mats look really faded. Wheels are not stock. This makes me think it has been hot-rodded. All this being said, I am suspicious of the mileage claim. I’d be willing to bet my wisdom teeth on that one. Again, nice looking car….mostly. I say, “Buyer, be ware.”

  11. David G

    Awesome car. Clean and well cared for. I vastly prefer the non-woody wagons. They look so much cleaner and more attractive style-wise. This one will be a great car for the new owner.

  12. Little_Cars Little_Cars Member

    I would hold onto the slotted mags but add some meatier tires, probably raised white letters, and go about finding the molded dash cap to restore the original surface (they are available). Then, just drive it for its intended purpose. The trim on the front of the hood is missing, yes. And I happen to have the F O R D letters should someone on this forum buy the car.

  13. Bob C.

    I wonder if you have to pull the shift towards you while starting?

  14. FordGuy1972

    A nice looking wagon overall though I’m not crazy about the color. The hood needs to be straightened out along with sourcing the missing trim. Those wheels would have to go as I’m not a fan of hot rod wheels on wagons or 4-door sedans. Original steelies and full wheel covers would look a lot better. I’m thinking the price is fair for a nice wagon like this; $8,500 doesn’t buy too many cars that look this good these days.

  15. Brubaker

    Thanks for the Copart reference: just another flipper looking to double or triple his money on a quick resale with no apparent work done. Don’t believe that mileage for a minute–way to easy to set odometer at whatever you want on an old car like this.

    • Michael Leyshon

      A ‘Co – part ‘ reference from Jasper above and an acknowledgement of his intellect… Who would ever suspect that the odometer may not be accurate on a 50 year old vehicle. Thanks !

  16. guggie

    My parents had a car just like this but in red , nice smooth car with the 390 a little shy on brakes at high speeds with the standard drum brakes , gas hog around town , but great highway cruiser and better on gas . don’t remember exact mpg loved the two way tail gate

    Nice car but I don’t want it , hope it finds a good home !

  17. don

    I prefer the 71-72 front end styling, but considering how few of these wagons survived, I’d be happy to own this one !

  18. Brubaker

    Someone seems unable to distinguish between an odometer that is not “accurate” and one that has been rolled back, but whatever.

  19. Glenn Schwass Member

    I don’t like old Fords but this is striking. Hope it goes to a good home..

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