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There’s no denying the popularity of Chevrolet’s intermediate A-body Chevelle, especially the ’66 to ’72 variations. Regardless of condition, the pricing for these mid-size Chevies has reached what some would refer to as exorbitant though this one is trending in a reasonable territory – for now. Condition? Don’t worry about it, it’ll sell. And with that thought, let’s review this 1972 Chevelle Malibu that definitely qualifies as a “project”. It’s located in Allen, Texas and is available, here on eBay for a current bid of $2,100 with the reserve not yet met.

The VIN tells us that this Malibu two-door hardtop was assembled in Los Angeles (Van Nuys) and was originally powered by a 165 net HP 350 CI V8 engine. It would have been hardly lonely as it was one of 281K similar V8-equipped Malibus produced in ’72. Malibu’s body styles included two-door hardtops and convertibles, four-door sedans and hardtops, and a station wagon – the two-door sedan was part of the 300/Deluxe trim level and was discontinued after the ’69 model year. The vaunted Super Sport edition was an option package for both the two-door hardtop and convertible.

For all of you sleuths, this Spring Green Malibu obviously has a few problems, rust, dents, a missing passenger-side fender, most of the front end parts, hood, rear bumper, and on and on, and on. It was wearing a vinyl top at one time but that looks like it has been gone for ages – the steel lid looks OK, other than some significant surface rust. Now, you can practically build a ’72 Malibu from a catalog – if you are so inclined but still, regardless of availability, this car is going to need a lot of parts. It’s suggested that this one is a “Very solid New Mexico car-Great base for resto-mod build“. Yeah, maybe.

As stated earlier, this Malibu had a 350 CI engine at one time but it’s a roller now and it looks like it has been one for some time. An automatic transmission was in place as well but that’s probably lost to the ages.

As with the engine compartment and its barrenness, so is the interior. No seats, door panels, steering column, instruments, no nuffin’ other than some grody-looking seatbelts. That said, the floors, and the trunk pan, do appear to be solid. As with all of the exterior missing components, the interior items can be acquired, new, but it’s going to be an expensive and time-consuming undertaking.

So, what do you think, is this Chevelle worth pursuing? I guess it depends on your vision and what you really want. If you’re looking for something more like a modified stocker, maybe this is not your car. But if a custom, or as the seller suggests a restomod, well, then this example could be a logical starting point. Knowing what you know, would you run with this project or take a pass and look for a better example?

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  1. Fahrvergnugen FahrvergnugenMember

    For parts only, but better Bring a Magnet to make sure there’s any value in the quarter panels underneath the paint.

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  2. Harvey HarveyMember

    Ouch, half the car is missing:-)

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    • Marshall Belcher

      This is not even worth buying as a parts car. Feel sorry for the guy buying it. He needs counseling.

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  3. Louis DiLeonardoMember

    I will say this guy has some neat cars for sale, but the pricing is way to rich for the condition represented in the ads. Anyone following the market will agree pricing is in a steady decline for restored cars of the same vintage and price the fella is asking for unrestored level 4 or 5 cars. I admit I am jealous with all that being said of some of the iron he has acquired!

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  4. Maggy

    Good restomod or drag car material.Looks like this was someone’s parts car at one time.2 -3k tops imo because its solid. it’s at 2250 now. Glwts.

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    • Jerry Rodriguez

      Nothing special to warrant putting tons of money into this parts car. Buy one already or nearly done and improve on it to make it personally yours

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  5. Bart Smith

    Nice parts car

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  6. ACZ

    This is a nice shell. If you already have a rust bucket that’s well equipped, this could make it a nice whole car again.

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    • Randy jones

      In the days..1971..I bought a 66 ss chevelle car for 1100 bucks that’s was 20 times better than this rust least it had a bench seat and all the fenders were on the car..good luck with this one.but..I do like the 72 chevelle car…parts alone are a fortune..good luck.

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      • Mike

        Less than 1/2 a car w/title , no drive trane and a lot of rust. 😆😆😅😅😅😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😓

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  7. Mark

    LOL and to think I bought mine brand new on a closeout for 2.700.00

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  8. George Birth

    If the reserve is close to the bid price it might be worth $2500 to $2800 Max. . Just because it is a Chevelle, doesn’t mean it is worth very much. Especially as most of the car is missing.
    If I were looking to buy this short pile of parts I would not be willing to go beyond $250.00. There is not much of any value left on this one. My opinion, pass and look for a better example, as I don’t see enough left to warrant the seller putting a reserve on this one. Best way to teach these type of sellers their price is out of line is to refuse to waste time bidding on clunkers like this one.

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    • Demonsteve

      Exactly, now lets chem dip it and see what’s left 😲

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  9. Steve

    “Regardless of condition, the pricing for these mid-size Chevies has reached what some would refer to as exorbitant”…especially in this case.

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  10. Reid Hall

    I want to say it’s just a part’s car,and it is but most of the good part’s,are way ,gone hmmmm, one steel’inner fender, and a cut,up,dash, not much left,l guess if you need original floor pan’s,maybe, but only for a good price.

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  11. V12MECH

    $3k, and maybe more !. For a stripped carcass w/ title, plus rot around rear window, and every where else you will find when you take a pick hammer to it. Good luck.

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  12. Demonsteve

    Ya gotta love the comment ” condition, don’t worry about it, it will sell” And then we’ll put a reserve on it. I agree with most of the comments here, $250-300.00 other then that let them keep it.

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  13. Bob

    Wow!!! You need everything. Would cost as much as you could sell it for if not more. You would really need to be a collector or someone with money to burn. But just think, new from the floor up! I miss those days with my father! He would of jumped on it. A blank canvas…

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    frame is probably bad -rusted -especially in the rear of vehicle-that & up front inside -right front of frame -by the sway bar -if it has one .

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