Why Not? 1980 Cadillac Seville 4×4

Here’s an unlikely marriage, between an International Scout 4×4 frame and engine and a 1980 Cadillac Seville, and you know what I have to say about it…why not? Scouts are notorious rusters, and bustleback Sevilles remain mostly unloved—especially if this one came with the standard-for-1980 diesel engine—so why not combine them into something unique, and not really much more wacky than either vehicle was, to begin with? Now, $3,500 is a bit more than just why not? money for me, but if it isn’t for you, head here to craigslist where you’ll find this mashup on offer out of Easthampton, New Jersey (archived ad here). Thanks to Bill Walters for the tip!

We only get one view of the exterior, so who knows what may be lurking in the places we don’t see, but what we do looks pretty okay, if a smidge lumpy ahead of the front wheel. Nor do we get to see any of the dirty bits, which we’re told include a rebuilt transmission and a new carburetor for the 345-cubic inch V8. The underlying Scout is likely a 1974-80 Scout II, as power brakes and steering and Dana 44 axles are listed among the car’s features. Inside, other than the controls for those axles and the four-wheel drive system, it’s all Cadillac.

Aside from a minor issue with the front passenger seat seen above, that interior looks pretty clean and cushy, too. The power windows, locks, and seats are all mentioned, so presumably they all work; no such presumption can be made about the air conditioner, though. Still, this looks comfier than most of these 4×4 Frankensteins we’ve seen before—this baby was built for muddin’ with class!

It’s when you look up, though, that things get really classy (or at least really Jersey)! The original headliner, dating from GM’s lousy-adhesive-and-cheap-felt era, has been replaced by this patchwork of pelts for a little bit of extra flair that’s reserved only for those lucky enough to be inside. It’s the kind of touch that you both don’t and do expect from this unexpected but strangely logical hybrid, just the thing to make you chuckle and shrug because…why not!




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  1. Dirk

    I really hate to be the first one to draw any conclusions regarding that roll of doublewide toilet paper and an outhouse with an upholstered leather seat but………………….

  2. Eric H

    I always dreamed in my youth of a big block prostreet 1980 Seville with velocity stacks poking from the hood….this just changed everything for me……just wow!!

  3. CanuckCarGuy

    The roll of paper towels must be for the inevitable spill of Grey Poupon, whilst off-roading.

    • Snidly

      No, this is aN 80’s Cadillac. French’s all the way.

  4. Max

    Again, a Crime against Classic cars!

    • Jerry Brentnell

      nothing classic about caddy sevilles ugly when new, sales flop! and thats that!

      • Puhnto

        Eye if the beholder. My dad loved everything about his 1980 Seville, and it even had the horrible deisel engine!

  5. Redneck Riddance

    Oh lord won’t you please oust all 4×4 car rednecks from the planet or country 🌎

    Folks the good thing about trailers is they’re portable to move to Mexico 🇲🇽 or Canada 🇨🇦 Or ask Eli Musk to strap you in your trailer to float in space for up to one million years like his convertible red Tesla 👀👍

    Who knows you just might cross paths with the roadster in space to jack and add 4×4 also!

  6. P Wentzell

    Someone with way too much time and money.

  7. Steve A.

    Well you might be a red neck if…….

  8. sir mike

    New Jersey is flat….WHY????

    • Beemoe

      Not all flat, but also lots of mud

  9. Joseph Wayne Haddock

    Never been a big fan of cannibalizing anything but, i have to admit this one is pretty cool.

  10. SRyan

    Best use of a Seville I’ve ever seen. And probably runs better than stock.

  11. JW

    I must admit it’s unusual and the only Cadillac 4×4 I’ve ever seen. But that fur burger inner roof would have to go.

  12. glen

    I’ve never been a fan of this style of Seville, so this works for me. It’s now great in the Winter, and fun in road construction season!

  13. SAM61

    I love this style Seville. $2000 would be why not money to purchase.

    Rhino line the body in a camo or animal print then wango tango!

  14. Daniel Looney

    I kinda want it.

  15. Beemoe

    Someone is trying to make a quick buck. This unit was for sale for less than half out of Lancaster, PA in December. The front frame rails are scary bad (or were).

  16. Henry Drake


  17. LAB3

    I’d like it more with smaller tires and having the body sitting a bit lower. The body is more than likely sitting on the frame which would make lowering it tough. All things considered, I love it! You’d usually need to find a bowling alley south of the Mason-Dixon to see something like this these days.

    • Joe Howell

      Down here that’s my kind of Caddy. The Blues Brothers meet The Dukes of Hazzard :) Don’t guess this is the one Elwood traded for a mic :)

  18. Mike

    Road trip to the Rubicon Trail!

  19. DJ McMackie

    I’m not sure what is worst, This or that toothpick train car you had on here from a year ago. Why not? How about just shut up and don’t waste time writing about stupid crap.

    • barry walker

      But some of us appreciate the occasional “train wrecks” of other people’s idea of what works, or the outrageousness of what they dared try. Keep’em coming!!

  20. Rube Goldberg Member

    Well, I’m not too crazy about the 345 ( let’s not start that again, however, I can smell the gas from here), I really think this is a nice job. It’s such an unlikely combination, although, you can kiss that “Cadillac ride” goodbye. I bet this was someone’s daily driver, and certainly, one of the most high class 4×4’s I’ve seen in years. I’d have to see how it was built before plunking down any money on this, but still, very nice.

  21. ClassicCarFan

    got to say though, Quite an achievement…….. making a bustle-back 1980 Cadillac even less desirable.

    • Joe Howell

      Actually in this case it makes a less than desirable car more desirable :)

  22. Pat A

    Marginally better than blowing all of your money on blow.

  23. charlie Member

    Except for the grill, I always liked these Caddy’s. From the side and from the rear the lines were great. Uncle had one, he liked it, small enough and big enough, he said. Had the 4-6-8 engine which his dealer made work well. They are being crushed now, no market for them, so good that someone found a way to save one.

  24. Wayne

    Yes unusual. The strangest one I have seen (4X4 car conversion) is one that one of my employees did. Citroen 2CV on an old military (CJ2A?) jeep. The wheelbase is the same and with the 31X10.50-15 all terrains it was quite a site. Those goofy headlamps actually looked quite at home with the additional driving lamps on the frame. And the spare tire/wheel mounted in the center behind the back of the car actually looked ok. But from the side it was just wrong. I forget the guy’s name on here that is so good with the photo shop. ( he did a great job on that shortened hearse) Maybe he can turn one off for us with the 2CV?


    This is what you get when 2 unloved ugly cousins get married and have kids. Lol. But I actually like this thing. Why not! The proportions of this are actually pretty good. I’ve seen a lot worse. International scouts are very good 4×4’s and tons of aftermarket pieces available for that chassis. The frame repair would be simple. If you can’t fix that you shouldn’t be in the hobby. Tho not the greatest motor the 345 was reliable. More so than the Cadillac motors that were available for this car. Be easy to stuff a lot more under the hood if you wanted. 4 wheeling in style with the grandkids buckled up in the back!!

  26. Pete

    I sure hope BF is saving all the 4×4 modded rides ya’ll been featuring as of late. I really think you could write a book about all of them and it would sell like hot cakes. Call it what not to do to your 4 x 4. LOL. Seriously ya’ll don’t understand what this car was all about? Think about going parking and sparking with your girl. For ultimate privacy you go into the woods where few vehicles could travel. Then you can get after it for as long as you like without being bothered by the cops who still seem to frown on activities such as these. I know I got rousted out of a sleeping bag a few times by the law. My car was to small for interior work of that order. LOL This caddy would be a romper room by comparison. LOL

  27. Chris

    Looking thru Google and come across my caddy. Love all the comments! Its for sale or trade.

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