Not a VR4: 1992 Mitsubishi 3000GT

Any time we see a dusty car in a garage is cause for excitement, but sometimes it kicks up a notch when we suspect the car in question is a limited production 90s supercar. Well, cool your jets, because while this 1992 Mitsubishi 3000GT is a dusty, forgotten car, it’s the lower tier SL version and not the hot-ticket VR4. Find the Mitsubishi here on eBay as an unfinished project with bids over $600 and the reserve unmet. 

If only that badge next to the “3000GT” nameplate had said VR4 instead of SL. The 3000GT was still a looker in its day, and finding a stock one is a treat. But that SL trim in this instance means the value is fairly low, and there are plenty of more complete (and likely running) examples to choose from for very reasonable money on craigslist. And if you can’t find a 3000GT, then you can quickly move onto a used Dodge Stealth R/T.

Thankfully, this example is a manual transmission car, but the seller notes that the current owner was in the midst of some serious engine work before he either got sidetracked or lost interest. “Timing belt is off the cams. Previous owner attempted to time it while changing out the old belt but could not finish the job.” Once it was determined he wouldn’t be wrapping this project up himself, into the barn the 3000GT went.

It cleans up nicely, but you’re still buying someone else’s unfinished project, seemingly after going under the knife with an owner who either didn’t know what they were doing or didn’t enjoy being under the hood. Whatever the case, picking up someone’s work in progress is always risky, but if bidding stays at or below $800, I’d call it well bought given the cosmetics appear quite strong.


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  1. Arthell64 Member

    Forget the original engine just swap in a LS engine and have fun.

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    • MikeG

      Might as well keep it in the family and swap a 6G72T.

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      • RickT

        LS swap is a huge project, but it’s been done before. Even swapping in the turbo engine becomes more of a problem than it’s worth. Best to keep a SL factory. Very reliable, comfortable, and slightly fun (like a FR-S without the drifting).

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  2. Dave in Arlington, TX

    The question is did the timing belt fail causing valve to piston contact and that’s why it’s been apart? If the valves are OK, labor time used to be 5 hours to replace the belt. Much more if heads have to come off. Very dirty inside the car. Great seats and fun to drive even if not a VR4. Good Luck to the buyer.

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  3. RickT

    I’m a big fan of these cars and have a few for projects currently. Just a timing belt job is unlikely to be all this 27 year old car really needs to be a completed project that will ride nice. Especially after being abandoned for a while. No offense to the owner, but if they couldn’t handle a timing belt, they probably don’t know much about what the car needs. Solid cars when done right though.

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  4. Wrong Way

    Darned if this doesn’t bring back memories of teaching a young man a really good lesson! As some of you know, I am a avid collector of some makes of classic cars! Mainly the Mustang! I have a 69 Cobra GT! I do get all my cars out eventually during the summer months! Heck the governor of my state always rides in one of my cars at most of the parades around here! Anyways, I had the Cobra out for some fresh air! I believe that it was 2001! A local kid with the higher model of this one followed me out of town onto a blacktop that runs to the south side of town! Wide open nun the less! I think that it’s about 15 miles long just a few up and down hills! This kid wanted to race pop’s! LMAO, normally I would have never thought of doing it! This kid is the kind of little snot nose kid that you just want to and needs the taste smacked out his mouth! We lined up my daughter in law dropped the flag and we hit it! I was playing with him until about half way then I dropped the hammer on him! After I got stopped and collected my 100 dollars off him, he quietly said please don’t tell dad! The thing is that his daddy was the Sheriff of our county! :-) that’s why I love this site, occasionally one pop’s up that brings back memories! Happy New Year, everyone!

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