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Not A Ford: 1934 Hupmobile 417-W Coupe

This rare Hupmobile listed on eBay in Canton, North Carolina has been stored since the 1950s. Bidding is over $13,000 at this time with no reserve. It could easily be mistaken for a 1934 Ford 3 window and there’s a good reason for that. Murray Body Company produced bodies for several companies, including Hupmobile and Ford. In the 1930’s, most car bodies were built by outside suppliers, like Briggs, Budd, and Murray. In 1934 Ford allowed Murray to use some of Ford’s dies to build bodies for Hupmobile’s lower priced 417-W model cars. Murray made enough changes to the body to satisfy Ford.

The dash looks complete and original. It’s rather simple, but most cars for this era had basic dashes, without frills.

The rest of the inside is rather bare. Time was not the only enemy of this old Hupmobile. Rust has been busy as well. One has to wonder with the floor this rusty what the underside must look like.

The engine looks complete, although it is seized. This 80 horsepower flathead six might be rebuildable if it’s not too badly rusted and can be unstuck.

The complete patina theme continues to the rear. This Hupmobile would need extensive restoration work to make it even drivable but it would make an interesting museum display just as it is. Hopefully, the frame and suspension components are not badly rusted. It would be wonderful to see this rare coupe preserved in its original form, but sadly there’s the possibility the body will be used to create yet another shiny overpowered custom car. There is a purple one with wire wheels that comes to mind. This is said to be an extremely rare car, one of six known survivors. I can only hope this cool coupe doesn’t meet a similar fate.


  1. Avatar photo 86 Vette Convertible

    Now that could be a fun car.

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  2. Avatar photo Michael

    That auto body shell has a perfect patina. It would be cool to just build something modern and powerful from the ground up and then slip that body over the top. Then add lots of new glass, a new interior and shock of everyone when you launch from park.

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  3. Avatar photo Nick Hockman Member

    So original but dang I would want it modified.

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  4. Avatar photo Terry J

    Wow! Check out the frame-less door windows. Beyond Cool ! :-) Terry J

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    • Avatar photo hank meeske

      you got a good eye. door must have been shared with convertible coupe. probably most ford parts would fit, it is a nice three window coupe and a shame to hot rod it when it is rough but co complete

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  5. Avatar photo JimmyinTEXAS

    “One has to wonder with the floor this rusty what the underside must look like.”
    The rust through seems to be isolated to the rear floor pan. The photo of the front underside doesn’t appear to have a problem. I wonder if Ford floor panels would fit? I agree with Nick. As nice as it would be fixed original, I don’t think I could do it that way.

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  6. Avatar photo Popsoda

    Better saved and rodded than left and rotted.

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    • Avatar photo Marshall

      True, but for a car that is so extremely rare, it is better originated than abominated.

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  7. Avatar photo geomechs Member

    Looks like a good project car. Too few of them to even consider modifying into a resto-mod. Besides it’s too complete. I would take it right down to the frame and go completely through it. The old flathead six would be somewhat underpowered but it would still take you from Point-A to Point-B and back again. And it would be a lot of fun doing it…

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  8. Avatar photo jw454

    With that step on the rear fender, on a sunny day it would seat 4~5. I think I’d want enough power to cruise at 70 M.P.H. on the freeway so that means to ole’ in-line would have to be shelved in favor of a EFI designed motor.

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  9. Avatar photo Dave Wright

    Hupmobiles remind me of Hudsons, they made some incredibly beautiful cars but most had lackluster boring mechanicals……(exception to the Hornet)…..this is a magnificently styled car……now install a Packard straight 8 and that would have been something.

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    • Avatar photo Ken

      Dave The 34 Hupmobile J had a 245 CID 95 HP flat six or optional
      303 CID straight 8 developing 115 HP. Would not call that lacklustre! for 1934.All with aproximatlly 5to 1 compression ratio.
      I am sure with with increased compression ratio and carbs and exhaust
      mods you could squees a few more neddies

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  10. Avatar photo Jon

    Very Cool.
    Does anybody know what the wheel base is on these ? Longer then either a ford or Chevy? To me, it has the looks of a Chevy 3wd coupe rather then a Ford 3 wd which I have owned in the past.

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  11. Avatar photo Doug Towsley

    Beyond beautiful styling is all I can say…

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  12. Avatar photo Jeff

    Since I’ve been following BF, about 8 months now….I have not seen a more beautiful specimen! Truly, sculptured to perfection…

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  13. Avatar photo doug6423

    RestoMod into a convertible. Doors are already made for it! Purple one looks great! Love the wire wheels with that color. I would have put more pearl in the paint though.

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  14. Avatar photo rando

    So if the body is similar to the Ford, would the frame and such be also similar enough to a Ford to use Ford parts, which would be seemingly easier to find, whether rodded or stock? Neat car.

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  15. Avatar photo Dean

    Interesting sharing of Ford body shell. I hadn’t heard that before. Very cool.

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