PreWar Project: 1934 Hupmobile Model K421 Sedan

Anyone know the first production car company to hire Raymond Loewy’s design studio, and when? If you guessed Hupp Motor Car Company in 1932, you are correct. Unfortunately, when Hupp hired Loewy, it dedicated its shoestring budget to upgrading… more»

Rare Bird: 1939 Hupmobile Skylark Prototype

While there are cars that are inextricably tied to the last days of a company, there is only one model that I know of that played a role in the end of three. This 1939 Hupmobile Skylark is located… more»

Turnkey Pre-War Collection: Iowa Museum Hoard

A hoard of mostly pre-war American cars and trucks was recently unearthed in Villisca, Iowa by Heath Rodney and Dereck Freshour, part of a defunct museum collection that has stood idle for years. The stash features many marques that… more»

READER AD: 1934 Hupmobile 417-W Coupe

Hupmobile built a small handful of gorgeous 417-W 3-window Coupes in 1934. Over the years, we’ve only featured one of the 6 or so that remain. In David F’s article on that one, which you can read here, he… more»

One Of A Kind: 1936 Cord Custom

“One of a kind”, “Unique” and “Cool” are the first words that come to mind when I laid eyes upon this wild, unfinished custom project. It’s listed as a 1939 Cord here on eBay in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with a… more»

Admired by Ford: 1910 Hupmobile Runabout

Henry Ford was not a man that tended to heap praise upon his opposition, but when reflecting upon his first look at the 1909 Hupmobile Type 20 he said, “I recall looking at Bobby Hupp’s roadster at the first… more»

Prewar Passenger Pigeon: 1934 Hupmobile Aero-Dynamic

From the beginning of automobile production in America to the end of World War II, an amazing number of manufacturers entered and left the market.  From simple cycle cars to the many famous luxury vehicle manufacturers, consumers had a… more»

Not A Ford: 1934 Hupmobile 417-W Coupe

This rare Hupmobile listed on eBay in Canton, North Carolina has been stored since the 1950s. Bidding is over $13,000 at this time with no reserve. It could easily be mistaken for a 1934 Ford 3 window and there’s a… more»

A Face To Remember: 1935 Hupmobile Model D

The mid 1930’s were a swinging good time with the art deco movement making paces, and streamline designs coming to the automobile. Although not quite streamlined, this 1935 Hupmobile Model D has a face like no other. Appearing somewhat… more»

Brass Era Driver: 1911 Hupmobile Roadster

Little is known about this Hupmobile, and little information is offered in the ebay listing. We suspect that this Roadster is based off of a 1911 Model 20. Looking to be an older restoration, this Hupmobile has a nice… more»

Streamlined: 1934 Hupmobile Aerodynamic

There have been very few Hupmobiles featured here on Barn Finds, so let’s change that. This one listed here on eBay is from the last years of the Hupmobiles. The styling by Raymond Loewy had several interesting features, including the 3 piece… more»

Hot Hup: 1928 Hupmobile

Hupmobiles were manufactured in Detroit by the Hupp Motor Car Company from 1909 to 1940 – not a bad run really, although they were just barely hanging on during the Depression years. But even as early as the late… more»