Not A Nickey: 1967 Chevrolet Camaro SS/RS 427

It puzzles me when a seller takes a car that should be desirable enough as-is and tries to turn it into something it isn’t. I’m going to let our Camaro experts call the details on this one, but it’s hard to argue that a 427/4-speed/solid 1967 Camaro isn’t a much wanted car. This one was produced originally in Los Angeles and is called a California barn find but is now located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It’s advertised here on eBay and is being offered with a buy it now of $36,000, but the seller is open to lower offers.

The seller spends most of the ad space talking about Nickey modified Camaros, but admits this probably isn’t one and they have no documentation saying it is. So I’m going to dispense with that association right away and focus on the fact that they state that the graphics are easily removable. When they do talk about the car itself, they mention some rust bubbles but don’t tell us anything about where they are or how extensive they are. The trunk floor requires replacing but a new one is included. It would be nice to see a picture of how extensive that rust is.

The seller does include plenty of pictures of the underside of the car. Nice new exhaust system, although I would have rather seen the exhaust brackets and associated welding painted after installation (and the sheet metal screws that were there to temporarily hold them in place removed and the holes plug welded as well). The seller states that this is a positraction rear end as well.

The interior is said to be “old school.”  Old bordello came to my mind, but it does appear to be in nice shape, so if it to your taste, great! The carpet is new, so that’s one replacement out of the way. The seller also says there’s no radio but they like listening to the 427 better anyway; I can totally get with that!

There’s been a lot of effort put into mechanical reconditioning, with a lot of new parts including new brakes with front discs, new tie rods, a new starter, new wheels and tires, a new 750 cfm Holley carburetor, new power steering, and new headers to go with that new exhaust. The engine has been tuned up and even the lifters have been replaced.  We’re also assured it doesn’t run hot as the radiator has been flushed and new hoses have been added. I think it’s pretty obvious that this car has been built to drive rather than show, and I’m fine with that. What do you folks think? Is this a deal?

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  1. Don

    Interior would have to go back to stock.

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    • Steve yorks

      I second that thought. That interior is a deal breaker.

    • St. Ramone de V8

      Yep. That interior is inferior. .. sorry, just had to. Front bumper should be there, too. Must be a blast to drive, though.

    • Adam T45 Staff

      For someone of my age, looking at the interior caused flashbacks to the inside of 1970’s discos!

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  2. redwagon

    i like my ponies with big motors. love the exterior color and the mt, not a fan of the interior.

    not sure who nickey was – nor do I care.

    • Don

      Go to Nickey chevrolet Wikipedia

      • 68 custom

        Nickey campaigned at the drag-strip alot and IF this car was a real Nickey modified car the price would be great even with a little rust.
        however seller states this is NOT a Nickey Camaro, factor in the rust and the fact that alot of the parts under-hood are not original and I say 36k is about all she is worth maybe less. first thing I would do is inspect the cowl area for rust which is hard to fix correctly.
        now days I would much rather this car be the stock Gold/gold color scheme and yes the interior is ugly!

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    • Pete W.

      If you’re truly interested in buying a classic, rat motor, Camaro, you’d care. Real Nickey Camaros command more dough than your everyday Camaro among the cognoscenti.

      As do Royal Bobcat Pontiacs, Yenko Chevys, and a couple more well known, Hi-po, dealers from days gone by.

    • olddavid

      Nickey and Z Frank were huge Chevy dealers in Chicagoland circa 1960. Nickey was like Baldwin in that he modified cars for sale.

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      • Jeff V

        Don Yenko will always be #1

  3. Doug

    It’s also on Craigslist in Orlando for the same price

  4. Jeff V

    Late great uncle Frank from east Ohio bought one new, had a friend that worked in a Chevy dealership back then. It was butternut yellow with a black vinyl roof & an automatic. As a kid I remember motor-head dad & him talking about it & I remember seeing the 427 badges, the raised-in-the-middle hood with fake hood vents, hood pins/lock. He came up to WI to pick me up for a trip out west one summer (’70?) in it. A ride I’ll take to the grave! In ’74 when I turned 16/got license I kicked the dog and beat-up my sis’s bf when I learned uncle Frank traded it in for the first year Mustang II (he was getting old) lol

  5. House of Hotrods

    No pic or mention of the cowl tag, which would tell us if it’s an original big block car, or even a real SS. 67 is the only year that info was coded on the firewall data plate. Having no trace of a traction bar aka peg leg leaves it all suspect. A fun car for sure but a non OG paint/color, non OG interior, non OG engine car would be tough to pull that price, and not so fun with monoleafs and a big block – lots of spring windup and axle tramp. At the right price, a guy or gal could fix the trunk add the peg or multis, run the p out of it without fear of grenading a numbers drivetrain and just enjoy it – but this isn’t that, to me anyhow. I’m building one currently and that’s exactly what I’m going to do with it. HOH

  6. Scott Tait

    Super fugly interior
    Love the exterior but not keen on the road race front end , as mentioned needs a front bumper
    The 427 is non origonal abd just because its been modified / refurbished doesn’t mean its going to be that quick
    Price of 36k ….bit of a stretch

  7. JW

    Nice car to take to cruise night and do vicious burnouts to impress your buddies but not before making a trip to the interior shop or they will laugh as well.

  8. Dolphin Member

    Lots of red flags here, if what you want is a real RS/SS 427 Camaro. If it were the real thing and “period correct” as claimed, then the velour interior, peel-off Nickey logos stuck on the doors, etc, are hard to figure.

    But….. If someone wanted a ’67 Camaro Coupe, a decent offer for the car below the $36K asking might be OK if it checks out as a good runner with the build that’s claimed for it, and no significant rust under those bubbles.

    The SCM Guide has ’67 Camaro V8 Coupes at a median auction sale price of $32,200, with significant added value depending on the V8 in the car. There could be enough value here if someone just wants a performance Camaro Coupe to drive. But then most real Camaro fans would want to change that interior, so knock off $X,000 for that.

  9. jwinters

    my pet peeve strikes again…super nice car with lots of goodies. then he puts those cheap old pep boys battery cable ends on it, and leaves exposed butt connectors hanging out.. :(

    • dan

      Fuel filter looks like the one on my snowblower

  10. Dave Wright

    That is a Tijuana interior for sure.

  11. Jeff V

    This ’67 is advertised locally, 396/402 9in rear 31500$ 67 Camaro
    $31,500 – Horicon, WI (53032)

    396/402 5spd 9in rear 5in steel cowl hood tubular front end coil overs, cal trac rear with adjustable shocks. Brand new everything in the interior,paint is 10 feet deep hugger orange and rally white stripes also cleared over, the rear is Minnie tubbed with a full back seat done very well as you can see in the pics. 15gal fuel cell holley pump. Super well done resto. Brand new billet wheels with a ton of room for bigger wheels.
    You gotta love pro street American muscle!

    • tugdoc

      Can anyone ID the steering wheel in this orange car?

    • olddavid

      That is a well made Pro Modified car. Nice work he should be proud of.

      • Jeff V

        Yeah, its close by me and if I hadn’t just picked up my 911/996 I would be tempted.

  12. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Listing has been removed. Maybe back to Tijuana to finish the resto.

    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      For some reason, I see it is posted again.

  13. Cubs win

    Love the interior. So retro and comfy looking. I think Camaros are the boringest cars in the world so anything to spice them up I welcome. I walk right past them at car shows because there are to many. Seen one and you’ve seen them all.

  14. Chris

    I’d have to agree with the masses butt ugly interior & it needs a front bumper but its a car you can work with. 36k is definitely a hefty price for something thats going to require some extensive body work down the road. With that said there is the ol saying their is a a$$ for every seat.

  15. James

    Unfortunately he thinks that $100 worth of stickers is going to get someone to fork over an extra $10k for that car. Lots wrong on that car and he has been flooding the Florida market with it for months.

  16. George

    where is the barn again?

  17. Ken Martin

    Having been a Z/28 owner, 77, and currently a 69, with the original DZ engine, this car is way overpriced. IMO, it’s not worth more than 15k, and that’s pushing it. With the amount of work it needs, inside, outside, and underneath, it’s at least another 15k in restoration. Would be nice to see the data plate. This car very possibly, was born a 6 cylinder. If it’s solid, other than the trunk pan, it would be a good start. Oh those seats! LOL!

  18. Larry

    The crooked SS emblems. That interior. This Nickey Camaro in disguise is an insult to all the other crooks trying to pass along countless better cloned COPO’s, Nickey, Baldwin, and Yenko cars to unsuspecting buyers. As the seller says, it “probably” isn’t a real Nickey car. Probably indeed.

    • Ken Martin

      Probably? Unless the seller is a total moron, he knows it’s real or not. He’s hoping, and praying that an “unsuspecting” person, with little, or no knowledge comes along, and pays him more than twice, what it’s worth.

  19. Tyler

    As previously mentioned, without the cowl tag info, no way of knowing how this Camaro was born, but the 5500 rpm redline tach came in the 350 & 325 hp 396 cars.

  20. Jack

    I would just take off the door sticker and drive it! Interior and all, I actually don’t see what everybody thinks is so nasty about this interior, I have seen a hell of a lot worse! The thing that stands out to me is the price, seems like an expensive driver at $36k.

  21. Pain

    How about a VIN NUMBER??? Car’s realistically worth right around $17,000 in today’s marketplace but at same time with out a VIN to research the history of the car” block and body VIN” its really just a bunch of hideous pictures and one mans dream to pay off his house or childs college tuition. Yours truly, Pain. Owner of.. “Mid Atlantic Camaro….”

    • Rocco in Florida

      I think the e-bay ad has a VIN listed.

  22. steve

    I never noticed the cover stamping on a 12 bolt like this one has, is that normal?

  23. John

    36K for a plane jane camaro with a big block 4spd and maybe a 50 yr old posi??
    AND Needs a new trunk floor installed, Needs a new interior, and body work.
    He’s dreaming.

  24. John

    36K for a camaro with a big block 4spd and maybe a 50 yr old posi??
    AND Needs a new trunk floor installed, Needs a new interior, and body work.
    He’s dreaming.
    RS/SS status needs to be researched,,,

  25. Tom Member

    pretty sure no one mentioned the Z28 hood on it.

    If it were an SS it would have the 2 center chrome Ice Cube trays/or the other style.

    All I know is that is a Z28 hood on an SS which is not possible. RS Z28 yes. SS Z28, 99% sure = no

    • Tyler

      The cowl induction hood was option ZL2 & came in the the 69 model year, originally optional for the big block SS & Pace Car replicas. A little later on for the Z/28’s. There were actually a lot more Z/28’s built with the flat hood than the cowl hood. It was in the 70’s that the hood really gained popularity & people went down to their local dealer, plopped down $195.00 & put them on every other first generation Camaro. From the late 70’s to the mid 80’s, I probably had 30 first gen Camaro’s, from 6 cylinder to Z/28’s, & it was always the first thing I did to one, sometimes before it was even running, lol! I still have 2 NOS cowl hoods in the boxes, plus one that I had on my 68 SS. Luckily, I kept the original hood for it over the years.

      I doubt this Camaro is a real Nickey car, but it very may well be an original big block 4 speed car. While not exactly rare, still desirable, but at about half this price in this condition.

  26. Dillin Crawley

    Would rather listen to the 427 than the radio anyway. Who’s with me?

  27. Ron

    Interior is awful. Not real excited about the color of the car either.

  28. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Smart people out there, not sold at the asking price of $36,000.

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