Not The Norm: 1969 Charger R/T Hemi

This could just be one of the most incredible finds we’ve come across in a while! This 1969 Charger R/T is a survivor with just 32k miles on the clock. Oh and it’s a 426 Hemi 2×4 car that was touched by Mr. Norm! If there is such a thing as the Holy Grail of Mopars, this just might be it! Just being a ’69 Charger R/T Hemi car makes it incredibly special and insanely valuable, add in that it’s a documented low mileage survivor that has ties to Mr. Norm and the value could be astronomical. You really need to have a look at this Charger here on eBay in Minneapolis, Minnesota with a current bid of $90k.

It’s covered in dust and has obviously been stored for the majority of it’s life, but the seller really doesn’t offer any of the car’s history. And why isn’t bidding higher? I know $90k isn’t a small amount of money, but I’ve seen other ’69 Hemi Chargers go for nearly twice this and those didn’t have this low of mileage or the connection to Mr. Norm. So what gives?

The engine looks to be in fantastic condition, but there’s no word on whether it runs or not. The seller also doesn’t say if Mr. Norm actually did any work to this car or if it just was sold at his dealership in Chicago. At least it has Norm’s signature on the underside of trunk lid. There appears to be a large stack of paperwork and magazine articles with the car, so it’s a bit strange that they didn’t provide more information about the car in their ad.

I’m going to guess this seller is looking to make a deal offline and is just using eBay for the marketing. I don’t necessarily blame them, but I have a feeling they would get a lot more interest in it if they had done a better job presenting it. It’s cool to see it with a thin layer of dust, but I want to see it cleaned up and looking it’s best. It’s a six figure car after all, so why not detail it and make it look like one? At the end of the day though, I would love to own this car or at the very least, experience it!

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  1. MorganW Morgan Winter Member

    Is that an aftermarket hood scoop? I don’t remember having seen one like that on a Mopar…

    • 86 Vette Convertible

      Plus the hood looks to have been cut. On the same theme, didn’t the Hemi’s come with the proper hood scoop in 69?

    • glen

      First thing I thought, it just doesn’t look right,but I’m not an expert.

    • Jack

      First thing I said when I saw this, I’ve never seen that kind of hood scoop on a Charger. Either it is very very rare or some boy racer add on.

  2. Greenteeth

    You call that dust? My tooth brush has more dust on it.

    That’s 1 day of sitting outside on a windy day.

    Not a barn find!

  3. john


  4. Les

    Mr. Norm’s Grand Spaulding Dodge, Chicago

  5. Luke Fitzgerald

    Yeah – don’t think I’d have the change to to fix it let alone buy the car – 100K + – wow

  6. Gunner

    I am at a loss for words….a top five dream car for this Mopar guy. Unmolested and Orginial…..rare when built………coveted by owners today…….

    • Tom Member

      Agreed….but what’s with that hood scoop? Not functional….does not seem to be factory…..could be Dealer Installed but Mr. Norm’s did some pretty bad ass stuff…..pretty sure a non functional crappy hood scoop was not one of them but I AM NOT AN EXPERT on Mopar’s OR Mr. Norm’s dealership options. I am from Chicago but I was 3 years old when this one got sold!

  7. Jeffro

    On a side note…Happy Bourbon Day.

    • KevinW

      I’ll drink to that Jeffro!


    I doubt Mr. Norm was lying on a creeper changing oil at the dealership. I’m from Chicago and remember his earliest ads in 1962 and 1963. A lot of hi-perm Dodges passed thru Grand Spaulding Dodge and most got trashed. Who would buy a 413 wedge or a 426 Hemi and baby it?..I guess a few did and here’s one.

    • Greenteeth

      I didn’t think the high perms came around until the ’80’s.


      • Joe Nose

        Different PSI in ’63.

  9. stillrunners lawrence Member

    It’s a semi resto….the under hood paint – geezzz….and that snag’ll tooth bumper bar on the front….

    • Brian Crowe

      weren’t all Dodges painted body colour under the hood and isn’t that front bumper original?

  10. stillrunners lawrence Member

    Oh….and you can find GSD repo stickers and dealer tail plates on ebay….oh…why didn’t I think of that….

    • F.A.G.

      Those front E-bay floor mats are actually worn out on the Charger emblem. Yep, a true survivor. LOL

    • Ram Rod

      Yes. I bought some off Mr.Norm himself at the Mopar Nats about 10yrs ago. Look stylin while there profilin on my v8 5spd dak.

  11. RoselandPete

    A car from when stylists knew what they were doing.

  12. Tom Member

    Mopar expert I am not…..CAN A MOPAR EXPERT PLEASE COMMENT ON THAT HOOD SCOOP ….. was that DEALER “Mr. Norm’s” INSTALL….?? not sure what that piece of literature……it is laid out to appear as “came with the car” but looks like something “Gateway” would produce to sell this car.

    I love super cool rare options and legit dealer stuff but that hood scoop looks terrible. Tape on from Auto Zone bad! Can’t believe this car would have something tacky like that on it.

    Too bad it is an automatic.

    Last comment and I will shut up… many ad’s …I kind of get the “dust” but do people not know what a vacuum is? Put something down to protect the carpet? sorry, just a pet peeve of mine with classics.. crap on the floor does not add to the “barn find look”….it just looks like crap on the floor and you don’t take very good care of your car. I’m done.

    • Ram Rod

      I’m fairly proficient on mopars. No that scoop was added. Highly doubt it is or was a Mr. Norm piece. His stuff was for pure function and power. If it didn’t make it faster it wouldn’t be on there.

      Looks like a jc whitney add on by some previous owner

      • JimmyZ

        That’s what I was thinking…somebody just decided they had to have a scoop.

    • Cary Dice

      Actually, automatics were the preferred way to go with most big block Mopars back in this era. Those Torqueflites were generally bullet proof and in the 1/4 mile only gave-up about 3 tenths to the 4-speed, usually due to lower gearing e.g. 3.23. But on the street on a straight line, they were just as fast and less hassle with no clutch to burn-up.

      • JimmyZ

        Yeah, I had a charger with a Torqueflite back in the day. A family member learned how to drive in it. One day she told me she’d learned how to do a burnout. We drive out to the quarter, and there are some fresh burns…she says, ‘watch”.

        Drops it into Reverse, backs up to about 10 miles an hour, slams it to D, and floors it. Needless to to say, the rubber she left was stupendous.

        It had survived her doing that multiple times. When I finally sold the thing, it was still running strong. Wish I’d never let it get away.

  13. John D.

    In 1984 I sold a base turbo 5 speed Chrysler Laser to a guy. I gave him $2500 for his trade, a 1969 Dodge Charger 500 with a Hemi automatic. He was apologetic because the white vinyl on the front buckets was new repop and the back seat was a little dingier original, so they didn’t quite match. So he left 2 carburetors in the trunk from another Hemi dual quad. Oh dang!

    Before I parked it in the back of our showroom, I took it to lunch. Returning to work, I turned the corner on Main Street, a biggish block from our dealership, so I promptly mashed the gas pedal. By the middle of the block where the local grocery store’s usually busy parking lot, had a driveway on to Main Street. Mercifully, when I went by a 60 MPH, there were no cars to dodge. I parked it in the back corner of our showroom to keep me out of trouble with it. I also found a box for the carbs and hid them in the parts room for 25 years.

    A month later,I sold it for $5000 to a local guy. He spun a main bearing, pulled the engine and covered the car with a tarp.

    That Fall/Winter, the average price of Hemi cars had their first jump to $15,000/$20,000.

    Ten years ago or so, I ran into him showing a SuperBee at the local Mopar Car Show. I asked him about the 500 and he told me the sad tale. He finally sold i a few years after he pulled the engine, probably doubling his money. We both decided we had sold it too soon.

    And that, is my 69 Hemi Charger experience.

  14. jwinters

    why does it seem there are more hemi mopars around today than there was back then.

    • LAB3

      For the same reason there’s more 427 Vettes registered now that where ever produced.

      • KEN TILLY Member

        Sounds like you are talking about Ford model A’s !

  15. Fred

    I remember a car very similar to this one being offered by RK Motors in Charlotte a while back. It’s a high-end musclecar and hot rod dealer. They had a ’69 Charger RT Hemi with Mr. Norm’s heritage, red with black stripes and vinyl top, and the dog dish hubcaps. From what I recall, the scoop was installed at the dealer.


    This car is the real deal, unfortunately I think it’s ugly. Never cared for vinyl roofs and those poverty caps are hideous. Automatic is boring and the scoop is not helping it’s case.
    Should get all the money though.

    • JimmyZ

      Yep, but when you mash it, that 426 makes it a whole lot less boring.

  17. Tilden

    100K car.
    Can’t afford a vacuum.

  18. 421HO

    With just 32K miles,The rear right sail panel is badly wrinkled? And new mufflers? Not sure on this one, we hope the new owner @95K plus will do his(her) homework.

  19. JimmyZ

    The bumper looks correct. The hood scoop, on the other hand, is not. At least not from what I recall.

    Still one amazing find.

  20. Paul & Jen A

    Who cares about the damn hood scoop! This Charger is nice!!! 😮

  21. John C Cargill

    I grew up not far from Grand Spaulding Dodge, had friends that bought cars there, and bought parts for my 58 Fury there. I never saw a scoop like that, I do know that when you bought a muscle car there, they would dyno tune it when it was delivered and you could watch.

  22. stillrunners lawrence Member

    Look at the fender tag…..and then look at that side fender apron – not the bumper – the bumper bar – or push bar – the left side…maybe that’s from pushing it around ? Hung on to a mint bumper with frame brackets and connector brace for the side to side for years – for less than chrome price $100.00 – think the scrap guy got it on my shop move….

  23. Car Nut Seattle

    Sweet looking 69 Charger. I’ve always liked the 69 Charger over the 68 Charger. With it’s divided grille, it reminds me of the General Lee used in the TV series the Dukes of Hazzard. It was among my favourite TV shows when I was a boy.

  24. ACZ

    Grand Spalding Dodge in Chicago. Located in the heart of the rust belt. Odds are that a fair percentage of the cars sold there were victims of terminal rust. Now part of a cheap Toyota.

  25. erikj

    Sad u r right ACZ. I,m sure many mr norms cars where lost to the rust factor. Not all of them though!!!

  26. KC Jones

    Sorry but I can only fathom a few American cars worth 6 figures and this is a far cry from that. Love them? Yes I do, but after dropping more than 100k I’d like a car that’s faster than a run of the mill Mustang I can buy off the Lot at Ford. Handling? Rotflmao…

  27. Bradley Clark

    While a terrific looking car, I feel a stirring , here, a car that runs on batteries will blow the doors off of it. See: Tesla P100D Ludicrous. Nonetheless, the Tesla will never have the sex appeal of a ’69 Charger Hemi. THe Charger will slowly move forward, while fogging mosquitoes with the wonderful smell of rubber burning . Do you want sexy, or enough torque to separate your retinas ?

    I’ll take the Tesla, thank you. Zero green house emissions. Install a solar array on top of your house, drive the Tesla for free, and get a rebate from your electric provider to boot.

  28. Pontiactivist

    That is a Ford hood scoop if my eyes aren’t decieving me.

  29. Dman

    Car has been repainted. The rad support should be painted black.

  30. bog

    I’m from Chicago, and read the “write-ups” on ebay . This car has a history of being used as a drag racer in Canada and the first or second owner (who can really tell), added that hood scoop or had it added. Likewise the “swiss-cheesing” of the front motor support and other bracing. Engine has been torn down 3, maybe 4 times and will need it again according to seller. Had been re-poed at least once. The drag racing explains the low mileage and physical condition to me. I’m also of an age that watched Mr. Norm’s various hotrods race at US 30 Drag Strip, likewise Union Grove, WI, and the old strip in Rockford. Hemi ‘Cudas, Coronets, Belvideres, etc. if you had the money, you could go racing. Lots of my buddies that survived Viet Nam bought these or 427 Chevy variants from Nickey (with the backwards K) Chevrolet. Both shops did not only all kinds of performance upgrades, but they would also do odd custom requests, so possibly Mr. Norm DID add that scoop. There was a dyno shop a block from my house where these monsters would get “massaged” even further. No noise rules back then !

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