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Not So Black And White: 1957 Corvette Fuelie


As much as I love black and white photography, I’m not a fan of this seller’s decision to only provide black and whites of the front of this Corvette. We can all tell that the car is in rough shape, so rather than offer black and whites that make it difficult to evaluate the car, just let us all see exactly what is going on with it. I guess when you asking $56k for a rough project, you do what you can. Fuel injected C1s are worth considerable money, but can this one really be worth this kind of money? Take a closer look at it here on craigslist in Lambertville, New Jersey. Special thanks to Olaf E for this tip.


I love the part of the ad where the seller states, “Bloomington Gold 57 FI Corvettes are selling for between $225,000 to $245,000”. Sure there have been a few ’57 Fuelies that have hit those numbers, but those were absolutely perfect and 283 horsepower cars with 4 speeds. This car is equipped with the 250 horsepower engine, which is worth quite a bit less. It does have a 4 speed, which does help the value some. Looking at current market values, even after a complete and costly restoration, I’m not sure it would be worth more than $150k.


The more I look this Corvette over, the more questions I have. The seller states that it had the quad headlights at some point, but looking at the photos it is the proper dual headlights. So then are the black and white photos from 50 years ago when it was put in storage? And why didn’t they post any current photos of the front end? They also state that the frame needs work, but again, no photos of that area are provided.


You don’t find early fuel injected Corvettes often, so I have no doubt there is someone out there that would love to get their hands on this one. And I imagine anyone willing to spend $56k on a project is going to want to check it out in person, but I think this seller would be wise to include a few more photos. Given the rarity, if this one is the real deal, it deserves to be saved. The question is, will the seller find a buyer for it? What do you think?


  1. whippeteer

    Is that a replacement front clip? There is no hole for the front turn signal, nor bumper mounts.

  2. RoughDiamond Member

    Too much of a mystery to try and solve. Seller’s reference to what others sold for is like comparing apples to oranges. If the frame needs work that could end up being a nightmare and hard on the finances.

  3. DRV

    That’s an Eckler front clip. Buy it for the motor if it checks out, and the serial numbers of the plate and frame. There is nothing else there.

  4. Jon

    It’s really sad when every body thinks they have gold for sale. ..really? Come on…..

  5. Wm Lawrence

    Looks like a 58-62 dash. No scoops on top of the front fenders. Probably a 58-60 that’s been wrecked.

  6. Dolphin Member

    The SCM Guide says the median auction price paid for a 1957 250 HP FI was $91,800, and the high price paid was $110K. .

    For the 283 HP FI cars the median paid was $124K and the high price paid was $175K.

    Assuming this is a genuine 250 HP FI car, it looks overpriced, especially since the Guide says prices paid for the 250 HP cars have dropped by 7% lately.

    OTOH, prices for the 283 HP cars have appreciated by 9% lately. If I wanted a ’57 FI car I would pass on this project and look for a decent 283 HP car instead. Pay more for it, but be ahead in the end plus driving sooner.

  7. Pete

    If it truely is a fuelie car. Then someone will buy it for sure and restore the car. Fuel Injected cars still command pretty high prices.

  8. Jeffro

    If you’re asking over 50k for a car, at least take LOTS of pictures.

  9. Jim

    I’m no corvette expert but if you had to pay to have this restored at a quality and experienced Corvette restoration shop I’d guess $100-$125k investment. I’d roll the dice on a car for $5,000 but $55k+ I’d want to do a lot of homework and spend a good few hours checking numbers and every inch. I hope someone doesn’t get sucked in cause it’s a fuelie and lose a fortune, it’s better for a guy who does his own work and wants a long term project. Just my thoughts.

  10. vetteson

    It’s a ’57 car with an after market nose. It’s also a wreck, and a typical needs-everything early ‘vette. $20,000 tops.

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