Not Used For Trails: 1985 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer

Relics of the early age of SUV’s spotted in junkyards and along city side streets, the first sport utility vehicles are considered classics now. Although who possibly could have thought that would be said someday, well that day is now and this 1985 Chevrolet S10 Blazer is a shining example of what museum quality off-roading looks like. This practically factory fresh Blazer is currently for sale¬†here on Craigslist in Chicago, Illinois for $4,500.

This Blazer is fitted with quite possibly the most beautiful combination of colors, the right amount of sport and ruggedness of its time! The red and grey bucket seats, red all around with rolled steel dash applique and “Euro” style steering wheel, and manual shift knob within view.

Not a whole lot of power or displacement, and most commonly, these Blazers were equipped with four cylinders and many optional six-cylinder engines. Both automatic and manual transmissions were optional, but realistically, which is more fun? Trick questions, period correct fun as to the driverless SUVs of today.

Recent automotive news revealed General Motors is bringing back the Blazer name, but it isn’t looking quite as people hoped. Nothing close to the original Blazer or even these S-10 based rigs. While this one might be 33 years old, it’s pretty close to being like brand new. So, would you rather have this like new S-10 Blazer or the upcoming version?

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  1. Miguel

    I wonder what happened to the original steering wheel and why it was changed.

    • Todd Priest

      I wonder if they had different options back then because I think the wheel in mine looed more like the S-10 pickup steering wheel. It was a four spoke type with the spokes at 2, 4,8, 10:00 position.

    • Blyndgesser

      That wheel is from an early-90s Lumina.

      • Miguel

        I was going to say it looks like a ’90s Cavalier wheel, but close enough.

      • W9BAG Member

        Not the original steering wheel, but, really, i don’t have a problem with it. It kinda fits the vehicle. Fatter than the factory wheel, which is a good thing, IMO.

  2. Jimmy

    It was not used for trails because there are none in the Chicago area except bike trails. I lived 1 1/2 hours west of Chicago and we used old abandoned gravel pits to off road and hill climb the walls until the cops ran us out. Nice looking Blazer but better inspect for hidden rust from Chicago’s salty streets.

  3. Doug

    The 2.8 V6 was okay for street use, but too weak for much off-roading, and with 126K on it, is probably pretty tired. As soon as the 4.3 became available, it was mandatory for the 4wd option, but that was several years after this vehicle was built.

    • Miguel

      3 years actually.

  4. Howard A

    I had a ’85 like this, only automatic. I really liked the truck, good size, great heater, went through the toughest Wis. winters, pulled my snowmobiles( barely), it’s biggest downfall was the 2.8. My ex-wife burned out 2 motors, and by then, it was pretty rusted. Hard to work on, but all in all, a great truck.

  5. Steve

    I have a red 89 4×4 s10 blazer sitting in my pasture for the past ten years. I traded a guy a TH400 trans and 2 new Cooper Cobra 275 60r 15 tires for it. Straight across. Only trouble is, no title, bill of sale only. The sad part is it has the most rust and dent free body of any of the “old stuff” I own. It had been wrecked at some point but has a nice blue and silver front clip now. The 4.3 v6 runs fine and drives. It is missing the front and rear bumpers for some reason. I keep thinking I will come across someone parting an S10 for the chassis to go under an old truck and pick up some stock bumpers, but nothing so far. (Funny thing is I bought an 82 s10 lwb “roller” for $200 for the same thing, and other than the engine and trans, the only thing missing are the bumpers! I forget the mileage on the odometer, but its under 100k, IIRC. I recently decided I needed to do something with it and put a set of near new mud terrain type tires on it I picked up off c list for $200. I plan to either use it as a deer lease truck or sell it to someone who will.IMO, it’s not worth the hassle or $$$ to get a bonded title for it.

    • BMW4RunninTundra Member

      Where are you located? In the state I live in, for something that old, all you need is a BoS and you can tag a vehicle. I’m sure Jesse and Josh would rather something like this go through the site but if anything where to ever come of it. A fee could be paid to the site. Just kicking it out there…………….

  6. Steve

    I had a buddy in high school that had one about the same year model. It was 2wd with the 2.8. After he had the 2.8 swapped for the second time, he sold it. It kept overheating in the Texas weather if he tried to run the ac, even after installing a whole new cooling system. Not sure if it was something unique to hos truck or all 2.8’s, but I avoided them like the plague after learning of his troubles.

  7. jimbo

    Nice to see one actually taken care of…..I had an ’83 with 2.8/Auto…what a dog!! No power, lousy gas mileage…but VERY reliable…..definitely need the 4.3 or a small block V-8 for some GIDDYUP!!

  8. Roy Grinnell

    I had a ’84 GMC S-15 Jimmy that I factory special ordered and kept for 12 years. It was a 4×4 with the 2.8L V6 and a 5 speed manual, 4.10 gears, two tone blue upper and middle sections and white lower section.
    It never ran quite right until I had the carb rebuilt, then it ran great, but still a bit low on power. I looked into a V8 swap but it was a lot of trouble for a vehicle we depended on daily. It also had a flaw in the hydraulic clutch design in having a plastic line from the master to the slave cylinder that ran past the exhaust pipe, so it would melt and blow out when you’d been climbing a grade and then stepped on the clutch. This was fixed with a replacement standard-type custom hydraulic line.
    We towed a 5000# travel trailer with it, giving it a good workout, but it was sllooww going up hills. I sure could have used the later 4.3L V6 and the 4 door body, but this version of the dashboard was the best one.
    I replaced it with a Suburban for our growing-up family and more camping.

  9. Wrong Way

    Very nice example! I would rather have this sitting in my garage than a new one any day! This one has meticulously maintained! Wished I could!

  10. stillrunners

    Nice body style and future – “why didn’t I buy these when they were cheap ” response.

  11. BuickGuy Member

    I always liked these growing up. My buddy had an 89 or 90 Tahoe edition. Black with digital dash. Was An awesome looking truck. I had the same steering wheel in my Cavalier Z24 but the bow tie was orange I believe.

  12. Steve

    You could easily “corner the market” on them if tou were inclined. They will always be cheap. You can still find these here in Texas for less than $5k. Not much following for them. People will post for sale or trade ads and specifically say “no s10’s”.

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