Nothing to Spend: 1956 Ford F-250 Pickup

For some people, the simple reality is that taking on a project build is not a viable proposition. If you are such a person, then this 1956 Ford F-250 ¾ Ton Pickup could be a vehicle that is right up your alley. This old Ford is ready to be driven and enjoyed, and the next owner won’t have to spend a cent on restoration work. The F-250 is located in Orange, California, and is listed for sale here on eBay. The owner has set a BIN of $35,000 for the Ford.

Don’t be fooled by the appearance, because the F-250 is as solid as they come. The appearance has been created by the owner to give the vehicle a suitably aged rat rod look. Below that, you have a solid and rust-free vehicle. The floors and frame are as solid and clean as you are ever likely to find, while the bed has received new timber. The steel wheels, whitewalls, and Mooney hubcaps add a nice touch, while the trim and chrome appear to be really nice.

Popping the hood reveals what is, to me, the highlight of the F-250. The 292ci Y-Block has been freshly rebuilt, as has the 4-speed manual transmission. You don’t get power assistance for the steering or brakes, but you do get an engine that is clean enough to eat off. The engine wears some nice touches of chrome, along with a set of headers that look like they have been ceramic-coated. This isn’t all about the looks though, as the owner claims that the F-250 runs and drives incredibly well. Once again, there’s nothing to do here for the next owner.

The interior of the F-250 wears a nice mix of fresh and new, combined with elements of age and character. All of the upholstered surfaces look to be brand new, as does the carpet. The addition of some aftermarket gauges is a pretty sensible move and allows the owner to monitor the health and wellbeing of the Y-Block. The interior also features a concealed stereo, so that you can enjoy your tunes if the one being sung by that beautiful engine isn’t enough for you. The only thing that I’m personally not sold on is the shifter and the grenade fitted to it. I mean, I don’t mind the appearance of the grenade, but I’m sure that I can think of more comfortable items to use than that. Also, because I’m not the tallest lad on the planet, having a shifter that reaches into my armpit holds no real attraction to me. I suspect that this might be one item that the next owner can tailor to their own personal tastes.

When it comes to collectible and classic American cars, there’s a pretty good chance that muscle cars are going to rule the roost for decades to come. Classic pickups have developed their own strong market, and this has a lot to do with their practicality, allied to their tough good looks. This F-250 meets those criteria, and the look that the owner has achieved is very much of the time. It might be that in a few years, this rat rod appearance is a trend that fades away. If that does happen, it isn’t the end of the world for a vehicle like this one. If it remains solid and rust-free, there is no reason why the appearance couldn’t be upgraded to be in-sync with whatever the prevailing trend happens to be at that time. Alternatively, a fresh coat of paint at any point would give the vehicle a classic look that will remain timeless. In the meantime, this F-250 is a vehicle that can be driven and enjoyed right now.


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  1. JOHN Member

    $35k? Seriously?

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  2. geomechs geomechs Member

    This is a nice truck although–wait for it–it needs to be PAINTED!!! You go to all the work to get it this far and stop? Sorry, but the paint is too far gone to leave it. A good single stage color in the same tone as it came from the factory won’t set you back a lot. The truck will thank you for that. $35K? Way beyond my budget but I wish the vendor luck…

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    • Eric

      Maybe you missed it- the owner MADE the paint look like this, it isn’t natural. “Faux-tina”. I hate everything about this practice. So, they actually went thru all that work, including doing fake patina. I actually love an original truck with natural, weathered patina, but HATE when they try and fake it like this. They went too far with it, it looks too beat. All the brown smearing looks like something I care not to elaborate on here lol. Once you factor in the price tag, this is hilariously stupid.

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      • geomechs geomechs Member

        I obviously DID miss that part. I noticed that for the first time back when American Chopper did the Caddyshack bike. Looks like a great deal of trouble to make it look old and weathered. For this unit they should’ve just left it…

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    • Dave

      East of the Mississippi River, you need paint. California, not so much. Not as many metal mice west of the Rockies.

  3. Jwinters

    “It might be that in a few years, this rat rod appearance is a trend that fades away. ”
    one can only hope

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  4. Kenbone

    Thistruck would be gorgeous with a paint job. 35 + paint too much. One of the prettiest fords ever made

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  5. bobhess bobhess Member

    Too much money, too little paint.

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  6. Tracy

    Nothing to do for the new owner? Huh? What about the crap paint? Sorry this ‘patina” crap is way over done. It’s a lazy way to not spend the money to finish the body! Sorry, you don’t get ALL the money for HALF the job.

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  7. Gaspumpchas

    Amen to Jwinter and Tracy. I really don’t get this patina crap. a little worn paint is nice but to this extent? NFW. I have been fighting rusty cars all my life and don’t like the look of something that’s rusted intentionally. I have see some Ratrods that weren’t fit to drive to the end of the driveway, and some with fanatastic craftsmanship. Leaving it in bare metal goes against my brain. This thing isn’t worth half of 35 large. Good luck to the new owner.

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    😲 3/4 ton but fugly😎

    • KevinLee

      What’s the second floor shift for?

      • geomechs geomechs Member

        Looks like the E-brake.

  9. James Martin

    Here we go again. These people need to quit watching fast and loud. 35000 for what? A 3/4 long bed and a Ford to boot. Ain’t going to happen at that price except maybe the fast and loud dude.

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  10. DonS

    Come on guys, read the ad. This truck is fully and newly painted. They chose to give the new paint a patina look. I am unsure about body work – hopefully they didn’t paint over rust. The gaps are really good, so I suspect they body worked it good. The painted on rust is a little random in my opinion. Looks like a strong truck. The ride might be a little rugged for my more modern tastes, but one can always switch to air-ride. As for the price…?

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  11. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    I just can’t see anywhere near $35,000 for this pickup. I’m with the majority here on the applied ratrod finish; that look is wearing thin. Paint it a nice two-tone color and then it’s done. I see maybe $15k – $17k after a nice paint job; $35,000 is just an unrealistic dream. Maybe you can get that in a few years (or more) from now.

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  12. bigdoc

    Too much money too little paint. Patina to me is the same as F’ed up.

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  13. lbpa18

    So glad to hear all of you say what you have. I thought I was the odd man out on this patina fad. I love the truck. At this point it will have to be painted anyway, so use some tasteful period colors and be proud of what you have. Grenade on a pole? Dont get that at all. Nice truck with a few changes required for me. Im not sure it would be marketable at $35K even if it had a nice (different) paint job and a stock shifter though. I wish the seller luck and the new owner a good time.

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  14. Dave

    The price is a little high, other than that, the “patina” is perfect. The original chassis is garbage and should have been replaced at this price point. A modern chassis and drivetrain would have made this the perfect rat rod. To hell with the haters!

    • Mike Cully

      I also own 1956 F250 it has a 272 V8 I completely restored truck I did change Transmissions I swapped it out for the Tremec 5-speed Overdrive made a great difference I love the 56 Ford trucks

  15. Barney Wilkins

    35K? I’m guessing the guy will own it for quit awhile

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  16. Tina Nopatina

    Could be a nice truck with a nice coat of paint !
    That man made patina look is about 8 years out of date now !
    Can’t believe so many workshops are so far behind the times !

  17. Joe Haska

    I have done about 5- F-100’s ,recently tried to help someone with an F-250, do some work and get parts. It is really a whole different truck and after market and used parts are very difficult to find. Owner says it needs nothing, so don’t worry!

  18. Chebby Staff

    Nothing to spend…..except ALL YOUR MONEY up front.

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  19. Mike

    All that money for the fake patina and they didn’t even put a fake service station logo on the doors with a letter/number phone #.

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  20. bone

    dump the white walls and paint it !

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