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Number 16: 1964 Plymouth Barracuda


The title of “first pony car” may belong to the Mustang, but some believe that it should have gone to the Barracuda because it entered production two weeks earlier than the iconic Ford. That may be true, but “fish car” just doesn’t have the same ring. Whichever camp you associate with, we think you will be able to appreciate this V8/4-speed equipped car.  It has been parked for 20 years so it needs work, but considering that it is the 16th Barracuda to have come off the production line, we think it is worth some consideration. Find it here on craigslist out of Goodyear, Arizona for $4,000. Thanks goes to P. Trout for the tip!


  1. Avatar photo Don Andreina

    A really stylish fastback. Love that rear glass. How hard is it to replace?

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    • Avatar photo paul

      Glass is glass the question isn’t how hard but how much $’s. I am sure that their are folks that like these.

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  2. Avatar photo George

    For some reason I thought the Barracuda didn’t get a V-8 until the Formula S came out in 66?

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    • Avatar photo Jesse Staff

      Good question George. You could get the 273 as an option in 1964. The Formula S package did come out in 1966 and it consisted of a upgraded Commando 273, tach, emblems, wheels, and heavy duty suspension. There is some question on our facebook page as to whether this is even a 1964 because of the badging. That would make it a better driving machine, but the early production number would be insignificant. What do you guys think?

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  3. Avatar photo Morey987

    Wait, is the guy who submitted this barracuda really named trout? Hah!

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  4. Avatar photo Morey987

    Seems fishy!

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  5. Avatar photo Alex Lowell

    I think the back glass for these runs around 1k. I almost bought a 65 charger (same car) a few months back. Motor was free but needed a rebuild, the rust was minimal and he wanted one thousand. It was a great deal, but I can’t bring myself to like this ungainly body style. AMC Marlin anyone?

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    • Avatar photo braktrcr

      Glass is available for these on ebay ranging from $125 to $500 and the Charger and Barracuda are NOT the same cars. Chargers are full size Cudas are the compact car of the day based on the Valiant

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    • Avatar photo Trevon

      I’ll let you know the next time i see a ’65 charger LOL. You might be waiting a while.

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  6. Avatar photo Robert J

    My brother had a ’65 Barracuda when we were growing up in Texas. He hopped up the engine and drove at fantastic speeds which was fun. The best thing about that car for him though was the fact that the rear seat folds down effectively making a bed that extends through the trunk. He kept a blanket in the back seat for when he went on dates. Enough said.

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    • Avatar photo Dolphin Member

      Interesting comment, RJ, but I’ll bet there’s more that could be said about various ways that people (guys, actually) have rigged ways to get some….relaxing space, lets call it……in their vehicles.

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  7. Avatar photo MultiMarque

    I used to have a ’65 Formula S clone. The only things it was missing was the badging and the proper tach. There was a trick using certain 318 parts in the 273 block and getting 275hp, but the details have gone fuzzy. It was a great car. This car has a ’65 front end – the best grill of the first series. The front valence is correct for a Baccaruda (as the advertising of the day called it to make it hip). I believe the production numbers were sequential to the entire plant production, so 16th off the line would include Valiants etc and not just Barracudas. The rear glass is not hard to find but the gasket and corner clips used to be impossible. I used my rear glass as an end table during the restoration. The hardest NOS part to source will be the chrome pieces between the rear glass and the trunk lid so make sure they aren’t too pitted.

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  8. Avatar photo Roger

    FYI. The 273 v8 was NOT an option in 1964. The formula S came out in 1965. Formula S model was equipped with the 273 ci in 235 hp commando 4 bbl 4 sp. how do I know?? I used to have one. I really regret selling it, just had too many projects at the time. However I do still have my first car. 1950 dodge coronet gyro matic dr. All original. Gave $125 for it in 1971.

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