Numbers Matching: 1971 Plymouth Roadrunner

Said to be highly original and still wearing many of the features it left the factory with, this 1971 Plymouth Road Runner has made its way from Florida to Colorado where it’s now offered for sale. The seller notes the numbers-matching engine and correct two-tone interior as highlights, and has listed the Road Runner here on craigslist for $13,500.

The graphics are faded but barely hanging on, and I’d be sorely tempted not to paint the exterior. The fenders look pretty solid, and the seller indicates rust issues are limited to the floor pans. The body seems too big for those wheels, but at least it doesn’t have a set of gaudy aftermarket rollers on it.

The listing says getting the numbers-matching 383 to fire up is the “…first goal.” Who’s first goal – the seller or the next owner? It’s an odd bit of syntax, but I guess they could be hoping to excite someone enough that they take on the project for the privilege of hearing that sweet 383 come back to life. The engine bay is OK – not great.

The interior sports a cool two-tone black-over-orange upholstery pattern, which the seller indicates is factory correct. What isn’t correct is the 4-speed manual, which the seller refers to as an in-period performance “upgrade.” Assuming an automatic was swapped out, I’d certainly allow it. Would you pay $13,500 to be the one that gets this Road Runner to fire once again?


  1. Del

    Non runner – floors gone

    Tranny conversion

    No fender tag break down

    Price to high

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    • Jeff440

      3 speed MANUAL was base…So could have swapped the 3 speed manual for the more popular 4 speed manual ! Hench no Pistol Grip,thats the 3 speed manual shifter handle !

      3 speed Manual base trans
      4 speed Manual
      3 speed Automatic was the highly sought after trans..faster shifting than the 3 and 4 speed ,quicker and bulletproof reliable /durable !

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  2. Gaspumpchas

    Goal is to get it running? Huh? get it running then put it for sale in running condition. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that you have a better chance of selling it if it runs. More pics needed. Once again, SMFH. Good luck to the new owner. caveat emptor.

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    How do you call this car numbers matching without the original transmission. Okay it has numbers matching engine that and the rear end but without born with tranny nor truely numbers matching.

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    • DonC

      Exactly! I’m reading & thinking, “uh…wait! Isn’t the tranny you first match numbers to?”

      So….question. If you’re redoing a Road Runner, is this a good car to part out to the other?

  4. Troy s

    Pretty much a well worn ‘bird with issues, not that bad compared to some of the cars that get featured here. One thing we are all sure of is the missing original air cleaner…that chrome open job sticks out like a sore thumb in a world of orange.,.and more orange.
    And we get more of it inside, cool orange enhanced seats, floors…that car must’ve been cop bait when it was newer, there’s no missing it from miles away.

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  5. Dave, Australia

    Nice compact sized car, not too bulky like the Road Runner. Amazing front grill these cars have, this car deserves to be back on the road

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    • Ramone

      Compact? Hardly. Not bulky like a Road Runner? It IS a Road Runner. Agree that these cars look good, and this one should return to the road. Priced a bit high, but it’s not a rusty pile, so maybe he’ll get it? 4-speed swap is a plus, I think, if done right.

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      • Jeff440

        Midsize,these were midsize cars…Cuda/Challenger were compact cars (Dart,Duster compact as well)

  6. Retired Stig

    Personally, I think the blue/black/orange driver seat is a high point, but the $19.95 air cleaner is close, just what the “purist” wants. Along with the “purist” transmission ‘upgrade’. You got to love the ads some of these flippers write. The looped heater core and rats nest of wiring may be easy fixes, or then again a dire warning. Either way, considering how low the value of these cars are relevant to their ’68-’70 siblings, l’d pass unless you have some huge love for this body style.

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    • TinCanSailor

      I love the looped heater hoses! Just think of the extra surface cooling area and the added liquid volume to keep the beast cool!

      Remember, in the late 60s, Smokey Yunick said NASCAR specified how big a fuel tank could be, but not how big the fuel line could be. He removed the 1/2-inch fuel line and replaced it with a 2-inch fuel line that was 11 feet long and held five gallons of gas. This guy is just following suit..

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    • Jeff440

      These are pretty much the same price of a 68 -70 Road Runner..

      $35,000 -$40,000 range for a decent driver and local car show but not concourse trailer queens 68-72 have same value nearly..73-74 are lower..

  7. Jonathan F

    Why is the steering wheel resting on the drivers seat? I guess that’s how bad the floors are to allow the seat up that far. Or they’re just setting in after yanking the carpet out.

    Bring money, then bring a lot more to sort this one out.

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  8. Steve R

    The column is unbolted from the dash housing, you can see that in the pictures from the Craigslist ad. It’s hard to figure a reason for doing that, unless they were trying to fix some sort of wiring issue and needed better access.

    Steve R

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  9. WaltL


  10. TimM

    Love the body style!! Lots of money for something not running!!

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  11. Del

    Looped heater hose because the heater core has rotted out.

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  12. Jeff440

    These cars came with a 3 speed manual not just the 4 speed manual we always see and hear about..Pistol Grip 4 speed..

    3 speed manual
    4 speed manual
    3 speed Automatic

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  13. Jeff440

    I owned a 72 400 4bbl Road Runner,these are beautiful handling and driving cars,even by todays standards they have performance ,handling and stop from 60 mph in under 120 feet not bad at all..

    My stock low compression regular gas 1972 400 4bbl with 3.23 gears,727 automatic ran 13.90’s in the 1/4 100% stock,even with old plugs with 40,000 miles..Bought from the original owner in 1979 with 88,000 miles not touched 1 tune up and oil changes every 3,000 miles.Even had Bias Ply tires lol ,good burn out and away she went..

    This was my 2nd 72 400 4bbl Road Runner,my buddy raced beside me to the same time lol..He bought my other 72 that was gold/tan not the orange/black like this one….I ran 13.92 he ran 13.88 ll same cars,same gears etc..

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  14. Eldorado213

    The car is SOLD!

  15. Bill

    One of the ugliest mopars ever built

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  16. John Oliveri

    I don’t know, 35,000 car all done,floors, bumpers trunk floor , engine rebuild, needs a trani, console w shifter, entire interior, I’m sure a headliner, rugs, front end, steering box, tires wheels, sounds like a 60,000 35,000 car, I’d keep moving

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    • Eldorado213

      You do know the car is sold right?

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