Q-Code 428! 1966 Ford Galaxie 500

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The Ford Galaxie 500 got a restyle on the outside and underneath for 1965, but it wasn’t until the following year that the Galaxie 500 7-Litre was introduced, sporting a new 428 engine under the hood for ’66.  Back in those good old days, you could walk into your local Ford dealer, plop down $3,621, and drive away with almost 350 horses under the hood. This 1966 Ford Galaxie 500 7-Litre here on eBay is still packing its original big block, so if you’ve been looking for a muscular project this one may fit the bill nicely.  The car is located in Cincinnati, Ohio, with the asking price set at $15,500.  There’s also the option to submit your best offer.

We don’t get a whole lot of information about the car’s whereabouts prior to the mid-nineties, but the seller tells us that the Ford was put into a garage in 1996, which it just recently emerged from.  The body is said to be in fair shape, a reasonable assessment it seems as you look around the exterior.  Up front, the passenger’s side fender has been replaced and the bumper is a bit bent, but overall it looks like a decent starting point and seems mostly complete outside.  Originally, the paint color was Springtime Yellow, but the body was painted black a long time ago.

Under the hood is the original 428 engine, which the seller got to running and thinks was gone through at some point.  He says it sounds healthy, but believes the motor will need to be given some more attention before the car goes back out on the road, although it is capable of driving around the parking lot.  Some good news is the transmission, a 4-Speed manual, which is shifting fine through all the gears.  The car is also equipped with power front disc brakes.

Much of the interior appears to still be intact, and although the dash is mangled and it looks like the front seats could use a good rebuild, maybe most of the rest could get by with just a thorough clean-up if the next owner just wants a driver.  There’s some heavy rust in the trunk, but we get half a dozen photos from underneath, including this one, and the seller says the floor pans and rockers are about as nice as you’ll find.  Things down below aren’t exactly charming to look at, but overall it does appear reasonably solid under there.  Is this the 7-Litre you’ve been waiting for to take to the next level?

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  1. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TNMember

    Plenty of needed work here. I always liked the 7-Litre model; it was attractively styled and equipped, kind of a gentleman’s muscle car look and feel. The 4-speed like this one has would be my choice. I’d go back to the period-correct Springtime Yellow, with whitewalls and the stock wheel covers. I hope someone restores it.

    Thanks Mike.

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    • RamoneMember

      I agree, Bob, it needs a lot. Certainly worth doing, though, if price doesn’t soar. I think those are stock wheel covers. That frame needs a good look at the back as it rises. Can’t tell from these pics, but looks good. I’d love to take it on, but it will price me out I’m sure.

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      • Norman K Wrensch

        I agree with the frame these were known to have a lot of frame rusting problems. I junked a nice looking 65 because the frame was trash from rust.

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      • Terry Shanahan

        I had a big block ’65. the body and interior was beautiful BUT the frame rusted thru.

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  2. CadmanlsMember

    Great looking car, the drivetrain is the jewelry. Had a 66 Bird back in the early 70’s with that wonderful engine. Of course the T-bird was an auto but it was a powerhouse. Those seats are identical and spent many miles in comfort, it did favor the stops for premium fuel. This needs to be restored , I don’t say that too often, but these are special.

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  3. ACZ

    A good friend of mine had one of these new. Haven’t seen him in decades. That car would fly!

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  4. BA

    I like it at 15,000 but a have to have at 10,000! It’s setup with everything but A/C but at that price point its hard to look at its mouth too closely you know like a gift horse lol!

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  5. 64 Bonneville

    A hard to find model especially with a 4 speed. Most all Galaxie XL bits will transfer to interior and trim, so shouldn’t be that difficult to restore the interior. Sheet metal may be another story though. Very few and far between on the 4 speed version. almost as good as a 401K that was started 50 years ago. I have seen one in Oklahoma, at a car show, along side a 1966 396 Caprice with a 4 speed. Was really surprised at the caprice.

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  6. Big C

    From the prices these are going for? This seems like a good deal. If the frame isn’t roached. And, it’s a runner!

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    • Heck DodsonMember

      Already sold and don’t doubt it. A 66 Galaxie 500 with 428 with a 4 speed at this price is very fair. Hope the buyer has no major rust issues on the frame. Good find

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  7. Maggy

    Sold 15500. At that price and a #’s car and a 4 speed big block running and lot driving was a steal! Hope she gets restored.

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  8. oldsquid

    Was it sold or pulled down to be posted later with the price raised? In this market that car would have been a steal at 15K……If I had seen that car come up anywhere closer to me for 20K CDN adjusted I’d have snapped it up. Great posting guys…….

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  9. Mike H.

    Wow, whoever got it has a lot of work ahead of them. But they will have a fantastic car when done!

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  10. Lathebiosas

    That was a real down to earth price for a great car. I’ve seen Jay Lenos, very cool.

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  11. Jost

    If that actually sold for 15k then someone got an amazing deal, 7 litre galaxies hard to fine, let alone with a speed. It’s nice to see a car that is actually worth restoring. Good find!

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  12. RichardinMaine

    Guy that was working on a construction project for my family showed up with one of these. Took us out for a spin; flooring it out of the parking lot threw me against the rear seat back. My old man, who had a well used 62 Sedan de Ville, was green with envy. Told my brother we were paying him too much if he could afford a car like that.

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