Ocra Yellow Barn Find: 1971 Alfa Romeo GTV 1750

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You might be expecting the worst when it comes to looking at a vintage Italian car with old-school Ohio plates still attached. A complete rust bucket, perhaps? Not here, as it seems like this 1971 Alfa Romeo GTV 1750 coupe has escaped with a mostly solid body and good floors despite what looks like a potentially risky storage arrangement. The seller is a regular spotter and seller of barn finds like this, so it’s of little surprise he found one that cleaned up incredibly well despite years of lousy storage. However, bummer alert: the engine doesn’t turn at the moment. Find it here on eBay where you can still see traces of its original Ocra Yellow paint job.

Bidding is currently at $15,100 but the reserve remains unmet. Now, Alfa Romeo GTVs have been hot for a while, but I hadn’t seen any real compelling bidding for one in this sort of condition as of late. That’s not the case here, as even with a potentially locked up engine, bidding is strong at the moment. I suppose it’s the feeling you get of seeing a car like this – an obvious barn find – and then seeing the next picture, realizing you’re bidding on one of the few cars to reside in a barn for years and still come out in decent condition. The rear window was smashed out, which makes you wonder what the story was leading up the GTV being neglected in a barn full of other Alfa projects for years.

The GTV looks great with its barn dust blown off of it, and the original Ohio plates tell a story about how long this one has been locked away. The respray is pretty crummy and clearly not to a high level; I still wonder what was happening that so many vintage sports car owners wanted their cars to be red as opposed to preserving amazing colors like Giallo Ocra Yellow. I mean, if you wanted a flashy paint job, does it get any better than bright yellow? Hopefully, the next owner will make it a priority to strip away this horrible burgundy red that looks like it was applied with a brush more commonly used for fence painting.

Despite the blown out rear glass, the interior remains in better shape than most barn find Alfas I’ve seen. The seats still looks reasonably supportive, and the dash isn’t cracked to hell. It almost looks like this was a fairly decent car before it was forgotten in a barn. It was last driven in 1989, so it’s not a big surprise that the engine is locked up, but one can still hope a few weeks with some Marvel Mystery Oil or diesel fuel soaking the cylinders might free it up. If the engine is matching numbers, it would definitely be worth doing for the hopes of maximizing your investment in such a desirable car.

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  1. bobhess bobhessMember

    It may be ugly now but having a relatively rust free chassis makes this a must for restoration. One of the better looking and driving cars of the era.

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  2. Christopher Gush

    Well, a close examination of the rockers illustrates filler, probably applied at the time of repaint and associated body work. This is a “project” in the true sense of the word requiring hundreds of hours and many new parts to recommission it. Valuable cars and high on the collectibility scale with a upward trend in values annually. Probably best to bring it back to a #1 car at this point to recover restoration expenses. The buyer will have to sit on it for a period to equal or exceed what he or she invested in it. Fortunately, parts are readily accessible and the mechanicals and electrical are not too complicates.

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    • Derek

      “The buyer will have to sit on it for a period…”

      …or they could just take it out regularly and thrash seven shades of snot out of it, as intended!

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  3. Martin Horrocks

    No such thing as matching numbers on an Alfa of this period, factory kept no records of engine numbers fitted. This car is fitted with 2000GTV rear lights and will be hiding rust in the sills as a minimum.. Other trim items are missing or changed, wheels are desirable. This is 1750 Mk2, bit less sought-after than Mk1.

    Everything is available, engine is the least of your problems, but the only way this makes sense is top quality rebuild in original colour and hope to find a bigger fool with a good BaT listing.

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  4. Marco

    I’ve never understood that whole business of wanting to re-paint an Alfa RED. They’re a dime a dozen and the original Ocra was such a great color on the GTV’s. Oh well. Hope this one gets back to its original color.

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  5. John

    The color matches that Murray lawn tractor perfectly. This may have been a redneck rally car at one time. Apparently wasn’t used as a dog house which is a plus, and I don’t see any rust in the trunk from beer cans! I love these cars. Buff it out and paint a rebel flag on the roof – now we talking!

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  6. Charles Sawka

    Numbers don’t matter. These particular engines are so forgiving and really easy to rebuild. Rust is going to be the big issue here.

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  7. t-bone BOB

    Ended: Jun 24, 2021
    Current bid:US $16,300.00
    [ 26 bids ]
    Reserve not met
    Item location:Cleveland, Ohio,

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