Off Duty Since 1989: 1967 Nissan Patrol


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This 1967 Nissan Patrol is relatively rare in the US, having only been imported from 1962 to 1969, despite the model being on sale from 1959 through 1980. Resembling a cross between a Toyota Land Cruiser and a Land Rover with a little Jeep thrown in, these hard-working off-road workhorses acquired quite a reputation for toughness. This one is located in Fort Valley, Georgia and is for sale here on craigslist for $1,750.


While the exhaust system doesn’t seem to have stood the test of time, the body shell looks pretty solid, and I like the seat arrangement in the back. The license plate indicates that this tough-looking 4WD was last on the road in 1989, when it’s owner is said to have died.


The removable hardtop is included with the sale, although it may be a little the worse for wear in the center of the roof. That front bumper with winch looks very substantial. One piece of trivia: despite being sold at US Datsun dealers, the Patrol was always badged as a Nissan. There’s a group of Patrol enthusiasts here on Facebook if you are interested in learning more about these machines.


I was surprised to see a bench seat rather than buckets, although it is a split bench (presumably one part will fold?) I’m not really sure what the items on the seat are; possibly extra doors?


The engine is a heavy-duty 3956 cc inline 6, much in the line of the Land Cruiser. With a stroke 1.1″ longer than the bore, it won’t be a high-revving engine, but I’m sure it has lots of torque to put through the three-speed manual transmission. I’d get this one back on the road first, and then maybe worry about cosmetics–or just enjoy it as-is. Do any of you have any experience with this unusual Japanese off-road 4X4?

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  1. Rick

    My neighbor had one in the late 60s, used it for hunting and he swore by it. Knew another guy that had one in the mid 70s and he liked his too, Didn’t realize that the 6 was almost 4 liter displacement, that’s a big 6.

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    • MikeG

      My Isuzu has a 4BD1 – 3.9L / 4 banger!!

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  2. Rich

    I love this! If I had room and an agreeable wife I’d be picking this up now.

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  3. JW

    That thing is awesome at a reasonable price.

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  4. 64 bonneville

    this is where the slogan “Jeep Tough” came from.

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  5. DREW V.

    This would be the near perfect”Bug Out” buggy or great to have around a secluded cabin in the woods. Short wheelbase would make it easy to get in and out of tight places. That plus the front winch would make retrieving a Deer, Elk, Moose or maybe even a bear carcass a lot easier… With the right tires,that torquey motor would make this a suitable tractor for plowing a garden, cutting hay etc etc

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  6. Al

    There’s one of these at a junkyard I go to. When I started going there nearly 20 years ago it was Very rusty, now it’s basically fallen apart. The front end is together but it’s basically scrap by now.

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  7. Jason Houston

    A few years ago my friend and I found one of these in the mountains above Palm Desert, CA. It’s hidden deep in the woods where we figured it had been sitting since the mid-60s. It’s an ugly medium blue, but appeared to be the original paint.

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  8. Matt Tritt

    That thing on the front seat is the rear door. These were pretty-much a copy of the Land Rover but with more power. These are arguably the best 4WD scout cars (which is what they were designed as) from the period, bar none. This one appears to be in amazingly good condition aside from the cosmetics and I’d buy it if it were just a wee bit closer to California. And yes; my wife would probably murder me in my sleep!

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  9. Chuck Foster Chuck F 55chevy

    You forgot to say thanks to Chuck F for this find, unless someone else submitted it also. And what’s the status of the MG TF wire wheel? No big hurry, just poking you LOL. This Nissan Jeep wannabe is pretty cool, I have yet to see one in person, people at a car show be like, a Patrol?? WMT? (Who Makes That?)

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    • Jamie Palmer JamieAuthor

      Hi, Chuck — I found this one indpendently, but I certainly appreciate you sending it in (I didn’t know you had). And yes, the TF wheel and I are still crossing paths. I’ll get there…eventually!! :-) Lots of traveling to the Midwest lately.

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  10. gearjam1

    These were sold locally “back in the day”… I remember my Dad test driving one, and us climbing an insane trail in it. (Parents were members of the local 4wd club, and had a Land Cruiser at the time.) He didn’t buy it, but to this day he talks about what a great off road vehicle the one we tested was…

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