Oh My! Modified 1969 Camaro

What the heck? It took me a bit to figure out what this car started out as, and I’m still not sure exactly what the modifier was trying to accomplish (or what substances were involved at the time). This former 1969 Chevrolet Camaro was brought to our attention by reader Frank M., and attention is one thing this car is going to receive. It’s located near South Bend, Indiana and is listed for sale here on craigslist, where the seller wants a rather optimistic $9,000 for this restyled Camaro.

I can recognize some but not all of the added on parts here, so right now consider yourselves in a contest. I am very curious to see who can identify the most parts that came off another car and what car they came from! Post your guesses in the comments. There are certainly some unusual design choices here, but rather than list them off I’ll let you folks fill in the blanks!

The seller tells us very, very little about the car, but since they list “headers” and you can see the dual exhaust, I suspect there’s some form of GM V8 under the hood. Looking at this view, “wow” is what comes to mind.

We don’t get any pictures of the engine, or underside, or trunk, or pretty much anything else apart from the wild bodywork. Some of it appears to be of pretty decent workmanship, it’s just the taste of the modifications I question. But hey, that’s me! You may love it! Let us know if you do!

Based on the interior choices, I’m guessing the modifications were done in the late 1970’s or early 1980’s, but if you happen to recognize what car those headlight clusters came from you may have a leg up on me dating the body filler application. Don’t you just love velour tufted panels? I do see what a decidedly non-stock shifter. The ad claims it’s an automatic, and you can just see one of the larger style brake pedals, so I think that’s correct. Would you pay the asking price? Knock a zero off?

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  1. Pat lamb

    It’s A Camaro that thinks it’s a grand prix

  2. irocrob

    Someone took a 1969 Camaro and destroyed it. Ugly in my eyes…

    • jk

      When it comes to taste in cars I am usually a live and let live kind of person but wow this is a disaster. You are correct, destroyed it.

      • DrinkinGasoline

        Yep…someone’s taste is all in their mouth. YUK !

  3. gotboost6

    Tail lights look like they came from a Pinto. Some of the other add on stuff looks like it came from JC Whitney catalog.

  4. Boss351

    Just strange! What’s up with the rear bumper?

  5. Rabbit

    Headlights look like Diplomat. Door handles are definitely AMC. Tail lights look like they cut down the originals & made their own lenses. Rear side louvers look like a Sapporo. For as sinfully ugly as they made this car, it looks like they at least did quality work.

  6. ShaunD

    Being an Englishman my knowledge of US cars is very limited, but those rear lights look like they came from a Pinto. As for the body modifications themselves? Hmm. That’s a no from me.

  7. flmikey

    …I just hope there’s not an original 302 or 396 under the hood…I’m gonna have nightmares about this one….

  8. edh

    Headlights from a 1977-78 Impala? AMC door handles. Modified grill from a Gran Prix?

    It’s hideous!

  9. dj

    Headlights are upside down 80’s Diplomat

  10. David H.

    I’ll guess 1977 Buick Regal for the headlights. Those quad headlight arrangements were very similar among several US cars in the late 70s, so hard to guess..maybe a Delta 88?

    I”m in the minority thinking that some of these changes were interesting, though obviously amateurish. First gen Camaros were a dime a dozen for a while.

  11. Fox Reynard

    My guess is the headlights are mid-eighties Pontiac Bonneville.

    Like 1
  12. 68 custom

    Now that is truly butt ugly, why not ruin a lesser car! :(
    I think the rear windows come from a Laguna S-3, the rear spoiler a modified Pontiac? the split rear bumper looks awful, rear view makes it look like a Maverick. YUCK!

  13. Howard A Member

    Oh boy, here come the “Colorado” and “Beer/weekend” jokes.

  14. MikeG

    Cheech & Chong called and they’d like their car back!

  15. michael streuly

    Ugly yes. 9k no.

  16. M/K

    It kind of looks like an aspen from the side

  17. TopJimmy5150

    Kill it with fire.

    • dgrass

      I don’t think fire is powerful enough to defeat such an adversary!

  18. Al

    How much will the disperser (seller (sic)) willing to pay me to take this Grand AmaroPrix away. It should be mounted in the Mariana Trench (Eastern Pacific).

  19. Den

    I do not like to say anything negative or criticize someone’s property, (Please god, forgive me)……but this is truly a disaster ; an accident or a catastrophe, that cause great damage to a good car. How could you possibly put this much time into it knowing what the outcome would be. I’m gone to bid on it, buy it and crush it.

  20. Anders


    • grant

      This is definitely an argument for it.

  21. Rod

    That is ugly!!!! I don’t understand why someone would take a nice car and destroy it.
    Won’t bother trying to figure out what parts are in it as I personally find it unbearable to look at.

  22. johnd

    I love that they spent countless hours trying to make it look like anything but what it was . .. and then put a big banner on the windshield: “CAMARO”

  23. James

    1974-5 Mercury Cougar grille
    Pinto taillights
    1975 Pontiac Lemans rear window louvers
    Dodge Challenger door handles
    Corvette “Greenwood” spoiler
    1979 Buick Riviera headlights
    Liberace couch interior
    Steering wheel from the SS Minnow.

    • Den

      They are not Challenger door handles ! Close, but not correct.

      • Rabbit

        Nope. They’re AMC……and they’re backwards.

  24. Andy

    Put the tools down and back away slowly.

    Just wrong … so very, very wrong.

  25. Alex


  26. Scot Douglas

    I was born and raised in South Bend, Indiana.

    Par for the course.

    • Howard A Member

      Now Scot, let’s not rope all the “Hoosier’s” in on this. Some great things came out of South Bend,,,this, sadly, may not be one of them.

    • Tom Cotrel

      Brooks Stevens and Raymond Loews this seller ain’t.

  27. James

    It’s funny how they tried so hard to make it NOT look like a Camaro, then they plaster a “CAMARO” sticker across the windshield.

  28. Coventrycat

    Clearly he was trying for a more European look, the only one in his circle of friends without a mullet and baseball cap.

  29. Don

    I need a drink after that one 🚫🎳👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  30. RCFlyer52

    I wonder what that Camaro could have done to him that would make him want to abuse it like that.

  31. Dirty Dingus McGee

    This is your brain on drugs.

    • dgrass

      This looks more like huffing paint, or eating lead paint chips to me.

    • Marty Member

      The guy who built it wasn’t nearly as think as you drunk he was.

      The headlights look like 1976 Buick LeSabre.

      The text of the CL ad may be the most inept description of a vehicle in automotive advertising history.

      Try and see the bright side of things. The underbody and frame of this car are probably rust free. Because who would risk being seen driving it?

      A few Classic Industries and Year One catalogs, and twenty thousand dollars and this could be a very respectable car again.

  32. Steve

    I see some resemblance to a 60’s Mustang.

    • grant

      Don’t drag an innocent Mustang into this.

  33. Don

    Think of the cars he destroyed to make that thing💣

  34. Fred w

    This could end up being responsible for a new era of prohibition.

  35. Rob

    Another reason why we don’t allow Homer Simpson to design cars.

    • Howard A Member

      “Simpson, eh?”

      • Keith

        He’s one of your employees in Sector 7G

  36. healeydays

    As long as they haven’t done a lot of cutting, it can be brought back to the 69 Camaro that we all love.

    • Marty

      The price is much to high to do all that work not to mention most creations like this are hiding rust.

  37. Don

    Anyone remember the old Johny Cash song ,,,built it one peace at a time ?

  38. ags290

    And this boys and girls, is the reason why we took lead out of paint.

  39. matt

    Doesn’t the roof look wire it’s doesn’t look camaro it’s has kind of a humpback whale look

    • matt

      Wierd not wire

    • Marty

      He gave it the undesirable 2+2 look.

  40. Bryan

    Here are some additional photos. Owner says it will be sold tomorrow morning to someone for $8k and indicated that unless someone else comes today offering more might be accepted.

    • Mlaw

      Better sell it now, can’t be that many fools around

  41. Chebby

    I can’t place the grille, but I’m gonna say the headlights are Cadillac Seville, the taillights are the stock ’69 Camaro lights with one panel filled in, and the bumper is also stock, just cut to create a split bumper. The taillights are a head scratcher because 2 panels instead of three is how Chevy distinguished the low-end cars like Biscaynes from the high-end Impalas. This guy worked hard to make his car look cheap.

  42. Bryan

    Another pic.

  43. Bryan

    Another pic

  44. Bryan

    Last pic.

  45. waldon herdman

    AMC Jeep Eagle headlights? Jeep Eagle door pulls?

  46. SeanG

    You have to figure it was a late 70s early 80s build, which can mean only one thing.

    As Rick James would say “Cocaine is a he’ll of a drug”

  47. Anthony

    You all are getting it wrong he wants to pay someone 9000 to make it disapper

  48. Johnathan lee

    Flat out terrible

  49. terry

    Customized by Stevie Wonder. Car has provenance.

  50. half cab

    A mind is a terrible thang to waste and so is a ’69 camaro

  51. Will

    That thing is HIDEOUS. Here’s the saved ad so it can be viewed forever http://www.craigslistadsaver.com/view.php?name=Ugly69Camaro

  52. JagManBill

    can’t be late 70’s GM or the Diplomat as all of them were flat-nosed and the headlights are designed for a “peaked” center – see the exposed chrome allowing for the angled install? Door handles are AMC. Side “vents” are Colonnade; grill looks like a cut-down 70 Continental MkIII; front/rear bumpers are stock just cut. I can’t imagine this person spending the bucks for a pair of Stingray blades… tail lights are stock with the inboard section removed;
    is it just me or does the rear roof line look altered as well?

    • matt

      That’s what I thought the drivers side photo makes that roof line look like it’s humped up maybe an optical illusion because the rest is hideous?

    • Marty Member

      This 1976 LeSabre begs to differ.

      • JRATT1956

        The 78 and 79 LeSabre has the straight hood lines to mach the mod, not the angle that the 76 has..

  53. Rich

    headlights look look like 1980 Monte Carlo

  54. Paul Gray

    Some people shouldn’t own tools. This is the ugliest camaro I’ve ever seen.

  55. Ed Williams

    You guys can hang me but I kinda like the front end design regardless of the model or make. So it’s a Camero?

  56. C Brand

    Stoners and torches DO NOT MIX !!!!! WTH ??? WHY ??? I need a drink or two

  57. John C Cargill

    Monumental lack of any taste.

  58. Don

    The moor ya drinks da better it’s looks 🍺🍹🍷🍸🍻

  59. Steve H

    Mein gott in himmel!


    It may be ugly. But it is custom!

  61. That Guy

    I’m thinking it’s the prototype for a Zimmer model which, thankfully, was never made. The Zimero?

  62. LD

    That may have been submitted
    by Frank M. but I’d say it was built by
    Frank N of the Stein family…

  63. Tom Cotrel

    I am ok with the front end, AMC paddles and rear. The rear windows need to return to stock and the rest of the car has to be mightily cleaned up and retrofitted with OEM interior parts. Interesting build. It would be more interesting at $2000, though.

  64. George

    I remember seeing this in an 80’s car magazine (one of the field shots)

  65. Steve

    It looks like a Buick Riviara butt phucked an AMX……. what a nasty live child

  66. Bruce

    When I first saw this I thought it looked like another GM product, the Holden Statesman from the early 1980s.

    Like 2
  67. JRATT1956

    Before I knew it was a 1969 Camaro, I was thinking 1978 buick lesabre. I think the top grill lines up very close. Good thing this bastard could be changed back to the original, that is what I would do with it. What was the guy smoking???

  68. steve

    I’ve slept with worse.

    Like 1
  69. Wuerstchen

    Reminds me of a Felber-modified Detroit product.


    • JRATT1956

      Those cars look 1000% better than this turd.

  70. MorganW Morgan Winter Member

    Several comments about “Pinto tail lights”; they’re not…and by the way, this thing sure is ugly!

  71. Don

    It is an attention getter
    If you want to stand out in a crowd this is it

  72. Pete

    I just threw up in my mouth a lil. This is a disco era customization. My dad has an awesome set of tools man. We could totally customize this ride and it would be bitchin cool. I can hear it now. The person who paid to have this done was a Player with really poor taste and probably wrecked this car prior to having all this done to it. At the time it probably cost less to do the body work because of the cost of the original parts. Ya gotta remember this was the hey day of Chuck Barris customs and them funny cars and the like. Remember the Munsters show and their ride? Button tuck was the thing man. It was Groovy and outta sight all at the same time. A classic example of just because ya could, doesn’t mean ya should.

  73. Ernie the Dancing Weasel

    This is why you should have to submit to drug testing in order to buy Bondo…

  74. Cubs win

    Now I usually walk right past gen 1 Camaros at car shows, boring, but I would stop to look at this one.

  75. John

    Rather like putting a tattoo on a beautiful young woman. It’s hard to “improve” on the original design.

  76. Tyler

    Actually, I don’t hate it. While not to my taste, I give credit to the builder & what he was trying to accomplish. Some people hammer on the builder because he did it to a 69 Camaro, but Dean Jeffries gets a pass for a 66 GTO building the Monkeemobile. Or what about George Barris using a one of a kind Lincoln Futura concept car to build the Batmobile? I don’t even wanna talk about all the Chargers turned into General Lees, or 68 Mustangs turned into “Eleanor” clones. The builder of this car is a far better body man than I could hope to be, & deserves some props for his vision & skills, not the ridicule he’s catching.

    At least that’s my opinion…

    • glen

      You make a valid point. I prefer seeing a car restored to original, but if it’s rough example of a basic model, let creativity shine! I don’t like how this turned out, but, to each his own.

  77. Neil G.

    Chip Foose said “PLEASE do not apply”

  78. Paul

    I heard the designer got the lead design job for Nissan, he is responsible for all of there beautiful styling ” he also is the one behind the stunning Nissan Cube”

  79. Car Guy


  80. mars2878

    I don’t recall where, but I’ve seen this car before. ebay, craigslist, magazine? def in the last couple of years. its such a unique look, cant believe that there might be 2 out there that look similar. its bothering me now that I cant remember.

  81. Keith

    Superfly wants his missing Camaro back.

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