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Old Barn Patina: 1949 Ford Custom Coupe

'49 Ford

In 1948 Ford introduced a newly designed car at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City. The new car was so successful that Ford produced 1,118,740 passenger cars for the ’49 model year alone! But how many of these classy looking cars can be left? This 1949 Ford Custom Coupe is listed here on craigslist and parked in Pulaski, Tennessee and is priced at $5,900. What is next to the ’49?  That’s another Chrysler Labaron Town & Country Mark Cross Edition we featured here early this month.

'49 Ford front seat

The owner states that there are just 50,000 original miles on the car.It looks like it has seen more than 50k miles to use, but perhaps the seller has paperwork to prove it!

'49 Ford left side

The body is said to be in great shape with no dents. There is a 239 V-8 under the hood with the original 6 volt system and an automatic transmission. No statement is given on the engine’s condition, let’s just hope it’s turns over.

'49 Ford backseat

The owner says the car is in excellent condition and has all the paperwork from new. We hope the model car comes with it, it would give you some inspiration on how it should look!

'49 Ford right side

The owner says you may want to paint this car. The owner calls this an “old barn patina”. There is no mention if this car is in running condition other then the “excellent condition” comment.  We don’t know if this is a driver now or not. It maybe, to find out please contact the owner if you are interested. Just be sure to let us know what you find out!




  1. Cassidy

    That interior looks like someone left the window down for a couple of winters! I love this model of Ford, my Grandfather had a 1950 that he gave to a cousin in the late ’60’s or early 70’s. It didn’t survive, as far as I know. My Classic Garage just ran an article about affordable cars that’s won’t break the bank from the ’50’s and this is one of the models they profiled:


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  2. Woodie Man

    Maybe THATS Jon Voights car. Love the shoebox Fords…if its original its had a hard life

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    • DENIS

      NOPE, Woodie, George Costanza got his on Seinfeld…lol
      I love these old 49/50 fords..have owned 3 dozen+ . Would be a player at $3-3500 home, as body looks solid n straight. Would either install Buick nailhead or J-2 Olds and attempt to grow my ducktail back.

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  3. stp

    Ad says manual transmission. The three pedals had me wondering…

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  4. erikj

    It don’t look that bad. And the 50,000 miles could be true. I like this and its original. your pants would look the same as the seats in this car if you where this old and did not get out much . LOL just sayin.

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  5. Vince Habel

    There was no automatic in 49.

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    • Bob

      Automatic transmission came out in a 1939 Oldsmobile

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  6. Ceezy

    No mention of rust, so if there really is no rot, I’d say freshen up the interior and get it running and drive as is. I love the “old barn patina”.

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  7. Charles H.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but did Ford even offer an automatic transmission on those cars?

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  8. Peter R. Member

    1951 was the first year for Ford automatic…

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  9. Fred

    Finally, one that’s near me and realistically priced- and the wife has me on car restriction.

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  10. piper62j

    My very first car was a 51 Ford custom… Flat head v8 that would never start if it was raining.. The front king pins were worn and if you went over 40mph, the front end would shimmy so bad, you had to hit the brakes and slow down to 20 to stop it..
    Paid $30 for it and sold it after a paint job for $50…
    Those were the days.. LOL

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  11. Anthony Anthony

    This was exactly like my first car in Charleston High School. I loved the ride. If only I had the $ now. It would be mine…

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  12. Jim Marshall

    I’m a member of the face book shoe box ford page and these cars are very hot right now, especially these coups. It’s amazing how many of them survived and are being restored. I’d say this is worth a shot for anyone who has shoe box fever. My first car was a 51 exactly like this.

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  13. geomechs geomechs Member

    The original shoebox. Absolutely love it!

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  14. Jim Norman

    I absolutely LOVE Fords of this generation (49-51). The first car my parents bought new — and the one I learned to drive on — was a ’50 Tudor V-8 manual with overdrive. That car ran well into the 1960s before it was sold, and replaced with a ’51 convertible just like Jim Marshall’s, except it was a copper-toned brown color. It was an automatic. The ’51 was a gift to my parents from an aunt who replaced it with some nondescript GM product; I honestly do not remember what! I loved both of the Fords. By the way, the price of the new 1950 Tudor was $1,600, as I recall. It was a stretch for my parents.

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  15. Mark S

    I like these early 50’s fords they had a nice sleek shape to them and with the flat head V8 I imagine they were pretty lively to drive. I’m still however more of a Chrysler Dodge fan of the same era. ( 46 to 55 )

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  16. brucrcolbert

    My first car. paid 90$. sold for 90$. got a 62 Chevy Impala hardtop for 1200$.

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  17. Duffy

    Nice vehicle to much money. Drop the price down a little.

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  18. Leman

    My first car was just like this only Black over Tomato Soup red stick shift with overdrive paid $195.00 $20.00 down & $10.00 per month drove it for 3 years very good car.

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