Olympic Gold 350 V8: 1969 Chevrolet Camaro

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UPDATE 03/25/2023: It sometimes takes more than one attempt for an owner to sell a classic car. That appears to be the case with this 1969 Chevrolet Camaro. The seller canceled the previous listing, indicating the vehicle was no longer available. However, the sale may have fallen through because it has reappeared here on eBay. The details remain the same, with the bidding sitting at $22,322

02/22/2023: The first-generation Chevy Camaro was built from 1967-69 and was the only new competitor that could put a serious dent in the sales of the Ford Mustang. The 1969 model year enjoyed an extended run to 15 months as the second-gen Camaro was delayed in getting ready for market. This ’69 Camaro coupe looks in beautiful condition (original?) and is available in Lumberton, North Carolina, and via a dealer here on eBay.

I’ve always found the ’69 Camaro to be the best-looking of the first three years. Chevy got it right with their adjustments to the curvature of the sheet metal for this edition, which saw more than 243,000 copies built (compared to the Mustang’s 300,000 units). While the SS and Z28 models would be pretty popular, the ordinary Camaro could also be reasonably potent and nicely trimmed. The seller’s car sports the L65 350 cubic inch “Turbo-Fire” V8, which would have been good for 250 hp. I had the same motor in my 1970 Nova, and it had plenty of get-up-and-go.

Because the seller is a dealer, the history of this Chevy is limited. At 87,000 miles, we’re told it runs and drives excellent, but no mention is made of any work, although the upper radiator hose looks newer. The condition of the engine compartment jives with the mileage, while the exterior and what little we see of the interior suggest it may have been refreshed cosmetically. The car sports an entirely new set of Rally wheels and tires (with the rears looking wider than the fronts, providing a cool stance).

The options list didn’t get too many boxes checked. The Camaro has power steering but manual brakes. No factory air conditioning. It has an automatic transmission (column-shifted), but is it a 2-speed Powerglide or a TH-350? Two-tone paint was an extra which includes treatment around the rear taillights (factory?). A small rear spoiler was also bolted on. The Olympic Gold paint presents quite well, but is it too nice not to be a redo? All-in-all, this is a tidy Camaro for which the seller promises a video but has yet to have added it to the listing.

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  1. Doone

    This may sound dumb, but the position that the shift lever is in tells me it is a power glide. Anyone else think so?

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    • Maggy

      Because it looks more to the left? That could be, good eye.Now I’m curious.

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      • Doone

        Yep, all the way to the left.

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    • Ken

      Yes there may be a place for the column shifter but not on a 1969 Camaro.
      The car has to have a console shifter whether automatic or manual.

      The auction price right now is $32,000 US currency. WAY TOO MUCH $ for that Camaro and it may even have single exhaust because I couldn’t see any.

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  2. GuernseyPagoda

    Love everything about it, except for the painted rear valance. I love originality, and I don’t care if that was originally how it looked. I don’t like it, but I think that it is supposed to be Olympic Gold too?

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  3. Al camino

    I like the deep dish wheels,corvette wheels so much better than the skinny ones it makes the appearance so much better

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  4. JoeNYWF64

    IMO, column shift only makes sense with the optional strato bench seat.
    I would say am radio,power steering,manual drums, no a/c, & no p/w was a very common popular combo back then – to keep the price down. Try that on today’s camaro.
    I bet this car originally had wheelcovers.

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    • Richard McBride

      Your on it . Honey comb hubcaps most likely 14″ rims

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    • Ken

      The car has bucket seats and a perfect spot for the console shifter.!

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  5. Maggy

    I hate vinyl tops due to rust but I must say the combo this car has looks sharp.Nice car.

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    • Doone

      Google ‘original 1969 camaro interior with powerglide column shifter’ then click images

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    • JC

      It doesn’t look like vinyl in the ebay listing. I think its painted white based on the reflection in the picture. Definitely NOT original.

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  6. Melton Mooney

    I owned a white over gold 69 rs/ss once…for about 2 hours. Didn’t even make it home before getting an offer I couldn’t refuse. I had big plans for that car too. Oh well…que sera sera.

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  7. Shuttle Guy Shuttle GuyMember

    Absolutely Stunning! Love the color combo. I’ve never seen it before on a Camaro. The deep dish factory style rims really make it!

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  8. Dwcisme

    It’s a nice colour combo. I’ve never been a fan of fan of vinyl roof treatments on sporty cars but this works. Rear tires are a bit too big. There is overspray on the hood bumper shown on the drivers fender as well as on the rubber by the door striker plate. Careless since someone went to lot of trouble to not get paint on the hood spring and fender bolts.

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  9. James Bishop

    The reason why the wheels look so great on this 1969 Camaro is because they are Corvette Rally wheels 15×8 in rear 15×7 in front and 1967 center caps on all 4 wheels. A different look that makes some difference and the tire size is probably 255 or 275 in rear and 235 in front . More than likely a plain jane 69 with little options and low average miles .

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  10. Comet

    Too bad more early Camaro’s weren’t born with that color. It’s stunning!

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  11. Brad chipman

    Price seems reasonable

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  12. John W Kriegshauser

    this car has a factory white painted roof and the tailamp panel shoud be gold.

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  13. Richard McBride

    Nice if under 30k

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  14. Robert Levins

    I wouldn’t buy a car without A/C. One big reason is that in humid climates or especially rainy climates you need the a/c compressor and evaporator to get the moisture out and clear up the windows. Unless there is compelling evidence to not have it other than a lower price and/or more power, I’d have to really think about NOT having a/c. Other than that, this 1969 Camaro looks terrific, and I hope it goes to a good home, at a reasonable price. Nice article.

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    • Carter

      facts, you cant have that and live in southern utah at the same time lol

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  15. steve

    65/50 was a factory two tone combo, but the Dover white (50) would not be on the rear panel. The factory painted the roof to the same lines as if a vinyl roof had been applied.

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  16. steve


    The base transmission for Super Sports with the base engine was a Saginaw three-speed manual. A Borg-Warner heavy-duty three-speed manual was an option on small-block cars and required on big-block cars. The base transmission would’ve arrived with a column-mounted shifter if a floor shift wasn’t ordered.

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  17. JoeNYWF64

    I surprised no one noticed the ’68 ONLY!! BIG stainless(?) belt trim on this ’69 just below the side glass! I’m surprised it fits here because the doors & qtr panels on the ’69 are different from the 2 prior yrs. Was this 1 of the 1st ’69s & the factory had ’68 trim leftover, or did the dealer or someone else install them? Or a fatory mistake? That should have been offered in ’69 too. Probably also fits a ’67 with some drilling.
    The trim I believe is mentioned in here
    Code Z21 – “Bright belt moldings(68) ”
    Has anyone here ever seen a ’69 with that ’68 trim? I can’t even find any pics in google of another car, let alone magazine ads with the trim.
    I just hope this car doesn’t wind up being LS-ted.

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  18. Craig Baloga Craig Baloga

    Beautiful! This trim combination really works, I love it!


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