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On Second Thought: 1978 Lincoln Continental Mark V


I was thinking there might be someone curious about the Mark V parked next to the Buick I recently wrote up. This is another car in dry, Eastern California that might be worth saving or for parts. This Lincoln was last licensed in 2008. There may be rust under the vinyl landau but otherwise it appears to have only surface rust. It even has the original wheels and appears mostly complete. It was probably left parked on a ranch somewhere. Could it be worth $900?


There’s no information beyond “it runs good” and 89,000 miles. The seller is down to $900 now. Even for free, is it worth hauling home?


The interior is complete and original, but the leather upholstery on the driver’s seat is beyond any repair. That was some really interesting and colorful upholstery.

IMG_4717 (1)

The back seat and the rest of the interior looks much nicer than the front seats. It’s amazing that the leather still looks so nice.


When I saw this car I was thinking it was junk. When you look closely, though, it looks straight and the interior is pretty cool. Could there be a nice car under all the neglect. For $900 or less, though, could it be worth hauling home? The body is straight and it’s mostly complete. Except for the front seats, the interior is really nice. Could it be a parts car or the money to make it a driver? For about $6000 you can buy a decent driver. Could this Lincoln be done for less?


  1. Todd Zuercher

    I’ve developed a soft spot for these cars over the years – I’m not sure why. Prices for pristine examples have really shot up in the past few years and there seems to be a dedicated following for them. As a semi-professional junkyard hound, I can’t tell you how many of these (in surprisingly good condition) I’ve seen in the pick-a-part yards over the last 20 years. Back when rear disc brakes were rare, we harvested the discs off of these cars for 9″ conversions. The hydroboost brake boosters are still popular with some folks too although we usually use newer units these days. And the front disc brake calipers are a nice upgrade for some years of Ford 4x4s. Maybe someday I’ll actually get to drive one instead of picking parts off them!

  2. grant

    I’ve owned 3, a ’76, and two ’79’s. I can tell you that they were extremely comfortable, wonderful highway machines with abysmal gas mileage and laughable driving dynamics. I loved them all.

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  3. Chris

    For $900, this is a great car for someone who wants to learn about cars but doesn’t have a lot of cash. I like these cars, as well as the Ford Elite, Ford Thunderbird and Mercury Cougar. I had a 1977 Cougar that was a wonderful cruiser. I got the car in 1991 for $400 with the passenger side damaged from being T-boned. The passenger door would not open, but I was a single guy and the interior and the rest of the car were in beautiful shape. I’ve always wanted another.

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    • Gary Member

      Chris, I’ve got your Cougar! Well, how about one like it?

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  4. Gary K

    I like it and have to agree with Chris, for the $900 it would be a great buy for someone to get into and work over without putting out a lot of $$. These were a nice looking road barge and if I did not have so many projects lined up now I wouldn’t mind taking this on myself. This model Lincoln looks very similar to the car used in the old TV series “Cannon” and driven by the series star Frank Conrad. Hope someone will buy this and bring it back to cruise the highway’s again.

  5. Jumping g

    I had a mark 3 and it was huge inside. It was like driving from you sofa with power everything . The massive nose was hiding the motor of all motors of the time 460 and it could pass anything on the road except the gas station .

  6. rmward194 Member

    This one is a Pucci Designer Series model.

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  7. Brandon

    I currently drive a 78′ Lincoln Continental, used to run decently about two months ago. Just hit 7k miles with it, now it can’t start without help. It’s in better appearance inside at least. Much more rusty than the one in the article.

  8. Vintageracer

    If I was even remotely to California I would already own this car!

    • Vintageracer

      That’s “remotely close” to California!

  9. waynard

    Got one sitting next door to me. A Mark Cross Edition, or something like that. Non-running. Cancer under the vinyl top, interior going to hell. Guy can’t get rid of it and it’s been sitting at least 6 years in the hot New Mexico sun. I offered him $500.00 for it two or more years ago but he turned it down; he wanted 2K. Now it’s probably only good for parts.

    Trouble is parts are hard to get rid of as well. They’re almost giveaways. I’ve got boxes of miscellany from an estate sale I got for free. Very hard to sell off. Even the lowrider crowd doesn’t want the stuff.

  10. Mark Hoffman

    Wish I had it. The wheels and drivetrain alone are worth $900

  11. Prowler

    All I see is tv detective frank cannon rolling down the road in his mark
    300 pounds but that guy could out run anyone in a foot race on that show
    But I loved seeing that big Lincoln every week

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  12. G 1

    I’ve got two of them. Both the same color in and out. 460’s. One with less then 19,000 miles and the other one for parts, runs and drives. Talk to me.

  13. jaymes

    respray the hood and buff rhe rest out,nice dd

  14. Allan

    Demo derby candidate??

  15. Bryan

    Frank Cannon drove a silver Mark IV, not this “downsized” 500 lb lighter Mark V.

    If this is really an Emilio Pucci designer series Mark then it may be worth saving. Otherwise, Mark V’s are still quite common and priced accordingly. Condition is everything with these cars!

    I have owned a couple of the Diamond Jubilee editions in the past and currently own this nearly pristine 1979 Cartier edition (signature series) with 81k miles.

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  16. George bonilla

    I’m interested or if anyone has parts

  17. Eric Caves

    I’m a GM loyalist, and I have to say that hell yeah she’s worth it. Some would look at a car like that and only see problems. But there a plenty of us out there who see the beauty underneath the issues. I like the Buick too. If I was in the right situation, I would take both babies home with me.

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