One of 50: 1986 Corvette Malcolm Konner Edition

Among limited production Corvettes, 50 is a fairly respectable number given the legions of special editions that have rolled off the assembly line. This 1986 Corvette Malcolm Konner edition was created in commemoration of one of the country’s largest Corvette dealers that had a long-standing relationship with GM’s Corvette family. It has under 20,000 miles and comes with some desirable performance options. Find it here on eBay with a $16,999.99 BIN.

While it was effectively a cosmetic dress-up kit, with two-tone paint and a glass roof, this example was also spec’d out with the Z51 sport suspension, which came with bigger sway bars, Bilstein shocks, transmission oil cooler and more. The seller goes on to tout the added rarity due to this example having the G44 axle option, which features a 3.07:1 gear ratio that he claims makes the Corvette “…pulls(s) like a tractor of the line.”

Inside, the graphite leather interior shows well. The bucket seats appear untorn and the carpets are clean; the  Corvette logo on the armrest hasn’t vanished after years of sweaty arms resting on it. When these Malcolm Konner editions were originally sold, buyers were treated to a trip to the Bowling Green assembly plant to pick up their cars and then participated in a rally to Paramus, NJ, where the legendary dealership was based. This example is now located in Naples, Florida, and I believe it is the same car as featured here from 2015 on The Corvette Blogger site.

As you can see on the left corner of the bumper, the Malcolm Konner dealer logo still shines brightly. It also appears on the nose of the car, inside the Corvette badge. Supposedly, there was so much uproar over Corvette choosing to highlight one dealer with the special edition, that the head honchos said “never again” – so if you’re looking for an unrepeatable special edition Corvette, this just might be it.

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  1. Joe Haska

    For the price and the miles, you would be almost crazy not to buy it!

  2. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    I’m surprised they could find fifty buyers, maybe five. And all with the last name Konner. “Supposedly, there was so much uproar over Corvette choosing to highlight one dealer with the special edition, that the head honchos said “never again”. Understandable, but maybe Hendrick ?

  3. 86 Vette Convertible

    I’m no Konner edition expert but IIRC the option really was the paint job. Every option available on the car could be ordered on any 86. IMO it’s not as ‘collectable’ as indicated, it’s nice but I honestly don’t think it will appreciate in value like has been implied.

    My opinion.

    • Tony Gauntner

      Never heard of Konner nor this “collectible” It’s not a Yenko, Greenwood or B. Motion , The year is a dog for Corvettes. Buy it if you like it, but don’t expect a R.O.I. at Barrett-Jackson.
      A little more $ and you can get a decent C3 which are starting to appreciate.

  4. Kevin

    it’s so beautiful

  5. cyclemikey

    You’d have to really count on the appeal of the ‘special edition’ cachet for any significant appreciation on this, because at the end of the day it’s still a C4 of a non-desirable year.

    If you just HAVE to have a C4, the 95-96 are the only ones worth considering, and even then, for just a little more you can get a nice C5 which is a much better car in every respect.

  6. 68 custom

    Rather spend my money on a straight body/interior Vette in need of more power. then for fun build a 6 inch rod 355 or a 383 with one of those big TBI systems.
    this one is in nice condition though.

  7. Greg NJ2SC

    UI spent the first 23 years of my life living in Paramus about 5 mins from this dealer. My dad took me to test drive a 96 lt4 6 speed. I was 12 and that was the first time I saw my dad drive that fast. Lol

  8. Jag-Yew-Arrrrrghhh

    You will have to find one of the other 49 people in the world who might be interested when you decide to sell this.

  9. Jag-Yew-Arrrrrghhh

    What are the odds of there being two Malcom Konner Corvettes on ebay? The other one has a 4-speed.

  10. Coventrycat

    A big ego trip for a dealer for selling mass produced Chevys, but I doubt anybody cared then or now. I’m sure someone has all 50 documented somewhere, including the ones in scrapyards and backyards.

  11. A.C.Z.

    Are they sure this “special edition” was from GM or was it some crap that the dealer hung on the car by himself? That was a lot more common.

    • Bill McCoskey

      ACZ — I agree with you. Unless the body data plate has specific numbers identifying it as a special order, than I would say you are correct. the only thing I see that’s different is the front emblem has added lettering glued onto the paint, a window decal of a USA flag, and the dealer badge on the ass end.

      I just don’t think GM would have even bothered to go to the trouble of creating 50 special front emblem lettering sets. I’m with you on believing this is a “Dealer created special”.

      My neighbor has a Toyota Solara convertible he claims was a factory special with “real gold” emblems. Showed me the paperwork from the dealer where it was equipped with the “Golden Sunset Option Package” at $385.00.

      Except that the Golden Sunset Option Package was not listed on the factory paperwork from Toyota, just on the Dealer’s additional option list that included undercoating, special paint hardening process for UV protection, sport wheels & tires, and floor mats.

      Last time I checked, there is a local company that will come around and paint the emblems gold for about $60. That works out to a nice $325 profit!

      • Jag-Yew-Arrrrrghhh

        This was a legitimate Bowling Green option . If you care to, Google it and you will see the entire story of how the cars came to be. I’m sure a clever person could duplicate one, but why would you bother? It is a 1986 Corvette at the end of the day and getting $10,000 would be like winning the Powerball lottery. $16,999 BIN is highly unlikely.


    That new eighties Corvette blew everybody’s mind. Great styling, good performance
    For 17k this beast run forever
    Forget price appreciation … buy and DRIVE!

  13. Duane Boda

    Was it my imagination but the Corvette from about 86 – 91 looked like it was

    seriously stepped on. They didn’t seem as tall and appeared to lack some of

    the bulk of previous models. But over time they recouped both size and looks.

    • Greg

      It was your imagination

  14. plattmotors plattmotors

    Good Luck at Barrett these have a hard time breaking 10k. The Konners are an automotive dynasty in NJ and they don’t even want them.

  15. Doc

    I don’t understand the C4 hate around here. Love mine, and these are growing in popularity again. I get more compliments in my $5,000 C4 than I do in my $100,000 Porsche.

    As far as this “special edition”, it’s a paint scheme, nothing more. There was one on my local craigslist a few years ago that languished at $3500 (though not as nice as the one here). It’s not the slightest bit collectible.

    • Jag-Yew-Arrrrrghhh

      Please don’t confuse C4 realism with C4 hate. Many of the folks commenting here have experience with C4’s. I too love my $5000 C4 and I enjoy the heck out of it. We just realize that they are not the “values” that some other folks believe they are. I think you will agree the asking price for the car in question is a tad steep.

      • 86 Vette Convertible

        I happen to love my 86, I also love my T-Bird. Both are fun to drive but different personalities. I would not swap my C4 for a C5. In fact several members of the Corvette Club I belong to that sold their C4 to buy a C5 either have bought another C4 or plan to. Usual comment is they feel more a part of the driving in a C4 than a C5. Another interesting thing is many replacement/performance frames for C1’s through C3’s use C4 suspension components, because it was such an improvement (not my words, what’s been written) over the originals.

        The C4 will be the red haired step-child of Corvettes as long as people don’t experience them. I’ve taken several ‘non-C4-enthusiasts’ for a ride in mine and most were very surprised in it’s handling and performance, and this is from a L98 cruiser. One person has been actively looking for that ‘right C4’ for him since getting a ride in one.

        Low prices is a double edged sword. Great if you’re buying, not so good if selling but then again that’s life. I buy to drive, not to try and hold for an investment. As far as sellers go, some have very unrealistic expectations in the current market, but then again it’s not just C4’s, it’s all over the place. Their item is made of gold or platinum (in their minds at least).

        Just my thoughts and feelings.

        PS the Kommer package was made available via GM, not the dealer. I don’t know if there was a RPO on it or it was something like a COPO.

      • Jag-Yew-Arrrrrghhh

        The RPO code may have been 4001ZA and the trim tag should have “SPEC” for the paint code (“Special”) The more we discuss this car, the more I like it.

      • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

        I agree with your C4 sentiments, 86.

        Now that I’ve been without my C3 for a couple of years, I am trying to decide what to move onto. I’ve pretty much eliminated almost everything else but a Corvette.

        I originally thought about the C5, but when I’ve driven in them, they feel to much like a “regular” car. By that I mean, the edginess that you feel in a C3 or in a C4 is not there. Not to put down the C5, it’s a great car and the sales figures prove that.

        My mind sometimes wanders back to a C3. Probably a later model where I can just drive and enjoy it. With engine modifications, of course.

  16. Steve

    “Pulls like a train” with a 3.07 rear gear? Ha.

  17. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    If you want to spend that kind of money on a C4 guaranteed to appreciate, get a ZR-1.

  18. Keith

    There was one of these for sale on CL in RI about 6 months ago, little rougher condition, for $5k. Can’t see spending the asking price for this one just because of the Konner tag on the back. And I’m one of the few who like C4’s.

  19. Chris W.

    Funny, I should by it for my son…Konner😎!!

  20. Justin G

    Beautiful Vette, for the price Its a deal. This car is almost new and the factory did produce this with RPO 400 it shows on the picture of the window sticker if anyone cared to look at the ad. Also, you could not get this color combo on any other corvette it was limited exclusively to the Konner corvette cars so whomever said that was incorrect. Zora Duntov himself was involved in getting this Vette past the GM executives for production,he was a very good friend of the Konners. For the price of a 1986 porsche 944 turbo, its nemesis, you would pay almost 30k and with much more mileage. I see certain C4s going up fast and any RPO car with this history and limited to 50 units is interesting, maybe the seller will take my offer,ile let you all know if he does. I will say this Konner is the best example I have ever seen, most are gone to the scrap yard or repainted with high mileage.This car looks pristine and that performance axle is nice to boot as well as the Z51 package and glass top.

  21. Jason

    I’m reading all the hate comments on here. – You don’t buy a Corvette because it’s an investment, you buy a Corvette because of how it makes you feel behind the wheel.
    Great article.

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