One Of 750: 1987 Shelby CSX

In addition to looking worn out and battered, this 1987 Dodge CSX Shelby edition is missing its original turbocharged powerplant and doesn’t currently run. It’s hard to imagine a car emblazoned with the name Shelby could have lead such a hard life, but given that Mustang GT500KRs haven’t been immune to being put away wet, the clear neglect this Shelby CSX suffers from probably should’t surprise us. Find it here on eBay with no bids at the moment.

The seller notes that although the body is straight, the driver floor and spare tire well are rotted through. The rear wheels are not correct for a CSX and will not come with the car; the seller has the correct Centurion rims for the rear and they will be installed prior to sale. CSX’s had limited exterior badges indicating the additional performance on board, and this example does retain its hood and trunk ornamentation as well as the “Shelby” graphics along the bottom of the two doors.

Inside, the car is pleasingly stock. Despite its haggard appearance and motor of unknown origins, the Shelby-specific bits such as the steering wheel, number plaque, seats and shift knob all remain with the car. The head unit is also original to the CSX, which offers some hope that once the non-running motor is sorted out, it wouldn’t be too difficult to revive this example – car number 375 – as the limited production special that it is. With just 750 cars made in 1987, this CSX is likely one of a very few still on the road.

Although the CSX-VNT is arguably the most rare and desirable of the Shelby-branded Shadows, the 1987 models were next in line with the fewest made. Performance was still decent, as these cars were capable of a sub-60 second run to 60 when new. Although rust issues and a motor swap aren’t exactly small projects, the seller doesn’t appear to be pricing this example as anything that it’s not, but given these aren’t particularly expensive cars to buy in running condition, a passionate Shelby fan will be this CSX’s best hope.

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  1. steve

    My friend had a new one in highschool and It hauled azz

  2. Jay M

    A sub 60 second 0-60, huh? Just wait until it has an engine!

    • Jeffro

      That was going down hill!

    • Jon Hellinga

      Glad someone else caught that. haha

  3. Rx7turboII

    Love love love these cars!! But the neon motor ruins it for me…I’m outta love for this csx…

    • AMCFAN

      That is too bad you want to hate on this CSX for the motor. Obviously you don’t know what an SRT4 Neon is or the tremendous power they make.

      Like 1
  4. Superdessucke

    Tempted to buy it and stick it in my garage as a piece of gritty art. Too bad it is so far away.

  5. Steve R

    This is the fourth time it’s been listed on eBay in the last month and it still hasn’t recieved one bid. The market is speaking. It might be worth more as a parts car.

    Steve R

    • Milt

      Should have had Shelby sign the glovebox to boost the value of this 500%

  6. Sam

    Carroll Shelby is an undisputed icon in motorsports however it’s evident his name is on more vehicles than Ron Popeil’s is on gadgets.

    There certainly must be a story why his “brand” was never on a GM product.

    • Tomme

      Because Lee Iacocca was never at GM

  7. Lance

    My problem with the car is any aftermarket parts, repo or nos parts available for these Shelby chryslers.

  8. SFM5S

    The market understands the difference between the early classic Shelbys that won world championships, and the later “Shelbys” that were more marketing efforts. Take the Shelby badging off this car and you have a very weak Mopar product that is worth virtually nothing.

  9. Mitch Ross Member

    Shelby cars of the ’80s were to that era what Shelby cars of the ’60s were to that time. If you’re into old V8 muscle, you’ll never get these cars.

  10. AMCFAN

    Mitch very true. The much older guys that can remember buying the 60’s variation Cobra’s and Mustang’s are in their 70’s now. They will never get the 80’s cars. For everyone else who has Jay Leno’s money? I am much younger and not about to waste my family’s 401K money to own one. Most need a house and if you are lucky a garage. Besides there are more faster cars and even minivans out there for less.

  11. Andy

    I had an 84 Plymouth Turismo with the 2.2 engine and a 3 speed automatic. Smoked a guy at a red light years ago, he caught up to me as I pulled into the mall. He was adamant that he find out what I had under the hood that made his 350 look anemic. He was asking if it had fuel injection, a turbo, flux capacitor. I popped the hood and his jaw dropped when he saw a carbureted 4 cylinder hooked to an automatic. He couldn’t get over that engine being able to make a fwd car go that fast! Said it gave him a new outlook on sports cars…

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