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One Clean VW Type-III Squareback!

'73 Type 3

Do you need or want a clean Type III Squareback? If so, listed here on craigslist and parked in Belchertown, Massachusetts is this 1973 Volkswagen Type III Squareback priced at $8,500 and reasonable offers will also be considered.

'73 Type 3 int.

There are 98,420 on the odometer. The 1600 cc engine, according to the former owner, was rebuilt at around 60K. There isn’t an image of the engine. The original fuel injection system has been replaced with Weber carburetors.

'73 Type 3 seats

The interior does look clean, neat and well done. It does appear that it’s been used since the restoration, which is a good sign! You know it is a driver and is ready for some fun.

'73 Type 3 rear open

Yes, there is space to store your gear. While hitting the beach in this wagon would be fun, it would be just as home at the ski slopes!

'73 Type 3 right rear

This Type III is riding on Minilite style wheels with new tires according to the owner.  Questions concerning this car will be answered by phone, no texts please. The Squareback has a clean title from Florida. The owner says it is priced well below what the restoration costs were. So are you interested in this VW?



  1. jimbosidecar


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  2. jim s

    now has a photo of motor in listing also. looks good in the photos. but why is it in Mass with a FL title? i would remove the aftermarket radio. nice find.

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    • Stephen

      I’m guessing Massachusetts doesn’t issue titles for vehicles older than a certain number of years. That’s the case in many states.

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    • MountainMan

      Florida also is a state that doesn’t require annual registration for classic cars. Title and register one time and its good for a lifetime or until it changes hands. I still have vehicles with Florida titles and plates even though I haven’t been in the state in a few years now. Online renewal and no annual inspecdtion makes it easy to keep the motorcycle titled and registered there too.

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  3. Marty Member

    These are the best photos I’ve ever seen in a Craigslist ad. Very nice looking car.

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  4. Dolphin Member

    In Mass with a FL title and German plates. I would proceed very carefully if you are a Mass resident and ask lots of questions before handing over any cash. Mass has some strict laws about registering cars, so be careful.

    Looks like a nice Squareback, but I would lose the chrome eyelids on the headlights. And as much as I like compact wagons I’m not sure I would go for a yellow Type III, but that’s just personal taste and a serious Type III fan would probably think differently.

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    • RayT Member

      I wouldn’t worry about the German plate. Given the “WOB” (Wolfsburg) prefix, safe to say it was either a legit European Delivery car or a previous owner added the plate for vanity’s sake.

      Yes, the “eyelids” need to go. The yellow color wouldn’t be my first choice, but wouldn’t stop me from being interested if the price was a bit more budget-friendly.

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    • Olaf E

      Below the EU-stars is the letter P of Portugal, having doubts about the combination of the license plate and the EU-country letter. I’m not sure though, it might be a legal Portugese plate or a fake one, but the buyer should check this.

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      • MikeH

        Olaf–you’re right, that is a P instead of a D. I thought you had made a mistake. It’s a German configuration with the “WOB”, but a Portuguese plate. You can order any European plate you want:
        http://www.germanplates.com/german-license-plates.html, but why would anyone order a Wolfsburg plate with a P on it? The mystery deepens.

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  5. Bobsmyuncle

    Did that steering wheel come OEM, I think no, not that it matters just curious.

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    • Patrick McC.

      That steering wheel is stock. They introduced a new steering wheel style in 1972: an unfortunate result of 70s car styling changes.

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      • Bobsmyuncle

        Thanks! The only Squarebacks I’ve really seen in person were mine.

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  6. Coventry Cat

    Love that old Pioneer Supertuner.

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  7. 64 bonneville

    yeah baby! now we can play our 8 track tapes, going to the beach!!!!! Scuba Tanks and jumper cables in back? just kidding, car looks great, and I’m a fan of the Type 3 Squareback, but not of the Bosch fuel Injection. there were a major pain in the tail to work on. that is why so many owners switched to carbs.

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    • Bobsmyuncle

      People switched from injection because it was a mystery to the shade tree mechanic.

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  8. Peter R

    I like the look of it – fun in spring and fall but without air much too hot during the day in the summer here in Toronto. If I had room for another toy, this might be it.

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    • Bobsmyuncle

      LOL first I’ve heard that complaint, usually it’s the ‘lack of heat’.

      None of my vintage cars have had AC and I very rarely use it in my daily driver, open the vent wings and speed up.

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  9. brakeservo

    I think it’s a tarted up RUST BUCKET! Look at the rust peeking through on the inner door post on the right side, visible in the photo of the back seat. Then look at the photo of the left rear quarter view – the panel in front of the left rear wheel, the rocker panel under the left door and the poor panel match between left door and left front fender speak either terribly repaired serious collision damage or serious rust that’s been ‘bondo’d’ over. Could that be why the photographer took seven photos showing the right side pretty good, but only two of the left??

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