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One Extra Wheel: 1969 Bond Equipe GT

040316 Barn Finds- 1969 Bond Equipe GT- 1

UPDATE – After almost three years, this Bond is back on eBay with the same photos and a $4,000 asking price.

FROM 4/4/16 – This is an unusual car, at least in the US it is. The 1969 Bond Equipe GT Convertible shown here is actually in Portugal on eBay. Yes, I know that it’s not in the US, but Barn Finds has readers all over the globe so maybe someone in Europe would want to add this car to their collection. The bids are just over $200 so far with the reserve not yet met and 5 days left on the auction.

040316 Barn Finds- 1969 Bond Equipe GT- 3

The Bond Equipe was Bond’s first 4-wheel car. We’ve all see the famous Bond 3-wheel cars and, unfortunately, we’ve also probably all seen the infamous and fabricated tv episode where one was loaded with weights in order to purposely make it tip over for supposed “comedic effect”. I personally don’t think that it was very funny to dream up such a scheme and ruin an entire car maker’s reputation in a few short minutes, but that’s just my opinion. The Bond Equipe 2-liter GT, such as this car is, was based on the Triumph Vitesse chassis and was designed in-house. I really like the slightly funky proportions on this car.

040316 Barn Finds- 1969 Bond Equipe GT- 2

Yes, this one will need restoration. You can see part of the work ahead of you here on the LF wing/fender. The seller says that the floor will need some rust repairs and some work is needed on the bonnet (I’m guessing what’s shown above here). I have never seen one of these Bond Equipe GTs in person but it’s a bit reminiscent of a Rover, in my opinion. And, of course, now I want one; a lot.

040316 Barn Finds- 1969 Bond Equipe GT- 5

The interior looks pretty nice for a car that’s said to need a full restoration. Maybe they’re pickier in Portugal than I am, this one looks like it could be cleaned up nicely. This is an overdrive car, an even more desirable version. There were only 841 Bond Equipe 2-Liter Convertibles made, there can’t be many left.

040316 Barn Finds- 1969 Bond Equipe GT- 6

It looks like you might be able to fit your kids in the backseat, possibly, maybe. This Equipe is a 2+2 so it wasn’t really meant to be a full-sized car. It had just enough room in back if you were in a pinch and had to take someone along, but it was most likely meant for carrying the groceries or luggage back there. It looks like it’s in decent nick inside but will need a bit of tidying up.

040316 Barn Finds- 1969 Bond Equipe GT- 4

Here’s the 2.0L 6-cylinder Triumph Vitesse engine in this car, and here is one on YouTube running. Unfortunately, the seller says that this engine isn’t running at the moment, hopefully it’s something simple. This engine has a little over 100hp, not too bad for a car that weighs a shade over a ton and can do 100 mph. I’d want to source an original air cleaner for sure, and maybe pull this engine and check it out, not to mention that I’d want to tidy up the engine bay; I’m funny that way. I really like this car. Have you seen a Bond Equipe GT or are you just familiar with the famous/infamous 3-wheel Bonds?


  1. Tirefriar

    I’d love to get something like this. Beautiful, to me, front end. RHD is further testament of authentic heritage

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  2. Crazydave

    Was it the Reliant Robin you were thinking of re the “Comedic effect” (on Top Gear)?

    Not familiar with a comedic effect featuring a Bond 3 wheeler, but then, I miss a lot of stuff on TV

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    • Scotty G Staff

      Good call, Crazydave; my mistake. I must have tried to block it out too much…

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      • Brakeservo

        Well, Reliant eventually bought Bond, so your comment about Top Gear’s gag isn’t as “wrong” as it appears to be, but the first production car designed by Laurie Bond with four wheels was not the Equipped but the diminutive Berkeley sports car. How’s that for useless trivia!!

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    • Brakeservo

      Actually, the writer isn’t as wrong as you think – Reliant bought the Bond company, do there is a connection. But this was not the first four wheel production car to spring from the mind of Laurie Bond, that would be the diminutive Berkeley sports car! I have owned 2 three wheeler Bond Minicars, a 1954 and 1957.

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  3. rusty

    “Have you seen a Bond Equipe GT ”

    why yes..hasnt everyone..hee hee… infact i was sitting in one the other other day!

    sorry I own one myself in Australia.

    Ironically i bought it from a newspaper advert 35 or so years ago that had it listed as a 10 year earlier model convincing me it was a 3 wheeler i was going to see to add to my micro car collection..Saw it was a 4 wheeler and was even more excited.

    Mine is a GT4 which is the first model the least made [all coupes 451 (including 7 known pre-production cars)]. It had a spitfire motor and box and the body shape is different to this later 6 cylinder..I consider the first shape the best looking but thats just personal likes as it looks like an Aston wannabe…mine is the only one I have come across in Aussie, The second shape had twin headlights, higher roof line and cam tail but basically similar to first but somehow looked more awkward. .

    A guy I know has a coupe version of this featured model he is rebuilding [probably it too is the only one of his model here too? ]..and he is doing a good job on a scrap yard write off so major fibreglass reconstruction whereas my body is straight but my car is a basket case and totally rusted…I had to leave behind a donor body in my recent move. Body scuttles and rear bodies though unboltable in sections are hard to find as I dont want to pull apart a good herald for the bits. Was going to finally do something with it down here now I have got rid of most of my cars

    these do rust out badly as they are a triumph herald scuttle and floor, lower rear / chassis combo though a full production car not a kit [not sure if the later bond like this one actually used a vitesse scuttle though much the same they did re skin the doors to remove the telltale herald shape]..therefore check the steel work as they are considered more rot prone than heralds even though most are coupes. though this one looks a good starting point you may get lucky.

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  4. grant

    Nobody has seen the episode where they weighted down a Bond, because it was a Reliant Robin…

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  5. Van

    I’d rather have a Triumph Italia

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  6. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    Ok, Scotty has hit one of the cars I’d love to own someday with this one! Rusty has already covered the specifics, so I’ll just say I’d love one. And Van, while I agree with you (and own an Italia), the Bond is a lot less expensive. If I hadn’t bought my Italia in 1987 there’s no way I’d own one now!

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  7. Wayne

    Why would you want a standard air cleaner? Those sports ones look the part. Very hard to find now.

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  8. David Frank David Member

    About ads from other countries… I love seeing what’s for sale around the world and I’m thinking a lot of us do! Thanks for writing this one up Scooty!

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  9. Jubjub

    Neat. I’d only ever seen pics of the earlier style. Reminds me a little of an Ogle Mini or a Peugeot 204.

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  10. Mr. Bond

    Hmmmm … I really should, but it’s just so far away!

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  11. Beatnik Bedouin

    There’s a Bond Equipe coupe about a quarter mile from home. A very interesting and unusual car, especially the drop-top Scotty’s featured.

    The Triumph-sourced bits are still easy to find and these are quite a practical collectable.

    I’d be keen on a Bond Bug, if I wasn’t such a cheapskate… ;-)

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  12. UK Paul 🇬🇧

    Advert gone for me?

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  13. luke arnott Member

    Guy I knew had a new Bond 875,with a Sunbeam Stilletto engine in 1967.Fearsome thing!

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  14. Philip Bryan

    I think you will find that the first Equipes were in house designs but the second series were Trevor Fiore’s work

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    • Chris Gardner

      The first Equipe was the work of Lawrie Bond, and the second was by Alan Pounder, the company’s own designer.

      The 2 Litre featured here is the third model of Equipe, and was again designed by Alan Pounder, although based on a design floated to Bond Cars by Trevor Fiore

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