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One Family: 1965 Dodge Coronet Wagon


This big 1965 wagon was owned by one family prior to the current seller. It’s located in Levittown, Pennsylvania and is for sale here on eBay where the opening bid is $3,000, although there is a reserve. I love these big wagons with the third row seat – it’s a uniquely American type of car (I think, feel free to correct me in the comments!) that just isn’t around anymore. I’m sorry, I understand how minivans make sense. My wife even finally persuaded me to add one to the family stable. But the best minivan in the world doesn’t have the style of those 60’s-80’s domestic wagons! And this one has been with one family almost its entire life! There’s a lot of documentation with the car, some recent brake work has been done, and the car is riding on four new tires. I can’t say I’d prefer the 3-speed in this application, yes, I’d actually rather have an automatic for once, but the car is said to drive “like new” and is extremely original. It will be interesting to see how high this one goes!


  1. jean Lecointe

    There were several french cars with three rows of seats.
    Citroën, Peugeot, Renault, dis build “familialles”.
    To be true, in most of them, the, middle row was folding little seats which we called in french “strapontins”.
    I did own a DS23 family car which was at that time the fastest family car ever built

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    • Matthew Tritt

      You beat me to it! Peugeot’s 505 Diesel wagon was much better looking, had better interior appointments, carried more weight and got about 40 MPG. Added to that was the posi differential, which makes them about as good as a Jeep, but much safer. Mercedes, Volvo and Citroen all made great wagons that, like Peugeot, were better at everything than any American made version Except for pulling heavy trailers. The European vehicles also were more expensive and suffered from a haphazard distribution network here in the states, which didn’t help.

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  2. JW

    Beautiful car IMO, that 440 with a 2 barrel carb shouldn’t be too thirsty on gas but the 3 speed would be a pain in todays traffic. I sure wouldn’t mind having it if the price was right.

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    • booger

      that’s a 273 not a 440

      “V8 273 Three on the tree transmission”

      It would have a 440 in it if it was mine, along with a 4-speed and dana 60.

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    • Will

      It is a Coronet 440. That is the model number not the engine size. It has a 273 motor. A perfect size engine IMO. I wish I had the spare cash right now. This would be mine. If for no other reason than my kids would hate it.

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      • JW

        Will thanks for the clarification, not up on Mopar drivetrains of that era or models. Go ahead and buy it that way the kids won’t fight over who gets it when you die.

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  3. jim s

    i wonder if it has power steering? i wish it had the slant six but the V8 will do. 3 on the tree is great. 3 bidder are hot on this, i hope the reserve is not to high. another fun way into the hobby. great find

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    • booger

      FWIW if you zoom way way way in on the last photo (with the radiator) it looks like a power steering hose can be seen. I’m not positive but that’s what it looks like and I don’t know what other hose would be there.

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  4. David Frank david Member

    It’s great to hear others love wagons as well. I always preffered them as company cars. My last was the last of the Ford wagons, an ’89 Country Squire that had been custom built for a Ford executive with a Lincoln interior and more importantly, a Lincoln engine. I kept it as long as the company would let me. One of our plant managers claimed it and enjoyed it for years after.

    I remember a really fun time in a wagon long ago. I took a performance driving test in an old Chevy wagon. The examener had a brake pedal on his side. This was live, on city streets, drifting corners and doing smoking reverses, all with the examaners twitchy foot on his brake pedal. Gotta love them wagons!

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  5. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    My 1965 is also a third seat 1-owner 440 model – which is a trim package – up from a 330 plain Jane…will be watching as mine needs to go down the road as well…..this is a nice car and a little rare with the 273/3 speed….most were still running the poly 318….but I had a 65 Belvedere with the 273….

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  6. RickyM

    Cool looking car – really like this. Great find !

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  7. C. Coleman

    Our family had one very similar to that one. White with a red interior. My brother and I would sit together in the rear-facing seat on long family vacations, playing travel games and drinking bottled Coke from a steel cooler. Ours had a 383 and it would fly. Dad was always washing and waxing it. In the early 70’s he sold it and bought a more “modern” 72 Plymouth Satellite wagon with A/C. What a luxury that was back then!

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