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One-Family 428 GP! 1969 Pontiac Grand Prix

The zeal and vision of Pontiac General Manager John Z. DeLorean (yes, that DeLorean) energized designers of the 1969 Grand Prix to reinvent the sporty upscale two-door in the vein of popular pony cars like the Ford Mustang and Pontiac’s own Firebird. With a long, beaked hood and short tail, the high-style GP, like this 1969 Pontiac Grand Prix Model J in Lampasas, Texas, evoked powerful high-rolling Dusenbergs of the pre-Depression era, right down to the designation “Model J.” This mostly-original GP served two owners in one family since new and comes to market here on eBay, where at least 10 bidders have elevated its market value beyond $7000 without meeting the seller’s Reserve. Check out more on Pontiac’s personal luxury coupe at MotorTrend.

Above two 400 cid (6.6L) V8s, Pontiac offered two 428 motors in the ’69 Grand Prix. The seller identifies this block as a XF-coded four-bolt main block, and maybe our Pontiac experts can identify this as the 370 or 390 HP 428 (7.0L). With torque of 472 or 465 lb-ft, respectively, either would propel this Pontiac with authority. A refreshed fuel system, new hoses, and other parts have this classic running and driving “as it should,” according to the seller. Thanks to lov2xlr8 for some details.

The seller never mentions their chosen profession, but “Photographer” seems unlikely. If you don’t see the whole car, folks, take a step back. Repeat as needed. The original paint on the Texas classic shows some sunburn along with its shine. Credit the seller for getting this one running and cleaned up to show its true condition and bring top dollar. Name that dog, people! I’m going with “Poncho.”

Air conditioning and cruise control ease driving comfort, and those seats sure look like the optional leather upholstery. Full instrumentation and a center console add sport to the luxurious cockpit. Power-hungry buyers could order up the 390 HP High Output V8 with a four-speed manual transmission and 3.90 gears and go muscle-car hunting. What’s not to like about this 62,000 mile two-owner Grand Prix?


  1. David

    Good heavens. A wolf in sheep’s clothing

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  2. oilngas

    Man oh Man. My high school car was a 67 Firebird body bought from a wrecking yard. Installed was the 428/390 hp out of a friends wrecked 69 Grand Prix. Wasn’t much that could touch it other than a 440 GTX. So much fun. So much trouble.
    After being chased by a Porsche on the hiway, the owner of the Porsche told me about tire failure caused by high speed sidewall vibration. Tread may still look good but sidewalls would become thin. I broke down one of my tires. The sidewall had become paper thin. Scared about 10 years of maturity in to my brain. That man saved my life.

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  3. Fred

    XF is the 370 HP engine, the 390 HP was the HO with header like exhaust manifolds.

    Beautiful car

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  4. Conrad A

    Always loved the 69 – 72 Grand Prix, and this one is a fine example. I’d keep the original paint even though it’s flawed in spots, because it’s original. It even has the original selling dealer logo on the trunk lid! I’d also keep the wire wheel covers, but they’d look better with whitewalls as opposed to the white lettered tires currently on the car. Great options too, and not only the engine. How often do you see power door locks on a 69? I envy whoever is lucky enough to get this car. Hopefully they’ll value its originality as much as I would if I had the money and garage space for it…

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  5. local_sheriff

    It’s funny a ’69 GP should come up now ‘cuz just a couple days ago I was leafing through one of my many car-related books; Great American automobiles of the 60s; reading about the new revitalized ’69 GP.

    Here the author predicts it’s just a matter of time before the new-for-69 GP will go from (quote) ‘cheap wheels to primo collectible’ and ‘command museum-high prices’. This was written 30years ago and it’s still a car we can buy for acceptable $. By the way; great find ! 👍

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  6. morrisangelo

    Drove a 428/370 J many years ago in an effort to buy it, but passed due to being flat broke.

    I’ve never driven a more powerful, easy-to-smoke-the-tires car in my 42 years of driving. Just a brute of an engine.

    Neat, old aftermarket cruise control unit on this one…

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  7. RMac

    Great car love the 428 torque monster don’t see too many 428 lots more 400 and 455

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    • Cadmanls Member

      428 is know as the orphan, only in production 2 1/2 years. It will turn on pretty quick. Got the 421 stroke with the 400 bore. Great engine, mild build in my 64 Tempest and it would get it!

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  8. Patrick Curran

    Although I really like these in Verdoro Green and there were lots of them running around back in the day, it is nice to see one in a different shade of green for a change. Not many were optioned with leather so this makes this example somewhat rare. Most manufacturers would use the same stitch patterns for cloth, vinyl or leather, but Pontiac created a stitch pattern that was exclusive to the leather option.
    These were great cars.

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  9. Dirty Dave

    I had a one family owner ’72 GP model SJ w every option and protecto-plate all original California car. It was fun, but the 455 overheated on hot summer days due to bad airflow to the radiator. Not the best handling car, but tons of torque to the posi rear end!!! I sold it on eBay beyond reserve to a nice girl in MO who said it was the exact same model and color she got for her 16th Birthday present.

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    • joenywf64

      Those grills look large enough to admit plenty of air to the radiator, compared the smaller grills & hotter running ’77-81 firebirds. My ’74 bird with 400 4bbl has never overheated, tho it does not have a/c, but has optional HD cooling radiator used on a/c cars.
      If your GP overheated in traffic, the fan clutch may have been worn out, or the radiator was partially plugged, or the system just needed a good flush.
      Perhaps even a worn out water pump was the culprit.

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  10. ChrisCo

    I’ve had many Chevy and Mopar Musclecars but one of the most muscular was my ’71 Model J Grand Prix. That light green baby was brutal. It was a 400 but the Pontiac 400 was no slouch.

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  11. Lance Platt

    The 1969 GP is the pinnacle of luxury, sport, power and style. The model offered great styling and handling through 1977. But this is 2022 and the paint has faded and the air conditioning does not work. One must be prepared to put a lot of money in a 53 year old car even a solid survivor like this one. This is like seeing your crush at a school reunion decades later..still looks good but as sharp as it once did.

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  12. stillrunners


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  13. joenywf64

    A 4 speed & hood tach 428 GP just might be unobtainium today.
    Clash for Clunkers may not have applied to green cars?, considering how many i seen here on barn finds. lol

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  14. John D

    Ive always loved the 69-72 GP my high school friends mom drove a maroon one the exhaust note was loud and perfect. I remember her punching the gas to go around another car, turned her head saying “got to have power to pass dear”

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