One Family Barn Find: 1938 Plymouth Coupe

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It is not all too often that you find a car that has remained in the same family all of its life like this 1938 Plymouth Coupe. There is no mistaking that this Coupe has been well taken care of in its lifetime. Offering a picture perfect weathered look, this Plymouth would be an incredible machine to get rolling again. You can make it yours for the buy it now price of $10,500. Check it out here on eBay out of Scottsdale, Arizona.

The flathead 6 cylinder is complete and is described as the original engine. The dry weather certainly may have spared this engine where you may get lucky with some oil in the cylinders. Even though this car has a phenomenal appearance and style, this Plymouth will need a fair amount of mechanical work to get it road worthy.

With any car of this age, it is always impressive to see any remaining interior or upholstery in any shape or form. Miraculously this interior has aged very well with only minor water staining on the door panels and seat. Amazingly the bench seat isn’t even ripped! With some delicate cleaning, this interior would clean up nicely enough to make this Plymouth a preservation project.

There is a tremendous amount of paint remaining on this Plymouth, and I think with a delicate hand you could really make this into a beautiful machine. Depending on the surface rust, I think you could use 0000 steel wool and oil to “cut” the rust. Then come behind it with a delicate polishing compound and the finished results would likely be quite fair if the paint is in fair enough shape. Or certainly the car is marvelous as it sits, so perhaps a decent washing to remove light dust and dirt would be all you would want to do. There is no evident rot which is a borderline miracle on a vehicle of this age. This family kept coupe is an amazing find no matter how you cut it. Would you be the new caretaker of this sweet Plymouth?

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  1. Mark

    Get the mechanicals fixed, leave the rest alone and drive it. GLWTS.

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  2. Sidney

    Would that L Head be a 201 or 217 in that year? I am guessing a 201, either way, a truly wonderful engine in a nice little car. I prefer the looks of the 4 doors, but this pretty nice, I hope someone leaves it original and doesn’t rod it. I think a new paint job might be nice, but others might think differently, otherwise, leave it alone.

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    • diehardchevy

      Aweee, anybody can restore one, takes a real man to cut one up ! 😎

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  3. PaulG

    Nice car, 100 miles from me…
    Already gone!

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  4. Adam Richards

    That’s just too cool. :)

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  5. righteous Bob

    Gone, because it was way to cheap for what it was!!

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  6. Joe Machado

    I was in Scottsdale a few times taking cars there and sold ones back. A possible today, to go get a 34 Plymouth, done car. This one in Apache Junction.
    PaulG, what town you in, Tucson? I have done shows at a college there.

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    • PaulG

      Joe, opposite direction, North about 20 miles west of Sedona.
      My daughter goes to U of A in Tucson so I get to see a lot of the state!
      Been here 42+ years, a terrific place…

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  7. Joe Machado

    Love that area. Have a sister in Prescott Valley. I want out of Calif so bad. Wife wants to stay. It is destroyed by taxes and corrupt politicians.
    Just got word on 34 Plymouth may stay in Arizona. But moved to Scottsdale to live. Will know today if another car at Barrett comes here. Wednesday when I was there, about 500 cars had not been picked up to ship out. 1,800 cars this year. Saw a 69 Daytona as one not picked up yet.

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  8. David F

    It’s great to read about yet another Plymouth coupe. These are wonderful cars to drive. Next Saturday I’ll have the museum’s ’36 out for “Sunday Drives” at the museum, taking visitors for rides.

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  9. Del

    This is the type of car that I love on Barn Finds 😎

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  10. Bob

    I thought it was too expensive. But you guys have proven me wrong. My 38 Buick was way nicer than this and I paid less money for it and I thought I paid too much. She is now driven almost daily. Weather permitting.

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  11. Joe Machado

    DavidF. We do similar here in Palm Desert, Calif. On El Paseo, the Rodeo drive of the desert. Exclusive stores, outdoor cafes and such. We meet before 3 pm just about every Friday on an upstairs parking structure. About 4 pm, we convoy down ramp to El Paseo. Cruise lasts about an hour or so. People tell me it is as if they were in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. About 200 or so old vehicles driving back and forth. Cheers, cameras out by the thousands. Never snows, rain is very rare. Yesterday was upper 70’s. Today the hi to be 83. Topless weather. Converts that is.
    We have a one thousand cars, car show Feb 9, two Saturdays fom now. We will show 6 of our cars. Daughters 70 Pink, Moulon Rouge Hemi 4 speed convert will be its first show under our ownership.
    Couple 69 Daytonas and couple more assorted super rare Mopars

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  12. Comet

    Nice car, but I think you’re being a bit too optimistic about saving the original finish.

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  13. Vic Neura

    Drop a HELCAT crate moter in it slam it down give it a tuck and roll interior 37 inch brakes a insane paint job the sell it at auction JUST KIDDING !!!! Leave the history alone

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    • Jerry Brentnell

      much better idea a 225 slant 6 is a direct bolt in in this car! all you need is the front motor mount off a industrial slant 6 engine such as a combine! or other farm machinery! we did this on a 40 plymouth took a 70 duster engine tranny and and rad and had it driving in 2 weekends!

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