One-Family Owned: 1958 Oldsmobile Dynamic 88

I find it fascinating when a 64-year-old car not only survives to be in this kind of “original” unrestored condition, but also stays all those years with just one family. I wish I had more details about this car’s history and its story to share (as well as better photographs) but I don’t. The seller is a person of few words and the entire ad reads: “One family owned since 1958…64 years! All original, never restored, and in very good to excellent condition. Some wear on drivers side armrest and drivers side carpet area. 39K miles.” Currently located outside of Pittsburgh in Squirrel Hill, Pennsylvania, this squirreled-away survivor is for sale here on craigslist for $16,500. Another thank you to T.J. for sending this super survivor our way.

1958 was probably the zenith of 50’s glitz, glamour, and colorful interiors and exteriors and Oldsmobile proudly bragged about offering 22 different paint colors (13 which were brand new) and dozens of two-tone combinations. A far cry from today’s, shall we say, “limited” color palette. I did a little paint detective work and believe this one is wearing its original Surf Green upper body and Alleghany Green lower body factory paint. It looks to be in “presentable survivor condition” based on the limited photos as does the chrome, trim, and glass. I’m not spotting any noticeable rust or dents and on the surface, it looks to be straight and solid, though no undercarriage or trunk photos are included.

This is the only photo provided of the interior and it looks promising. Even though the Dynamic 88 was the base model and not as well appointed as the Super 88 or top-of-the-line Ninety-Eight, it was still an Oldsmobile and featured a stylish, comfortable “fashion-flair” interior of “colored Moroceen and cloth combinations.” The seller mentions there is wear on the drivers armrest and carpet area, but the vinyl and textured-fabric bench seat, passenger side door panel, white deep dish safety steering wheel, and the dash and instrument panel visible in the photo all look to be in good condition for their age. There’s no mention of the condition of the headliner.

The seller doesn’t provide any photos or information about the engine. Dynamic 88’s came standard with a 371-cubic-inch, 265 horsepower Rocket V8 with the new fuel-saving Econ-O-Way two barrel carburetor. Larger engines offering 305 and 312 horsepower respectfully were optional. And this 88 appears to have left the factory with the optional Jetaway Hydra-Matic automatic transmission. 39,000 is listed as the current mileage but it’s not mentioned if that is original.

I know 1958 was a controversial year for GM styling, but there’s still a charm to these big, chromed chariots that in many ways reflected where America was 64 years ago. As singer Patti Page said in an ad, “You don’t have to look twice to tell it’s a ’58. Take one ride and you’ll know…there’s no mobility like OLDSmobility!”


  1. Ricardo Ventura

    The problem is that nowadays we need to look several times to know the manufacturer. It lacks personality.

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  2. Doone

    Took me a minute to decide it was a 4 door and not a post coupe. Looks more like a 2 door coupe than many of today’s 4 door coupes. Great placement of the package shelf although I am sure that there were many rear seat occupants who received a sunburn on the back of their necks from being right below the rear window. Rear doors hide nicely. Could qualify as a “best one left”.

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    • nlpnt

      It’s almost as though they were forced to use the door frames and side glass meant for a smaller car.

  3. Uncle Buck

    A local guy up here in NH has one of these dark charcoal there is so much Chrome on these it’s crazy. I love that car it’s just so cool to see.

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  4. Will Fox

    Technically, these were simply called ‘eighty eights’. The word, “Dynamic” didn’t appear anywhere until `59. This one appears very solid, and very very original. I’m inclined to think this car hasn’t rolled over 100K miles. while pillared sedans aren’t as popular as hardtops/cvts., there is a collectability factor here in that one family cared for this car since new! “It’s only original once” as they say, and few cars overall can hold that claim. So correct the wear issues of the interior, and enjoy. It looks like a car you could fly in & drive home!

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    • Ron Denny Ron Denny Staff

      Thanks, Will. This ’58 looks like it’s in remarkable, untouched original condition. I was unsure about the “88” vs “Dynamic 88” name so I reviewed ’58 Oldsmobile sales literature and several print ad samples and found they called their entry level line “Dynamic 88.” With “Eighty Eight” in script on the front fender and having two levels of cars with “88” in their name, it can be a little confusing.

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  5. Heck Dodson Member

    This Oldsmobile is very clean and was certainly well cared for in its life. Fair price for one so clean but it is a 4 Dr sedan. Much prefer a 4 Dr hardtop, if it’s got 4 doors, but still a great find.

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  6. Robin Tomlin

    Considering I paid $50 in 1988 for a 98 in reasonable shape (stuck valve), I still think this looks like a pretty good deal.

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  7. OldsMan

    This looks like a great buy! The 371 is a smooth and torquey engine…

  8. S

    Whenever I see a car that’s been in a family for decades, and there is all of that history, and NOW they are giving it up, it’s a bit sad – and I wonder why. I could never do something like that. Once you sell something with a lot of sentimental value, you can never get it back. I’d find another way to come up with $16,500.

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    • Psychofish2

      My own immediate reaction.

      I couldn’t do it either.

  9. George Birth

    Beautiful car

  10. Mike

    Growing up my father had a ‘58 Olds Super 88, 4 door, pretty much like this one. As a teenager, still a year away from my drivers license and having 2 older brothers who did have their licenses, we thought it was a pretty fast car.
    How fast?
    My oldest brother was in the Navy, home on leave in Rochester, NY, and needed to be at the Virginia Beach Naval Station when leave was up.
    Somehow he lost a day and we wound up having 8 hours to get him back.
    We 3 boys jumped into pops Olds and rocketed along the way.
    Home to the main gate, only stopping for gas, and we got him there in a pinch over 7 1/2 hours. Keeping to the speed limits going home, it was almost a 12 hour ride.

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  11. Bob McK Member

    LOVE this car. Wish I had room for it.

  12. T. Pond

    My mother bought a new ’58 Dynamic 88 Olds when I 15 and I got my driver’s license driving this car (I had to parallel park this land yacht). It was this same color and 4 door car; she drove it for 12 years and put over 100k miles on it with no issues (I was kinda hard on it during my teenage years ’cause it was FAST. I have tried to find one for the past 20 years but they are out of my price range now.

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