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One Family Owned: 1967 Mercedes-Benz 250S

This 1967 Mercedes-Benz 250S has a great story to tell, as it’s been in the same family since new and was purchased in Europe by the seller’s grandparents. The car (and its first owners) rode together on a ship back to North America, where they disembarked in Canada and drove across the country back to LA, where the Mercedes has resided ever since. The bodywork looks quite tidy and the seller has clearly taken price in maintaining his grandparents’ jewel of a daily driver, which his grandmother still drove into her 90s. It’s listed here on eBay with some minor sorting needed with a Buy-It-Now of $7,500.

While far from the most desirable version of Mercedes’ W108/9 family – that honor went to the powerful V8-equipped models – this is still a bread-and-butter sedan that sold quite well when new and still has excellent parts support today. The six cylinder in this year’s model came with Zenith carburetors from the factory, and the seller notes they will likely need a rebuild or replacement. The description seems to suggest the Mercedes does not see regular use aside from being run just enough to keep it from stagnating. The seller doesn’t report any rust issues, and one would hope the long-term California residence would make rot-through a non-issue.

The interior features a console-shift automatic transmission and faded wood trim in the dash. The interior still presents quite nicely despite the wood panels looking a bit tired, as the carpets and seats remain quite clean and the dash appears to remain uncracked. The original radio remains in the dash, which should make it a desirable Becker unit of some period-correct model variety. The listing doesn’t specify any issues with the cabin, and given these cars featured the same indestructible leatherette that later cars like the W123 were known for, I doubt there’s much to worry about in a garaged and preserved example like this.

See what I mean? Hard to believe that’s original, but I have little doubt that it is. The seller reports that he just had the Mercedes serviced, and no issues were discovered aside from the cranky carburetors. The 250S is equipped with a modest inline-six engine that will provide leisurely acceleration but will undoubtedly hold its own once at highway speeds. I would have a hell of a time parting with a car like this that held such deep family connections, but most owners are far less sentimental than I am – especially once a car like this begins to see only occasional use. The price seems more than fair for the condition, and especially for the accompanying story.


  1. Avatar photo Brian Scheel

    Hello; I believe Euro specs would have had one piece headlights?
    I had a 68 250SE 4sp some years back, great acceleration for a heavier car, 4wdb, power windows, blue w blue leather as well!
    Nice riding cars, not seen much anymore!
    Price seem a tad high, more like 5k
    No engine pics is disappointing!
    Thanks Brian

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    • Avatar photo Michael Thomas

      On these models the brass radiators spelled out doom to the aluminum heads. This happens when the coolant deteriorates as it could well do when not being run much. The heads would need to be welded up and then machined. This is true of same age BMW’s VW such as Rabbits and Scirocos. The problem went away when the engineers consulted marine electricians about the causes of galvanic corrosion. Then the rads were made out of aluminum with plastic header tanks

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  2. Avatar photo Maestro1

    If I had the room I’d jump on it. Most owners like the injected cars but these carb cars are fine once tuned and cleaned properly. Someone do this. It’s a
    good buy.

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    • Avatar photo Euromoto Member

      Someone agreed with you, it’s gone.

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  3. Avatar photo Bobby Davenport

    Once a again Mercedes fan this would be a bargAin to me a 67 Mercedes Benz all original that would be hard to find especially in this condition would love to have this one in my driveway this would be great addition to any car collection

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  4. Avatar photo wcshook

    I don’t have an issue with the tired looking wood trim. To me, it shows the car was loved and used, not put up like a museum piece, to be admired from a distance. I wouldn’t mind having it, but that won’t happen. Nothing against the car. My health is the biggest reason.

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  5. Avatar photo Robert Scott

    These cars were rolling Bank vaults! Every time you open and close the door it’s a thrill! The new owner should be very happy.

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  6. Avatar photo JEFF S.

    I own a 1966 250SE with the mechanical fuel injection 6 cylinder with 4 speed. Who ever purchased this car, got a great deal, as that is less than it sold for new and with inflated dollars no less.

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  7. Avatar photo Chris Londish Member

    My favourite shape although can get expensive when old to keep up, but if you get a good Merc guy you should be OK

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  8. Avatar photo Robert Anthony Foster

    If this is still available please contact me tonyonpacific@cox.net

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