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One Guy’s Personal Junkyard


Even though we all know that our homeowner’s association and our wives would never allow it, I bet every last one of us would love to have their own junkyard! Well, one man in South Carolina is lucky enough to his very own and he is ready to part ways with some of his treasures. I’m not sure if there is much worth saving in there, but the pictures are worth a look even if it is just to get some ideas for your own backyard landscaping. The proprietor is a Mopar man and is willing to consider trades. He likes to take long strolls through his junkyard on Sundays so that might be best day to catch him. Just remember, he doesn’t have good cell phone reception out there! Find the ad here on craigslist or continue reading for more photos. See how many of the cars you can identify! Thanks for the tip Dan H!


  1. stanley stalvey

    I would like to have the orange Duster, the white Impalla and the Camaro.. The Duster would be the best choice for a full restoration project in my opinion. The Duster has a very light curb weight and they make excellent street machines and weekend warriors at the drag strip.. I would not have anything less than the 400ci Chrysler small-block engine for the Duster. Those engines are mostly found in Chrysler station wagons.. Everyone I know who ever had one was sheerly delighted with it. A low-rise tunnel ram intake with 2 carbs would look totally cool under the hood.. Nitrous would really wake things up on the 400ci engine..

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  2. Brian

    If you can get it off the oil drums and loaded onto a flat bed, using only basic hand tools and a floor jack, you can have it!

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  3. rpm Restorations (brandon)

    every car is salvageable we have gotten cars were we have replaced every single piece of sheet metal on the car and or repaired it and you would never know.

    so your telling me if i come out there with a trailer and a few friends i can have any car i want if i can load it up?

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    • Brian

      Well, its not mine to give, but as far as I’m concerned, sure! Lol! Seriously though, being up on those barrels has probably done more to protect that body from rusting than anything, short of indoor storage!

      What you said is true, anything can be fixed if you care to spend the time or money to do it. Often, it’s more of an emotional decision than a financial one. I’ve seen cars restored that were financially not worth the money that was invested, because the car had been in the family or belonged to a departed friend, etc. The owner will never live long enough for the car’s value to catch up with the investment – but the owner is aware and completely at peace with his decision!

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      • rpm Restorations (brandon)

        yup i completely agree.

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  4. Jimbosidecar

    I’m restoring a 1950 Studebaker Champion Coupe. I see you have one. How much would you take for it?

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  5. Vince Habel

    It is a 52 2 door sedan. fenders and doors will fit a coupe. The Studebaker 54 wagon is worth saving.

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    • Jimbosidecar

      Yes, I just saw the ad on Craig’s List. I need the interior and glass and some trim bits.

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  6. jim s

    if you live close that would be worth seeing in person. something for everyone, including motorcycles. would love to see some photos of the bikes. i do not think i want an outdoor junkyard, but if i could keep them all inside i would go for it. great find

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  7. Jimbosidecar

    No, I’m in Nevada. I have to look for a friend who lives nearby to take a look

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  8. Dirty Dingus McGee

    Suddenly my pants are a lot tighter.

    Then I went to the ad and clicked the link to “other items from this seller”. Some of his prices seem mighty high, given the condition. Might make a road trip when I get home and see some in person(not that I need another project, but if the price comes down……..)

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    • Jimbosidecar

      Thanks for the tip Dirty Dingus. I just looked at his other ads, and you’re right. The asking price for his Stude is $2500. I paid half that for the one I’m restoring and other than glass and interior, it is in about the same condition.

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  9. Conservativesdefeated

    FINALLY a yard with 50’s and 60’s ‘Merican iron……still with parts.

    Too bad its not on the Left Coast!

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  10. Bruce R. Colbert

    How about posting a list of the 70+ Japanese motorcycles.

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  11. wayne

    I must have that white 65 Sport Fury! Ah…high school memories!

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