One Hot Bird: 1967 Pontiac Firebird HO

For whatever reason, it’s the 1967 Camaro that gets all the attention these days, but personally I like the looks of the early Firebirds as much or more than their Chevy cousin. This particular Firebird is an HO model with just about every option. It’s been in the seller’s family since 1974 and they are the second owners. The original owner purchased it in Saratoga, Wyoming (it’s an interesting little town) for his daughter to drive to college in Montana. The seller’s father bought it and let him drive it in high school. Unlike many of the finds we see, this one was kept in the garage, but it certainly wasn’t forgotten! It looks to be an extremely well maintained car, you can have a look for yourself here on eBay.

I really don’t have any complaints about this find. It has had one respray, but it looks to have been done properly and is beautiful. The interior could use some detailing, but looks to be in usable condition. And even then, you wouldn’t have to do much to have it looking good. Really, the only area that I would want to do much with is the engine bay, but even that doesn’t look too bad.

Here you can see the 326 V8. It could use some detailing or you could just leave it alone and drive it! The seller has videos of the car running and driving. It doesn’t sound too aggressive, but it has a very nice original sound.

I use to drive from Laramie to Saratoga to enjoy the hot spring, eat at one of the restaurants downtown or go fishing on the North Platte River and I have some great memories there. If this car were still in that area, rather than in Portland, I would be tempted to make the journey over to see this Pontiac in person. Oh well, it’s probably for the best. Hopefully one of you is able to snag this sweet Pontiac, so I’m not tempted to buy it!

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  1. Dan

    What a really nice car!

    • King Al

      Yup. The barfy steering wheel cover adds a real touch of class.

  2. sparkster

    In 1967 I lived in San Mateo , Ca. and our family from time to time would drive by a Pontiac dealer on El Camino Real. One day as we drove by the dealer they had set up five green Firebirds in their showroom. I believe for every model available in 1967. Either way it was a sight to behold to say the least. Great memories. I prefer a 69 Firebird

  3. al8apex

    I grew up in the Detroit area and worked at Pontiac in Pontiac Michigan for 3 years … yeah, everyone knew what it meant

  4. redwagon

    Beautiful ‘bird, love the period redlines.

    68 had improved suspension and a bit more power but this HO 326 would be a nice car. At 6’3″ w 36″ inseam I’m too tall to clutch these first gen F bodies my knee hits the back of the steering wheel. 67&68 better than 69 styling for both Camaro and Firebird, IMHO.

  5. Luke Fitzgerald

    Over 20 thou – won’t stop for a while I’ll wager


    The front seats probably are not original. I do believe that I noticed headrest s. (Bloody phone!!)

    • danieldc

      Seats are from a ’69, the Ebay ad says it does come with the original ’67 seat backs without headrests.

  7. ccrvtt

    The ’67-’68 Firebirds are definitely cooler than the same vintage Camaro because of the beautifully sculpted front bumper. This one is very nice despite the off-putting steering wheel wrap.

    And I agree, please remove the derogatory references above. That is tasteless and has no place in public discourse.

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      Agreed on both counts, ccrvtt. Comments removed.

    • jim BROWN

      Agreed, why dis someones car just because you don’t like one aspect the wrap on the steering wheel.

  8. Howard A Member

    Nicest Firebird EVER!!!

  9. 68 custom

    it is a very nice 67 and the 326 HO and 4 speed plus 3.36 gear set should make it a fun cruiser. deluxe interior is nice. as far as options though this one is far from loaded, but still very nice!
    peruse a early firebird/camaro option sheet, there was a plethora of options available.

  10. Tinko

    The redlines combined with the Pontiac rallye rims give it a Hot Wheels look

  11. MrF

    Very nice. I’m sure that 326 HO performs very well; more is not necessarily better. No vinyl roof, thank goodness.

  12. Sfm5s

    My first car was a ’68 Firebird, bought back in ’78 when I was 17. It had a 400, was completely stock, and went like a scalded cat! I am more of a Shelby guy now but have always liked the design of the first generation Firebirds.

  13. David Kaczmarek

    I owned a 67 326 convertible , totaled it out in 1973 . Great car, the HO designation was for the 400 which came out in 1968. This is a perfect specimen. Since then I owned a 68 73 74 ta

  14. mark

    Nice 4 speed!!

  15. HollyB

    My first car was a 1967 Firebird, convertible, it was yellow with a black top, 3 speed stick, that I bought in 1970 after I graduated from high school. Loved that car, how I wished I kept it !!!

  16. Woodie Man

    Man that is sweet……..

  17. Morley

    I owned one of these new, hated it, just hated sitting down low. A year later I traded it for a Nova SS 396, 4 speed. Basically the same car, but the sitting arrangement was more my style.–the Nova was way quicker, I loved it.

  18. Don H

    Why did you by it if you hated it ?

    • Morley

      Because my girl friend thought it was sexy looking. She did not last as long as the car. Like I said the Nova is the same car but the seating was better–your not lying down, and a L78 Nova is way faster. I still have the Nova. Haven driven it in years, just sitting under the cover. Someone will get it at my estate sale.???????? Morley

  19. Joe Howell

    This car is a beauty. Do nothing to it and enjoy it. The HO 326 will provide of power for the mature. I had a 67 with the Sprint option with the HO OHC 6. That included a Quadrajet carburetor, dual exhaust manifolds, higher compression and hotter cam. Ran like a stabbed rat surprising many small V8s :) I remember the seats being uncomfortable, the backs being too upright to be comfortable for me. This could explain the later seats.

    • Loco Mikado

      A friend of mine had a a similar Firebird with a HO OHC 6, it sounded like a 6 with the power of a V8. One night I had to walk 5 or 6 miles because he was racing it and blew the rear end out of it. The only time in my life before or after that I have even heard of a 6 blowing out a rear end, let alone being in the car when it happened.

  20. VFRMike

    Nice car! I’ve still got my 68 Firebird (350/3-Speed Stick/Verdoro Green) that I purchased 35 years ago.

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